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North Korea is warning that it is prepared to conduct a nuclear test and carry out more long-range rocket launches.
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And you are surprised by this????????? Really?
It's like every now and then, China's petulant, obnoxious little thug-kid pops off.  We look across the room at China.  China rolls its eyes and pulls him out of the room for a talking to.
they should have been wiped out before the little kid took power obama doesnt have the stuff it takes for forieng policy look at benghazhi iran iraq no action in syria hes great at home  (in some poeples view) and terrible on the world stage ( in my view)
Oh please....if North Korea launched anything in our direction they would be wiped off the map. They might hit us once, but they would be completely obliterated.
+Gino Venditti wow you are the most hypocritical person i have seen post in google +! Your posts on gun laws and abortion about how life is precious and you post this! I am calling you out! "Gino Venditti9:36 AMReply
Sigh...I almost wish there would just launch one or do something so we can wipe them out. There being rather annoying."
China is related to them just like we are Canada or Iran clinging to Syria ... Why is that hard for you to grasp lol
+Chas DiVito So his drone attacks in sovereign nations should just be overlooked? He is weak because he doesn't want to send massive amounts of troops to occupy other countries... Why should America always be the one running too fix the world's problems?
Communist North Korea is going to continue pushing the envelope until FINALLY Japan,not the United States,does something about it,Japan has experienced nuclear war and they will not live under the threat of it again-all we have to do is,just turn Japan loose
oh i agree we shouldnt police them and i agree we should stop fighting wars with hands tied behind our backs....
BUT if u are in war then we should just win it swiftly wich is possible we choose not too . i think the bs line they give is win the hearts and minds....  well thats great n all but it doesnt win the war.... what it does is empower 3rdand 4th rate nations well below our charge to rise up becuase they see us as weak and unwilling to use force
hell! this administration is probably helping them!
America should take this threat seriously and use it as a opportunity to bomb Iran.
+Greg Jean Please source where Obama/Hilary would be danger for US foreign policy? To me they are very hawkish.. I am still surprise there is no congressional hearings on their Drone program. American needs to stop trying to be the World's police. It is costing too much and lives and treasure. Why should we pay for the World's safety alone?
Lol bomb Iran for North Koreans threat I like your style bud but that shouldn't be a reason to bomb Iran I can think of other reasons to bomb Iran though
+Chas DiVito Why bomb Iran period? The Iranian people like us, just their government officials pretend to not like us to  keep hold of power. Let the sanctions continue to work.. but of course establish a red line though.... once you reach it... War will occur
U ppl are crazy. Can't u see that this administration is the best thing for this divided country. Obama is the John Wayne of Presidents. He'll handle this threat and look good doing it...
You mean he'll bow to Iran. The country is divided because Obama uses class warfare and race to divide us. And the Duke would greatly be offended with your statement. He would hate Obama's unamerican ass and take him out with one punch!
Class warfare? Race? Please explain how he manages to divide us with these things... I dont give two shits about what a dead actor thinks about my president. If u do -then  u got some serious issues.
When Obama demonizes wealth and makes people hate the 1%...that's class warfare. When anyone criticizes Obama, his lapdog media (as instructed) instantly yells "racist!". I understand you are so blinded by your worship for Obama (probably just because he's half black) that you cannot clearly see the trees for the forest.
+Jim Deatherage i spent the last 5 min trying to write this but  i kept rewriting it trying not to offend  ty for putting out there bluntly 
+Jim Deatherage Obama has not demonized wealth. He just said due to the financial conditions this country is in, asking the wealthy to kick in a little more seems reasonable. Every poll backs him up on that. People call racist when you use words like "Take back our Country" or "Let get the white back in the White House" or " He needs to learn how to be an American". Maybe you just can't see pass your hatred for a guy you just don't agree with. So you demonize him on every issue. Maybe you want to continue to keep dividing us or maybe you just want the Alpha White Male to continue to dictate to the rest of us what we should be for in society
the finacial conditions he created.... and dont bother mentioning bush if this was obamas first year in office i might give you that pass but the fact is he tripled bushes debt and created more debt in one term then ALL presidents combined and now  you want 4 more years.? lol no thanks
+Greg Jean I am far from a Zombie towards Obama. I personally felt he has been a weak President. When the dems had the power they should stuck it the GOP...but he played this game believing republicans will work with him. But doing that he lost a lot of time he could have used to implement good policy. Also, please stop making Libya issue out to be Water Gate.... I am asking where the hell was those weapons of mass many lies and lives were lost in that fuckup
Right, your buddy icon makes you SO American.... crazy conspirator, bet you believe 9/11 was an "inside job". Great Divider my ass
+Chas DiVito Obama didn't create anything, majority of the spending came for the continuation of GWB policies that you probably agreed with. Also, like the numbers Obama is running a lower deficit as percentage of GDP than Reagan back in the 80s. Also remember Bush keep the wars off the books, so we really didn't have clear picture of the exact deficits GWB ran
+Greg Jean I am racist? Wow very grown up of you. Because I use the line " Alpha White Male" I am racist. As i look in the country only these individuals are the ones using these racist terms. Maybe you just don't like his black half, so you make up things about him without sourcing any of it
+Jim Deatherage demonize the 1%? thats an asinine comment. when a country is going through major economic downfall and the rich get richer while the poor get poorer - the result is going to be citizen unrest and a social attack on the "HAVES". Obama never demonized the 1% - they did it to themselves.

and its interesting that u cry that ppl are calling the naysayers racist - yet in the same sentence u make Obama being 1/2 black a point of reference to defend your stance... maybe his race holds more merit to u then want to let on.    
More sabre rattling from North Korea? Just how great can the threat be? Read UNLEASHING COLTER'S HELL
+Greg Jean maybe you are just seeing what you want to read. When did I say Obama is not to be blame for anything? Quote:" I think Obama has been a weak President". JFK took leadership that any President would have taken. Did GWB say the CIA fucked up and cause me to want to go to war because of it( he probably thought about it) But he came to the American People and took responsibility for the lack of weapons of mass destruction. So your burp from history make no correlation at all. Also, with his lack of qualification he has been far better than his predecessor who was sitting government for two terms. Obama is weak because uses his brain and understands other cultures outside USA.. Where is your sources that Obama has ever deliberately lied to the American people or tried to divide us?
I just knew that Google guy and Bill Richardson would go over there and stir up a hornets nest.
Again : When Obama demonizes wealth and makes people hate the 1%...that's class warfare. When anyone criticizes Obama, his lapdog media (as instructed) instantly yells "racist!". I understand you are so blinded by your worship for Obama (probably just because he's half black) that you cannot clearly see the trees for the forest. He has spent way too much trying to debase the dollar. When Obama speaks of 1% he's not just talking about the US he's talking about the world's 1% which most Americans would fall into. He is crippling this country because he hates colonialism and America.
Most Americans DO NOT fall into that 1%! Ur very arrogant to think that you or I are in that category...

Everybody should hate colonialism. It was the greatest crime every committed in the history of humanity.   
The WORLD'S 1% +Frank O'Neill read further please. If it weren't for colonialism and capitalism you'd still be squatting in a bush somewhere.
Yes Jim. Just give up. Make ur country proud.
Lets keep this a friendly debate guys
I'm Dbag that fights for his country and proud to be American. You Jim are sad representation of what America should never be.
+Greg Jean I haven't took any personal shots at you. I just asked questions and you interpreted one statement being racist. Yes, you was the first one to bring the R word up on this forum
What?!!? UN Sanctions didn't stop bad guys?  HOW UNEXPECTED!

We're gonna have to use some more stern words, and if that doesn't help, use them again!
+Greg Jean Well as longs as this gap between the haves and have nots continue to grow... I am sorry my friend it will not be enough conservatives to change were we are going.....
What no one has talked about--North Korea is going to keep pushing the envelope until Japan (not the United States,especially under a Liberal Democrat) does something about it.Japan went through a nuclear war and they will NOT go through another-even if they have to destroy North Korea
Right on Jeffery:Japan will destroy North Korea.How come we know that you cannot pay a bad guy to be your friend but the Federal Government doesn't
lol. Jim don't fight the one true American that still believes in this country (me!). If u were 1/2 the patriot that I am you wouldn't be talking to me like this. Try not to hate the country that made you. Please.
+Frank O'Neill you just don't get it. I love my country and hate to see what is being done and bought for with pure ignorance. If you are the patriot you claim to be, then be willing to hear a conservatives point of view.
Greg:if you are saying left wing socialists are zombies you are
correct-after all liberalism is a mental disease
Sure glad NK has gun control. We wouldn't want the starving and tortured citizens to oust their wonderful leader.
All this article had done is that they forgot something to add that is;according to their national channel their target will be U.S.A.
Because of there economic sanctions.

And that is pure truth don't believe me?
Search N.korean national channel broadcast on 24th.(and was translated by affiliated channel into english)
In it news presenter clearly said that there next missile target will be
U.S.A.(if, in case...)
and also because of economic sanction towards their country.
All fuck people who talk too much and too nothing.
I'm sure when Ko will hurl missiles they will be first to piss in their pants.
Just guessing it.
That fat ars dictator in North Korea should be squashed like the cockroach he is.
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