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Notre Dame's linebacker Manti Te'o claims to be a victim of an online hoax conspired by his 'girlfriend.' Do you believe him?
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+Fox News That excuse just makes him look like a greater buffoon. Either way he can't be taken seriously. Let's just move on.
No, it would have been easy for him to check on her welfare.  I believe he was part of the "hoax" and should be expelled from the university.
This is a cool idea.  I think I will develop an elaborate girlfriend hoax for myself.  I've spent a lot of time thinking about how to cast myself as a victim, and this could be my route to the victimhood designation that I so richly deserve.  Then, I can set about the business of monetizing that designation.  Poor me....
It's OK, Manti, Marcia Brady had a fake boyfriend and the world was quick to forgive her (though I don't recall that Mike and Carol Brady claimed to have met George Glass).
Question: Who cares? In 150 years we will all look back on this and laugh anyway.
I think he was part of the hoax.  But honestly, so what?  He lied to the media and they gobbled it up.  Is there a crime he committed?  Did he even violate a school rule by making up a story to garner more fame?
Can Fox cover a story that is actually relevant today. Maybe something on the hostages in Algeria? There seems to be a disproportionate level of coverage on a lie that has no significant impact on the world. Just my 2 cents.
This is ridiculous.  I had to read from hearing all the hype about it and now I wish I wouldn't have. You can definitely tell when news is hard to come by when the Media reports and blows up on a story like this.  It's not just Fox, this is all over ESPN as well.  Never a dull moment in News!  
Yawn....please wake me up when +Fox News posts something to G+ actually worth reading.
I have wondered why this is a story in the first place.Either this guy is a liar or got punked by professionals. So what? If he is a liar, he has shot himself in the the foot and has lost some serious bucks in the draft. 
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