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So you just won the $550 million #Powerball jackpot, the second highest in lottery history. Now what?
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C Banks
Beware of the curse. 
Unfortunately,most lottery winners squander the the jackpot winnings due to the lack of fundamental financial intuition & jurisprudence!....Winners of such monumental winfalls should do well to heed the cautionary tales! 
Who is telln evreyone what to do with their money they work for? No one. So why is it that they want to tell you what to do wtyh your money when it's a large quantity that's free. Let the individual winner do what they want with their money. Respect
Seems like most of the problems stem from other people thinking you should give them money because you have so much, and it's not like you earned it. Loosing friends and family would be the hardest part, if you didn't expect it. 
that's right.  so it's up to the individul to make their own decision as to who get's any. no one needs to know what the winner is doing with thier cash
+brenda dixon-hines   it won't matter, America changed, no matter who is president, but let us know if you need help packing :)

+Paul Jewkes   why do you think your $500M before taxes would buy the presidential seat when twice that was spent to fight a losing battle that could have spent creating jobs instead of pushing a dying agenda?
I think alot.  It would be nice for you to tell us. We would like to know. I think u should explain to us don't be selfish. Jah  
That's right mike. It does not matter who is president things always change. Tell them mike.respect 
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