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White House officials say Obama will ask Congress to come up with tens of billions of dollars in short-term spending cuts and tax revenue.
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Obama showed his cards and now if I was Boehner I would say "No"on tax revenues.....
The only job that the Republican Congress has created is President Barack Obama's.
+Alan Williamson That's one more than Obama has, if we don't count his union cronies, "green" giveaways and government payrolls.
Erich W
how about an increase for the space program
How about we do what Greece did. I understand they're saving loads of cash with that austerity thing.
20% cut across the board, and eliminate many social/entitlement programs to start.
He will drag this out for the next 4 yrs!!!!  I hate it!
Increase taxes on the people the promised not to! Broken promise number..... gee, I lost count!
There is no way to raise the amount of money required at the current size and growth of government without taxing the middle class.
Taxes are already on the Middle Class; they just call it other things.  If this man & Congress are not stopped, now, our economy is going to only be destroyed even more.  Oh heck!  I'm speaking the obvious.  :~/
 lets raise taxes to pay for everything that the citizens want.   you want more,  pay for it now.  no deficit spending.  raise taxes to pay off the deficit in 10 years.  
is their a liberal alive that sees a problem with us borrowing 1.6 trillion a year for the next 4 years ? thats 1600 billion a year as apposed to 10s of billions
Nah, he won't. He's already working as hard as possible to CUT THE MILITARY as much as possible. He's a Democrat; that's what they live for, and they could care less about our men.

And when did cost start mattering to him?
That damn Bush is still screwing everything up.
How about closing the Bases  and bringing home the 50,000 TROOPS in EUROPE left over from WWII and the OTHER 50,000 in Japan and Korea? And get Rid of the Multiple FLEETS of Useless Billion Dollar naval Targets.  All the Pentagon plans to do during the sequester is stop CIVILIAN work like NOT repairing American Levees before Katrina in order to pay for the Iraq War 
You remove our military from overseas and Islam/terror will sweep across the entire rest of the planet.  N. Korea will move.  China will take Taiwan.  Israel will have to go to war to defend itself. Ect......and it won't stop at our shores.   "not repairing American levees..."?  Oh, good grief.  Yes; there are tons of US projects that need attention but the Administration is holding our businesses and the entire economy underwater with regulations, taxes, and his stupid (unsustainable) Health Care Mirage.
Why not ask Obama to have the big banks give the treasury some of that cartel drug money we allow them to launder.  With our agreement to look the other way; why not give the tax payers a little break.
+David Higgins So, you feel that the Military should be repairing civilian infrastructure rather than maintaining a ready state to defend America and our Allies?

BTW, have you checked out the great job the Obama Cartel is doing for the Sandy victims? 
Obama Cartel I like it ! What an A$$ he is, China owns us now and there is no way out. 
Mr.Obama shit down the NRA stop ALL GUN SHOW'S May be that will STOP the killling
+Kevin Muldoon Ok, just delete the First and Second Amendments work on dismantling  the rest of the Constitution and make BHO Fuhrer for life.
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