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The Obama administration on Friday ramped up its campaign to paint an ominous portrait of what would happen if automatic spending cuts take effect March 1.
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 Obama’s demagoguery and fear-mongering on his sequester cuts are breathtaking, even for him. Lest you think I am engaging in hyperbole, let me give you the dictionary definition of a demagogue.

One definition is “a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.”

Obama’s ordinary MO is to stir people against one another, to stoke the flames of envy among some against others in lieu of rational argument to rally support for his causes.

Obama has had four years to try his ideas. They have all failed, in every category. His stimulus plan to spend nearly $1 trillion of borrowed money to jump-start the economy was a colossal, unconscionable waste of money we didn’t have and not only didn’t work as promised but probably stalled the private sector’s efforts to recover. He remains defiantly unrepentant in the face of his repeated reckless green policy failures.

Liberal economists and ideologues — in some cases, there’s little difference — cling fast to the myth that Obama’s gutting of the private sector to chase public money after projects for which there was no demand actually helped the economy. But they can’t prove their assertion that the economy would have been worse but for the stimulus any more than one can prove a negative. But objective evidence says otherwise: Obama has presided over the worst recovery in 50 years.
We have been asking the government to stop spending what they don't have for that they are going to actually do it, people don't like it?  What has happened to the educated populous of America?
Obama is like Lebron James, setting records all over the place.
That is the way politics is played. Same way the GOP tried to use the cuts in Medicare(Part of Obamacare) against him in the last two election cycles. Obama is showing leadership, just the GOP don't want to follow :)
It's not even real spending cuts, just a cut in growth.  Can't tell that to low-information Obama voters though.
+Paris Mosley You do realize they just did a tax hike on the rich AND the republicans support closing loop holes right?  Obama is acting like 6 weeks ago, we didn't just raise tax on the rich.
Obama is showing leadership

What a joke.  He runs around the country whining and blaming someone else for an idea he came up with. 

You are a tool.
He wanted the Sequestor to make sure the cuts happened...well he got them, he should just shut his stupid mouth now, he's giving me a headache. Obama is such F++++ing Broken record...
+Spencer Scott Then why isn't the GOP out there selling Cuts to those programs? They use the phrase "Slow the Growth as well", because politically if you say the word "Cut" you will definitely lose your seat in congress even in a gerrymander district
Plenty are out there showing what a hypocrite and liar Obama is.  

If you can't "cut" 2% from a multi-trillion dollar budget without the world ending, we are in serious trouble.
+Adam Wyson Adam was is the GOP plans on closing loopholes? Obama ran and was successful on taxing rich... GOP needs to bind to the will of the people and tax their asses more than that measly 600 billion over 10 years
LOL, taxing people more does absolutely nothing.  You can tax people 100% and will run the government about 140 days.  

Give the Obama government more money, they will just spend it.  Idiot.
"Will of the people".  LOL.  This is how these mindless creatures actually think.
+Spencer Scott Obama is willing too cut, but he first wants to extract all the sweetheart deals the "Rich" gotten over the last 10 years before he attacks poor people and seniors
Obama isn't willing to cut sh*t.  The "rich" pay the overwhelming majority of taxes in this country, while a good portion don't pay any federal taxes.
Didn't Obama win the election by a majority on the message of Taxing the Rich? Maybe the majority of the people get it, except you dead enders who is holding country back
Attacks poor people and seniors?  You are a demagogue just like Obama. 
No, he didn't win an election on "taxing the rich".  He won because of losers wanting free sh*t.
Obama spending us into oblivion and it's "our fault".  Obama supporters are truly stupid.  Nothing else compares.
This country will be a lot better off when we get rid of freeloaders and their supporters like yourself.
I am sure more taxes than I am far from freeloader. Also doesn't matter if they want free shit or not he won period! Now you go to the corner and mope around like the other crybabies
Why are they warning the American public about a problem that there administration created?
Gotta love how the politicians have banded together to prevent spending cuts.
Once a President said "The Buck Stops Here."  With this President, its more like "The Buck Stops Anyplace Except Here."
What a bunch of WANKERS, these Democrats. Go to the wall to write  "bad code" they've wanted for years, then MOAN AND COMPLAIN about it when it comes to pass!

And it's about such a TINY AMOUNT of money that it's ridiculous!  Cut a couple trillion and THEN CALL ME.
You know this arguing is what they want, right? As long as we're fighting each other, we're not fighting the government. These problems were created by people who will campaign endlessly on how we need to reelect them so they can fix it. Instead of arguing on how (D)s are freeloaders and (R)s are greedy, we need to come together and figure out how we're going to run them ALL out of town. 
Ron N
A good president solves problems. Not scare those to get what he wants. Is this what your daddy did when he was faced with problems?
Once again Obama is using scare tactics to try to get his way. Anyone still think he's not a dictator?
John Boehner should make a Power Point spelling out Obama's evil plans and present it to his colleagues in the House. Again. 
I say let these cuts happen, it was President Obama's idea and he must deal with it. As I tell my child you, it is time to take your medicine!
I love all these liberals saying Obama didn't raise taxes on anybody but the rich funny right after the Bush tax cuts expire my taxes went up I'm not rich I'm not poor I'm middle class and now my paycheck is 65 dollars less a week another Obama broken promise but that wasn't a tax hike No and now he can't even cut 2 percent out of his budget even though he expected me to wait I'm paying more than 2 percent he could have easily extend the Bush tax cuts just like you did the first time and when he did that he made in his tax cuts so when you take that away liberals that means you gave me a tax
Only in DC is a 2% cut "Devastating"....everywhere else its simply called trimming expenses and watching your wallet... 
Millions of Americans would gladly have taken only a 2% cut over the last 4 years....
Obama demanded the Sequester to ensure the cuts would happen no matter what, he's getting his wish. He should just shut up and do something else...and live with HIS decision.

Its like having a 9 year old in The White House...just pathetic..
Republicans: "Cut government spending!"
Obama: "Okay."
Republicans: "NO! NOT OKAY! WHAA!"
+Jeremy Tregler  Has no clue about whats going on, kinda sad..Obama demanded the Sequester..PERIOD... SO let him live with it...The cuts are modest...let em happen.
Its interesting the other day NPR placed the blame for the Sequestration and the lack of a deal flatly on Obama...I guess they are now just like FOX by the logic spinning here by some..
+Rod Wagner  MSNBC and FOX are PAR...and just so you know, I watch neither....neither are  news outlets. I use Reuters, Times India, The EConomist, et al..

But to claim no one spins like FOX is absurd...and dishonest on your part..and only illuminates your own personal prejudices and views..clear away your own cobwebs..
Chris Mathews? Seriously? Ed Schultz? Al Sharpton? Mr. Lawrence?If you think they discuss things objectively you're just kidding yourself.

They have been making up facts about Assault Rifles on a daily basis mimicking the 100% factual lies told by GOvernor Cuomo on the topic......they claim the Republicans were behind the Sequestor...despite the fact Jay Carney admitted it was Obama's idea...they are spinning it because Obama no longer likes the idea...

As far as the war in Iraq goes, you seem to have a poor memory..Nancy Pelosi backed the war , as did many Democrats after Nancy said she had her "own sources" which confirmed what Bush was saying..At Saddam's own trial he admitted he intentionally wanted the world to think he had WMD's  so he wouldn't be vulnerable to IRAN...

From where I sit, both sides are full of it...
+Rod Wagner  on the school issue, if they aren;t doing the same with several slanted outlets...NBC, NPR, PBS, ABC, NYT's, they are merely exposing their own personal prejudices..

Many of them report dishonestly by "omission" of other information...I listen to NPR almost daily, just to hear how they do it...its amazing. Bob Oaks routinely cuts off interviews  al be it politely , when ever he encounters a opposite do many. They have an agenda to keep their liberal base pumping in cash...its pathetic.
Chris M
Seriously the Obama Administration has had over 4 years to construct a budget and have failed to do so time and time again. It's not the republicans fault for calling a budget shit if it is. It seems as if the Obama administration has been doing the absolute bare minimum to keep people off his ass in this situation putting more effort into keeping beg spending.
+Rod Wagner  They do indeed need to ramp up the mental health debate, Assault Rifles are not an issue....remember most Mass Killers use Pistols and Shotguns, not Assault Rifles...

Assault Rifles are part of an Agenda. not anything of legitimacy. If they were serious, they would be going after Shotguns first...and we all know how far they would get with that argument..
PS +Rod Wagner MSNBC still has no viewers and CNN who's trying to replace MSNBC has even fewer...
+Rod Wagner   I just checked the silliness you spouted about FOX news....on Huffington Post!

"January was ... a little different. To be sure, everything is relative in cable news: Fox News still had nine out of the top 10 programs. It has spent 11 consecutive years as the top-rated cable news channel. Its 6 a.m. show drew almost double the ratings of CNN's top-ranking prime time show."

Ohh yeah they've been devastated...only 9 out of 10 of the number one shows....
Is there anyone that can honestly look into the camera and say we can't cut 2% of the federal budget without paralyzing the country? The doom and gloom being spread by this administration is an embarrassment to our country.
I honestly was not aware that the integrity of a news organization could be measured by Applause O'Meter. All this tells me is that the segment of the population that gets their news exclusively from the TV loves the Fox News. In other related stories, I understand "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" and "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" are also wildly successful. Carry on. 
+Jeremy Tregler  Maanwhile over at MSNBC they have such winners......Inmate shows....? and Rehased Documentarys going back 5 years on old criminal fraud cases and the history of Ebay...
+David Jenson I'm off topic? I wouldn't have brought up the ratings bit if +Peter Combs hadn't been going on and on about how many American retards tune in for their daily echo chamber propaganda. Anyway, I had circled +Fox News originally to see what the comments looked like and to enjoy a bit of intellectual exchange. Having found the moral wasteland I had suspected I would find, I've just this morning un-circled this trash. Sorry, I probably won't be around much, so I'll say now, good luck in 2016. If the fan base responsible for keeping Judge Judy in the top five rated shows in syndication is telling the Republican Party how to operate through their media arm at Fox, Democrats will take the next election in a landslide. Again. Cheers.
The Obama Cartel going from one crisis to another. The Sky is falling!! The Sky is falling!! Oh, and there's a WOLF!!
+Charles Caine was that 52% of the Electoral College vote? Popular vote doesn't win elections - we learned that with Gore.