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The cruise ship was initially supposed to arrive sometime Thursday afternoon, but the company later pushed the expected time to sometime between 8 and 11 p.m.
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Didn't want to have video on the evening news of the cripple being towed into port. 
Oh, there will be video.  The media will have to jockey with the plaintiff's attorneys to get footage and interviews.
Yes, but during daylight there'd be extensive well-lit video of the arriving cripple shot from helos and ready to air on the evening news shows, just like Costa Concordia supplied for days on end.  
That may happen anyway.  They will spend at least a few hours, maybe more, in Mobile Bay.  There should be daylight shots from helos who can fuel in the Gulf Shores area.
Lifeboats are a last resort, they aren't something you want to just jump into.  Getting Disabled people, kids ...onto them and floating them out for the Coast guard wasn't an option apparently.
Note that five crewmen managed to kill themselves in a lifeboat drill off the Canary Islands the other day. 
Challenge Accepted +Blake Hooten... 

It's probably the Republican's Fault because... 

With more government over site there could have been stricter requirements in saftey and or maintenance... and because it was left to the private sector instead of the government this fire was allowed to happen. 

So... Republicans are responsible for the stranded ship. 
They call us Trolls.I call them bottom feeders lol
Well I guess they aren't having fun in hell or are they? 
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