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"One of the more fascinating revelations is that women who carry fake Louis Vuitton or Tory Burch handbags or wear fake Cartier jewelry, are more likely to lie, cheat or steal than other women.”
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HUGE breaking news wow am I glad I didn't miss this!  (smh) LOL
This might be true.  A cheat and a liar will be a cheat and a liar.
"By Keith Ablow." That's all I need to read. Next.
OMG.  Really?  Wow.  There isn't enough interesting and important news out there that this qualifies as a worthy news topic?  I'll stick with my Levis and Real Tree thank you very much.
Awful lot of whiny lefties today. They didn't like what democracy looked like last night. 
Their so upset instead of responding to honest questions they just are blocking the people they cant
I actually agree...  once you determine that it is OK to lie about one thing, what else are you willing to lie about?  I personally consider bootlegs and knockoffs theft, so what else are you willing to steal??? 

The only problem in this guy's argument is for those of us who know NOTHING about designer crap...  I happen to own OLD coach items only because they were well made and I only bought them from Macy's or the Coach store a bazillion years ago.  But the post 90's affordable luxury craze has Prada, DG and a dizzying array of other names that are supposed to mean something to me...  So if someone were to give me a gift I would have no clue if it were a knock off...  

Luckily, my old faithful coach items can get repaired when they get a little rough around the edges....
Definately. What else is the purpose of pretending to have a quality product but to impress others?
Could it be that the economy is SO bad that they can no longer afford the high priced REAL label items?  Has more to do with the desire to be stylish and nothing to do with being unfaithful. pbbbbt.....  lol
+P. Warren Brown A genuine materialist would buy or otherwise obtain a real name-brand item, not a cheap knock-off with the purpose of deceiving others for whatever reason, such as affluence, prosperity, etc.

I guess these women wouldn't mind a wedding ring with a stone that only looks like a daimond.
+P. Warren Brown I believe it goes deeper than shallow, self-esteem. I'd say some women are genetically hardwired to utilize environmental  elements to enhance their ability to socialize and obtain forms of social dominance.
 In Urban Anthropology terms, the "Bling Aspect" is used to establish a manner of societal heirarchy as well as lure suitable mates, a phenomenon manifested in realm of males in the choice of vehicular conveyance, for example. The man who drives the used Jugo will not attract as much favorable attention from the opposite sex as the man in the new Mercedes Benz.
Exactly correct Francis. Our lack of morality, brought about by a media more concerned with looking good then being good, is what is bringing this country down. Merit, honor and integrity are rare and therefore all the more precious.
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