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Should police be required to obtain a warrant to access your emails and files on the cloud? So far, they aren't.
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If its password protected the Government should have to obtain a warrant to access it.
Yes it is invasion of privacy.
yes, beacuse there is an expectation of privacy
Alright just going to throw this out there... You didn't write that, you don't own that.. Glad we know what they were talking about.
Your email, digital file storage, and any other password protected data should be considered no different than your house.  We shouldn't give up our privacy for security, nor do we have to.  Its not like getting a warrant is hard.
Yes, unless it is done on company time and on a company email!
The police is not the ones paying for the computer as a company does. This has to go for all civil servants including those at work source offices, computer labs, libraries and any other place that claim free wifi.
Who mails anything? Email and secure file share is the new mail. Yes, warrant. 
Of course they should... Its someones property
Private individuals can't legally break locks on any digital item they own but government can break locks of yours for any reason, and without telling you.
"I'll see if Ron Paul votes for it. If he does, Ill know it's a good thing for we the people."

Wow. Just, wow.
They can't open you mail without a warrant which is less secure than email, so this is a no brainer! YES THEY SHOULD NEED A WARRANT!
Yes unless it's a person like sandusky then any thing goes 
I wonder on what theory they think that shouldn't be necessary.  In direct answer to the question, absolutely yes.
Not unless they have probable cause. Just like anything else. 
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