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Choosing a new phone used to be about choosing between the iPhone and the other guy -- not anymore. Here are some of the best phones that are out on the market now.
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Why are the Fox News Tech Guys so awesome? Another good post from Fox Tech. 

and no +tareem heath it's bush's fault. :p 
Why is mine #18?? The Galaxy Note II is pretty popular and amazing!!
There really wasnt a lot of information to go with each device. For example: what makes them great phones. Sure the specs, but anyone can read a spec sheet. What else?
+Tonia Addison-Hall it wasn't a lineup of the most popular to the least popular...just 19 phones in no particular order
I was gonna say..there is no way the gs3 would be 19th..ha!
iPhone and "other guy"?  We call it Android. And it's the biggest-selling smartphone in the world!
I love my i5. Best phone I have ever had. And I have owned 5 different top shelf androids and the i4s. 
I love my Droid 4, mainly because it has a real pullout keyboard.
I can't stand typing on a glass screen.
Plus, it's semi-waterproof! :-)
HUAWEI P2 is the best.
Wow, is everything alright at Fox? This is the first informative article since I started following Fox 6 months ago.... 
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