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House Speaker John #boehner  on fiscal crisis: "This is not a game." Do you think Washington will make a deal before year-end to prevent the #fiscalcliff ?  How are you preparing in case there is no deal?
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Somebody sure seems to think it's "a game" but it sure isn't irresponsible working people
Only took them 3 minutes after I posted Charles.  It's easy to bait them. LOL!
+Darin Walker  O' yes Darin troll are very easy to bait and it fun to watch them go, lol! how there one more missing? who can that be?  
Lets just tag ol Mike Mac in and speed up the process? Shall we?

Oh wait..I can't. He has blocked me. :)
He blocked me too.  Couldn't take the heat.
You guys should see the numbnuts on the NBC post right now... Oh my.

One guy just told me that Obama has clear policies.  I asked what they were, and he said "Fix the gigantic mess left by Republicans, raise the standard of living for all Americans."

Is that a policy...?
Let's pray our elected officials stop spending and start paying down our debt before we follow in the footsteps of Greece!
Lets play a drinking game. Every time Obama says the word 'spend(ing)' everyone takes a shot... Maybe AA should adopt this game. Will keep everyone sober.
How do you feel about the government touching your private retirement account known as your 401k in order to "pay down the deficit?" Not so good? Already feel like the government has stolen your retirement through Social Security? Well get ready because taxing the 401k is floating around as an idea while the fiscal cliff talks on Capitol Hill continue
Is so a game, Mr. Boehner.   If it wasn't, we wouldn't have to keep raising the debt ceiling.  In practical terms, the ceiling is looking pretty infinite.  We also wouldn't have QE, which seems to be essentially making up money from nowhere.
I agree they all need to go! I vote out who is in; in ever election! I am done with Politics as some kind of secure job for these jokers in fancy suits and high dollar dresses! They think once they get in DC then the rest of us should bend to their will be Victims to their games! not anymore!  Not me! I am going to do my part!
They will tax everything to help solve the problem. Before long I will have to pay a tax just to screw my wife.
And if you don't agree to pay the tax, that will be considered a "war on women."  And when you do pay the tax, that will also be considered a "war on women."
Time to walk away: let the Democrats own the cliff. They want it, they've fought for it, and if ONE REPUBLICAN votes their way, it'll be "bipartisan" and you'll be blamed again.

+Doug Wheaton I think you need a civics lesson.  The President doesn't spend.  Congress makes, passes, and is responsible for the budget.
Larry, then why has Pres Obama spent the last 4 years blaming Pres Bush?  Of course many of us know it was Speaker Pelosi and ML Reid, but don't let Pres Obama know that!
+Eric Stubbs I'm not following your leap of toxicity.  I simply said that Congress is the maker and keeper of the budget, not the President.  It's unclear why you decided to play "Name That Democrat".
simple: once the budget is drafted and ratified by the House and Senate (preferrably in that order in keeping with the Constitution), isn't it true that it must be signed into law by the President? Therefore isn't it possible for him (or in the future, her) to veto, thus requiring a veto override if so wanted? That's why I place blame not only on the Presidents, but also the Congresscritters.
+Joe Philipps Fair enough.  In fact, the President does present a proposed budget to Congress in the beginning of the process.  And a Presidential veto can be overturned by Congress.

I was only reacting to the implication that the President made the budget and then doles out payments.  That's just not how it goes.  As you point out, there are lots of folks to blame.
Wonderful and agreed.  Again, don't tell the President, he might have to stop blaming the "last administration", and that would ruin his whole agenda.  -- I did not create the toxicity, I'm merely an observer.
There you go, +Larry Speeb . Obamaphone, won't have to worry about the mortgage or putting gas in the car...many in the public seem to have a really poor concept of how that's supposed to work. It's too bad Amerca just decided in the majority to reelect the same clowns who are really responsible for this mess, possibly based on such disillusions.
+Eric Stubbs We can't just have a civics/process/current events discussion can we?
No, if I wanted a civics/process/current events discussion I'd join Facebook.
I have always said that Democrats offer two things:  sex without consequences and other people's money.  I don't know how they built a major political party on these two things...oh wait, yes I do.

But seriously, I agree.  It is time for something...we have built two very different nations within the United States, and I don't think we are so united anymore.  And this is the biggest civics lesson of them all.
It is a complete sham that one side has to compromise for the other side to be responsible.  We should all pay our debts, especially Uncle Sam.
WHY is Military Pay,  Medicare, SSN, the first .  STOP ALL GOVT officials PAY FIRST before any cuts.  President, Congress and Senaters.  NO PAY for your benefits, health care, retirement, staff. ZERO .  and pay Military/Mediccare and SSN seniors.
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