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President Obama used the final press conference of his first term to say he would not negotiate over the debt ceiling and that Washington needs to "pay its bills". 
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Instead of paying my credit card bill, I'm going to try the debt ceiling argument. I'll let everyone know how it goes after the bank calls about their money.
If he gave a damn about paying BILLS, wouldn't he have worked out a budget in the last four years?
all a show
don't even listen to what he says because he says everything and anything. Watch what he does.
He has done a lot. ALL bad. The worst is American taxpayer dollars given directly to our very worst enemies in the world, radical islam. That is called treason and he should be removed form office for that.
Blue Max
If your septic tank fills up you don’t get a bigger septic tank do you. No! You get rid of the shit!!!!!!!!!!!
Was going to comment, but it looks as though ya'll gots it all under control.
Wonder if he plans to skip his paycheck while VA checks and Social Security checks don't get paid?
What a jerk !  Did you learn any of Finance and Economy ?  Couldn't pay your bills again ?! 
Making use of tragedy to tighten rules and cut people's rights ?
Wow, Interesting comments. Politics = using situations to advance agendas.

I guess 911 wasn't used to take people rights. Ooo wait a minute, they still hve those laws on the books to invade your privacy as long as THEY feel it is necessary. 

And, if you really read your history, America hasn't been balancing budgets since Carter. They only president that gave us back a surplus was Clinton, & Bush Jr. screwed tht up in ONLY 4 years.

READ PEOPLE PLEASE!!! Stop following propaganda on Fox. Only use it as basis for further research.
+Brian Fahrlander. If yu pay attention to the law....
1. He has brought a budget
2. Congress has failed to act on that budget
3. Congress are solely responsible for the debt (this is not new money, this in money they have already spent)

Try again.
Just Ed
Get off my stream FoxNews(?)!!!!
+Mark Potter. Wow! Where do you get your "facts". Maybe you should defer to the non partisan CBO for your numbers which refute every single thing you say (other than Clinton reducing the deficit and achieving a surplus)
+Kehr Bailey. CFO? You are aware of their bias? Cn you point to a non partisan source of information? Perhaps CBO?
Damn autocorrect. Apparently Cato is spellchecked to CFO! Freudian?
The President and the U.S. Congress are living in la la land
Note to self: Find out how to block Fox News
+Tony Coyle you telling us the President has no part in this? The debt continues to skyrocket and the President is just an innocent bystander with all the answers if Congress would only do what he says? Of *ucking please, get over yourself! Obama is as guilty of non compromise as they are. You think Obama isnt playing us for fools too? Tell me, how is the Bush debt all piled on his shoulders yet, Obama gets the Congress scapegoat?
The debt has been growing for a long time and there's plenty of blame to go around. Obama is heading into his second term and its time he sucked it up and started acting like a President that has accountability for his terms in office.
+Frank Hazelton. I will only say this once. Eight years. Two wars, unfunded. Tax cuts, unfunded.


Four years. A major global fiscal crisis. Continuation of those two wars. Continuation of those tax cuts.

Whose fault is this?
Greg K.
+Axel Brosi could do this, without breaking a sweat. Because
it's easy.  Oh please... 
+Moni Aris and yet here you are responding. I respond to state sponsored leftist tripe all the time. How boring would it be if everyone had the same borg drone opinions in politics? Well, some would like it I suppose.
Greg K.
Are you aware of the ratio between "the debt" and "national productivity"?  Have you factored in added expenses due to
Homeland Security & overseas wars since year-2001?

Until you have, be silent.  Or be a know-too-little shouting
blah blah blah making noise.
+Frank Hazelton. And I am talking to an fuckwit (per your sparse profile) My apologies. I have been using words and concepts beyond your ken.

I should be kinder to dumb animals.
Greg K.
After you read one of these political threads you want to
claim America is filled with neurotics with superiority complexes. Everyone's a critic.

Like any of you could come close to doing what Obama
does.  Pulleeeeeeze
+Tony Coyle ahh, I see. So there was no debt before Bush. Interesting. So, Obamas campaign statements about it being irresponsible and even unpatriotic to continue to pile debt on our children was......what? Incompetence or rhetoric? Which is it?
+Frank Hazelton I really shouldn't.... But

State sponsored "leftist" tripe? Where the fuck do you think you live? The US couldn't be leftist in a million years! It is farther right, even when left, than Le Pen's France ever imagined possible! Mussolini would be proud of the fascist state you have built, while pretending to a collective democracy!

+Michael Bulger ORLY?

Wot like that dumbass dubayy who came before? Who put us into this position?
Greg K.
{proving my point}
+Tony Coyle ah, attempting to divert the subject are we?! Maybe you're just used to assimilating you're daily dose of MSNBC. You can take your Stalinist collective and shove it. Im more interested in individual rights per the Constitution that you appear to despise.
I don't despise the constitution, I actually like it (note that I do not adore or worship it)

I chose to become a citizen, and unlike most "citizens from birth" I actually know why I chose that path!
+Mark Potter are you sure you are looking at the correct numbers... Because the wars were not prt of the normal budget process.. They were additional and exceptional appropriations... And therefore you need to look at the right numbers. If you just look at the "budget" then you miss a few trillion.
FYI... T economist, that well know leftist rag, agrees with me. (Or I agree wit it)
+Mark Potter. And no one has refuted any suggestion that Clinton worked with the majority house and senate... Only you are conflating. Worried about the logical and economic basis for your arguments?
+Mark Potter. Care to share the link to the data? Or do we need to interpret the entire site?

How did I get a post from Fox News? I don't have them circled. Maybe I need to block.
+Frank Hazelton no-one is diverting the subject. You seem unable to the beyond your far right talking points
+Rich Miller. My thoughts too. It's a free world, but this is clogging up my feed with bullshit
Why did he keep saying republicans in congress needs to pay their bills? And people say he is not divisive...
GOP are in the majority. It is a GOP congress. H last congress are responsible for the appropriations that are now coming due... So they need to pay their bills.

If this were a democratically led congress I doubt we would be having the conversation.

+Tony Coyle ....what? Not used to dealing with legitmate criticism it seems?! Still waiting for your response on Obamas campain quote.....keep'll get there eventually!
Anyway, while this has been fun.... I have a life to live and communities that I give a damn about.

So ciao. It could have been fun. But y'all were kinda dull and predictable.

Blocked so I don't need to pay you no mind no more.
So basically there those the constitution and our freedoms
Makes sense! This is the necessary steps to economic growth!
Mary M
Washington needs to pay its bills!?! He just tripled WA bills in the past four years, he needs to pay them!
"Under Article I Section 8 of the United States Constitution, Congress has the sole power to borrow money on the credit of the United States." This is the law, Mr. Obama. This law was created on purpose, for a very important reason, Mr. Obama. Why do you think you are entitled to play not by the law? 
Wow you guys are fucking idiots I sware. First off Obama didnt triple the debt, it was almost 12 when he was elected and its 16 now. Secondly how Obama is "playing by the law", raising the debt ceiling has nothing to do with borrowing from another country, it only authorizes payments for bills already agreed to by congress (this would include your pathetic excuse for a republican party).
Before you post on the internet learn what the fuck your talking about. You mouth breathing conservatives are whats wrong with this country.....smdh!
Obama is like the teenager who ran up staggering bills - not on HIS credit card, but his parents' card - then whines bitterly when the parents say the only way they'll pay these bills is if the credit card is frozen. Obama's hypocrisy of supporting a debt limit raise he opposed as a U.S. Senator is beyond absurd. You NEVER hear him talk about the results of his programs and spending...only his "goals" of jobs, education, blah blah blah. Never does he gauge the success of his policies and adjust the sails. He simply lays blame, exerts "executive privilege", and continues doing whatever he wants. He thinks he's a czar.
Joe hansen. Obama didnt run up the bills, the debt was basically 12T when he was elected, its 16 now, 2 of which came from adding The iraq/afghan wars to the books, another 1 of which came from Bush's bailout of the banks.
Wrong, Craig. Obama didn't run up the bills HIMSELF. But he's added more to the debt than any other just 3.5 years. Obama presided over the debt as it spiralled out of control...he could have got us out of the wars immediately. He didn't. He extended the Bush tax cuts. He created all kinds of stimulus programs, and now he's using crazy accounting like saying the interest we DON'T SPEND on increased spending is a cut. 

And we haven't even begun to account for Obamacare. The biggest problem is Obama and people like him who lay the blame everywhere but where it belongs. He could've taken another road, but he spent like there's no tomorrow. Failure of leadership on steroids.
You have no clue what you're talking about. First off that majority of the debt you are attributing to Obama wasnt actually from Obama, it was from President Larry the Cable guy before him.  What was the debt when Gore...I mean Bush got elected? 5T, what was it when he left? just short of 12T. By my math thats 7 Trillion.  What is the debt now? 16....what was it when Obama was elected? 12.  Thats just over 4, 2 of that 4T obama added came from Bush's wars. 1 of that 4T came from Bush's Bank bailouts.  
Yes I agree Obama should have ended the wars right away, would have saved a lot of lives/money. He also extended the Bush tax cuts when he shouldnt have (this includes mine).

Bottom line is Obama hasnt spent nearly as much as you ill informed people are claiming he has.  Fox news and talk radio has lied to you and the rest of the sheep that think they are anything more than the propaganda wing of the republican party.

For the record, Obamacare does NOT add the deficit, it actually reduces it.
Greg K.
Let's have Joe run the country.  Because I want to help I'll make the coffee and answer the phones.
Social Security doesnt add one dime to the debt.  Quit listening to Fox "News".
Holy shit Maya you are not helping the argument at all.  For the love of god will you please remove the caps lock. Try and make an intelligent informed response rather than just being a cheerleader please.
You are making yourself sound no better than the teabaggers with their misspelled signs.  Grow up please.
Go ahead and argue amongst yourselves while your President destroys your country.  Morons.
Maya green did you get the obama free phone?
Congress is the only branch of government that can authorize spending... If congress has shown anything over the last four years its that they won't let the President make them do anything, even authorizing the spending which they now are refusing to pay. Where does the POTUS fit in this equation? No where.
Liberals/democrats/progressives do not know basic arithmetic. When you spend more than you take in, that is called "running a deficit." The US has a "spending" problem plain and simple. There is no such thing as a debt-limit or a debt ceiling for liberals because they have an innate need to spend money that they don't have. I maybe bunching together all liberals in a broad category, but I have not heard of any prominent liberal politician who espouses that our country live within its means. A "fiscal progressive" in the US is as oxymoronic as calling a hippo "under weight." We need to tighten our belt collectively in the US. There will be a time, if it has not come to that point already, when we will not be able pay our debt from an accounting or mathematical stand-point.
+Marco Eugenio And what recent president ran a surplus?  Oh, that was a Democrat.  And what party blew that away and turned the surplus into a deficit?  Oh, that was a Republican.  You don't know what you are talking about.  Get your facts straight.
I laugh at idiots that argue and defend along party lines. The name calling (liberals, teabaggers, etc) is just as stupid too. YOU and your party aren't as smart as you think. This goes out to everyone that falls into that category. 
So in a libral and here its a great idea on cutting spending its called the United States military and over 900 bases around the world start during down a few hundred of then trim the fat of are over bloated military and watch alot of The spending start to drop 
+Allen Edwards If Clinton ran a surplus, how was it that he increased the debt by 281 Billion?

It's true that he paid down the National Debt by BORROWING from Social Security, but that is nothing more than an accounting trick and did NOT result in a REAL surplus. The famous Clinton Surplus is nothing more than Smoke and Mirrors.

'Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain 
WTF is Faux "News" doing in my feed? 
I wounder how many people who post here voted for him?
+Jorge Roberts you mean the same Congress that explicitly and exclusively has the power the pass a budget?
Funny how conservatives never had a problem with paying the debts... until Obama became POTUS. Now all of a sudden it's armafreakingeddon! There's a word for people like that: hypocrites.
Ole: Suggest you see Senator Obama's comments on Debt Ceiling in 2006.
It's always the black guy's fault (who is half white by the way).
Don't try to turn the tables here Ken. You can't deny that conservatives are complete hypocrites when it comes to deficits....AND are guilty of creating the vast majority of the national debt.
Well i guess most politicians could be considered hypocrites Ole but it doesn't make it right for the country. I prefer to worry about the debt and country we will leave to the next generation. Who is creating more debt is not the issue.
Washington what a waste of space 
Actually, that is sort of the point Ken, although admittedly you do bring up a good point about Obama. I would contend however that with the campaign of obstructionism waged by the Republicans and policies left over from the Bush/Cheney regime, that Obama is not really to blame for the lion's share of the debt recently (I can write a tome on this subject).

Debt is important, and it should be one of the 3 top issues we tackle as soon as this Great Recession ends. Right now, we can help alleviate the current deficit by closing most of the 1000+ military bases overseas and raising revenue by asking the very wealthy and corporations to pay more as well. That could potentially end the deficit if the cuts/hikes were adequate, but as noted, we might have to wait until the economy is back on track first.
Gee what a turn around from 2008 when he said how irresponsible it was for the president ( then Bush) to continue. He, Obama then voted not to increase the debt limit.

What a flippin hypocrite. It's not good for a republican but for a democrap it is the American thing to do. 
+Ole Olson your full of crap. Most conservatives were against all the spending no matter who it was. Now maybe if you were to say that the republican leadership did not care I might go with that.

The hierarchy of the republican party has not been conservative for a very long time. Even before Reagan. 
You're funny Michael. You should try standup sometime, the angry old man bit would work well with you.
Always love reading the comments when +Google+ promotes political posts into the 'hot' zone. ::grabs popcorn::
This President is a joke,the only thing more sad than his ranking in History of worst President ever is that so many blindly follow and believe this guy. His only real skill is he can bull$#%&. This guy is trying to break America financially. Only a fool can say anything else. He spends other people's money like Michael Moore eats. He has no intention of stopping either. He has convinced low information voter(Democrats) that its someone else's fault. While Congress is to blame,Obama was and still is apart of Congress and Democrats control 2/3 of Government. Keep that in mind silly Liberal,Bush spent to much as well. There were Democrats in his Congress too. So even though the Liberal mantra of"its always someone else's fault " is convenient(and I bet it is) it will never get anything done. Just remember silly liberals,you wanted all hardship coming from Obama and his failed and old ideas. If Liberalism worked Chicago would be the Utopia all Liberals dream of,but its not. Enjoy having voted for the worst President in History .
Funny that you mention that Jason, considering Chicago pays more money into Federal taxes than those conservative havens Mississippi and Alabama combined
Right here on Planet Earth you fruitloop! Speaking of planets, you do accept the science that states The Earth is not the center of the universe, don't you? Hard to tell with you flat-earth right wingers considering your disdain for basic scientific facts like evolution and climate change.
+Ole Olson Oh right. They call it Climate Change now cause when it cools off, hey you can't call that Global Warming. Got to change the name to cover all the bases so Al Gore can continue running his carbon credit scam raking in Billions.
+Ole Olson you are saying a City(Chicago) pays more Fed money than 2 states combined and is worse off than both,thats your argument for Liberalism and the proven failure of Obama's ideas? Ok.
+Ole Olson
Oh man do I love Fruit Loops. That is most likely the best cereal ever. I have no issue being compared to that. As a matter of fact I take it as a complement. Just as I do when anyone else with your limited willingness to learn anything out side your box has called me a 'raciest' or 'homophobe' or any other of the myriad of meaningless names your kind spout.

Yes I do believe in climate change. Today is different from yesterday. See, change has happened.

I hope your life gets better because it looks like it can't get worse 
Ofcourse the republican go for war without good reason and don't expect democrats to pay for it. Live America
I don't care about your position on gun control.  I hope you can agree that this is an abuse of executive order and circumvents the process we have agreed on through the Constitution.
I know appanah,no Democrats voted to go into Iraq did they? Youth Democrats
like to conveniently leave out the fact that Democrats were in Congress
during the Bush Administration too. Laughable a Liberals argument on
anything. Its Bush's fault for everything. Low information
If the president was fully in charge of all spending and Congress had absolutely nothing to do with it.... the victims of Hurricane sandy would be well taken care of by now. Boo ya!
Its more like fixed news... fair and unbalanced
If the President were fully in charge of spending we'd be getting called
stupid by Greece by now. BOO YA! +JamesFields
+William Carlson global warming is climate change, they had to explain the details meaning of global warming because people thought it only meant the warming of a planet. You may want to look that up, then come back and probably delete your post because it's kinda funny.
At least you can call Fox"news",whether you agree with or not. all the rest
are just propaganda arms of the Democrat Party. Puppets who get white house
talking points and repeat. Liberals Media doesnt report news anymore,they
try and make&shape public opinion and like a good lil sheep you Obama
voters do what you are told.
+John Mulholland we don't even know what he's proposing yet, copy your post and pasted later after the press conference because I know whatever he says you will disagree with, Because you have too. 
Please just scroll up to the top, and in the options menu, hit mute. Unless you plan to contribute with an open mind and logically.
Liberals and open-minded&logical? Its amazing how many times those words
collide in the same sentence,kind of like a honest politicians from Chicago
or fiscally responsible Democrat or ocean front property in Arizona.
+Jason Rodriguez We had News networks, then we had Fox news show up. The smartest thing they did was call themselves "Fair and Balanced" and smear every other media outlet as leftist even if they weren't. It stuck and has done them really well. But don't tell me they are what they claim. I cannot and will not trust Fox News for anything, ever. They had my attention after 9/11 along with Bush, but my allegiance wore out within a year. It's amazing how anyone can defend that propaganda machine and call it anything but that. It just makes one look extremely naive and silly. 
Its obvious fox news is biased, Republicans get softball questions ( most of the time) and the daily assault on POTUS, the format is usually two or three against one whenever a Democrat is on. 
A liberal complaining about bias,lol. This why we can never do away with
Liberals,to funny. Thank you.
+Jason Rodriguez Greece went down because of their Austerity program, not because of over spending, same reason Europes economy took another dive.
+Jason Rodriguez I can point out liberal bias, ed Schultz is a bias commentator sometimes he pushes the envelope, but for the most part I agree with him because nothing from the other side makes me feel any differently, ( other then chris Christie and a very few others) I'm not blind I fully understand what I support your welcome.
+Tina Vigilante true I watch his show often, I sometimes find myself watching fox news ( for entertainment purposes only) but I was pointing out how he gets into trouble sometimes.... 
Laughing my ass off at progressives/liberals whining and crying about bias on FOX News. 
Ed Shultz only criticizes the president for not being enough of a communist.
+William Carlson its not whining only making an observation, but willing to point out biased views from my side of the isle.... are you? Its a fact we all have bias views to a degree, the problem is it makes it a lie when you call it "fair and balanced."
+James Fields Please feel free to point out the lies and bias in this article.

You will have a much better chance of hearing both sides on FOX than CNN.
Congress? Congress? We don't need no stinkin Congress!
Ok William I'm giving up my citizenship and back to jungle built my
+William Carlson you may be shocked by my statement but I have a job and I work 12 hours days to provide for my family, if you would like to see me point out bias read my prior posts. Or just continue what you do best. 
Hello James fields, what a quote for all American. Thanks buddy at least no
Maya you have great look and photos thanks
He's driving the bus right off the cliff an he has us in the back seat with no seatbelts!
+James Fields I'm glad you have a job and I hope you are able to keep it in BHO's economy. However, I don't remember mentioning anything about jobs. I simply asked you to point out bias in this article and you said you were man enough to do that. Although I'm not sure what that has to do with your manhood.

What? He drive bus too, great no Labour problem. Thanks
Please be happy at least he knows to drive and contractcontrol
He has very strong support from mitt Romney too all will be good for
America thanks
+Tina Vigilante  = loser
you little worthless fucking loser cunt, don't you have something better to do that lay around on your fat ass all day shitting up the internet with your dumb chit.  is your life so miserable and pathetic all you can do it troll and spread misery.  what a miserable little whore you must be you loser bitch. do the world a favor and go kill yourself cunt and stop wasting breathable air you scum bag whore.
Totally out of line .... what a lady? 
So, you are unable to answer so you resort really childish remarks. I take it you are in high school.
you can eat shit to james along with you little cunt friend tina.  tell that whore to find a corner and curl up in it and do the world a favor and die.
+Annita Webb OK have a good day, I want to be nice to you so you can stop embarrassing yourself. I'm sure you can get your point across without that type of language. 
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