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Apple CEO Tim Cook is assuring shareholders that the company is working on some great stuff that may help reverse a sharp decline in its stock price. What #Apple  product would you like to see next?
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As one of the loudest Android evangelists, I hope this is true. While it doesn't necessarily mean iOS specifically, I hope they have some pretty awesome features for iPhones/iPads. While I'll never (voluntarily) use the mentioned devices, when there's good competition in the marketplace, everyone wins. If there's nothing to spur innovation, $YOUR_FAVORITE_PRODUCT will stagnate. Which his what I believe has happened to Apple -- they hit a home run with the iPod and have been coasting since....
A phone that isn't locked down, in a walled garden.  Let me install apps from sources other than the one and only Apple app store without having to hack my phone.  Also a UI that's not so 2007-ish.  How about some more control for me on where I place icons, have some widgets, and let apps share between each other so I don't have to wait on Apple to decide what is worthy of receiving shared data and then hard coding it into the OS.  Oh!  And a physical keyboard would be nice too... at least, as an option.
They need to playing catch up and start inventing.
+Brian Johnson you hit it on the head. Although I prefer android based products, I know we also need strong competition. Apple needs to improve to help itself and Android products. Without that competitive push we will all go nowhere. 
Thus far I can't disagree with apples tendency to play the "patent" game. That kind of business model isnt sustainable. They need to create and innovate. The world has caught and surpassed them. We need the competition. 
How about a battery that lasts for days?  I would switch from Android to Apple in a heart beat if they could figure that out.
+Pam Bell I'm curious about this mythical android phone with a battery that lasts days. Android has a long list of positives but "days of battery life" has never been one, save maybe with an extended battery
+Brian Johnson It just depends on how you have your phone configured in combination with how you use it.  Theoretically, it could last for days if you don't use it much and have nothing running in the background like checking for e-mail and such.  But, battery tech is the same across all phones.  Some OS's might sacrifice features for more battery life.
Droid Maxx can last several days with normal use.  I think that is the only smartphone that can go that long.  Of course it has a huge.battery.
+Joseph Parker PMP Yeah, I have a Droid Maxx. Love it, great device and awesome battery life. Waiting for Jelly Bean.
(I can't believe I'm an Apple apologist here)

What I find insanely ironic in this thread is, chances are the majority of those hurling blind hatred at Apple probably have no problem going back to their PCs with Windows and other MS products on it.

Talk about a company that can't innovate and can't compete and who's been in the patent trolling business longer than Apple. Apple has been innovative and can be again -- there was the move from OS 9 to OS X with the Unix underlyings, the iPod, the iTunes store, etc. There's nothing new or innovative about what MS has put out in years (if ever). People use Windows because it was well established on OEMs long ago when MS basically forced PC makers to put it on there. They've shown that when there's real competition in the marketplace, they can't (See Zune, WinPhone, Surface). The only way to keep people using their products is to bastardize standards so that they're the only things that work and go to a "subscription" model so that software you get from there is even less yours than it was before.

But, you know, Apple sucks because SHUT UP!

#LinuxSnob   #MSRant  
+Brian Johnson my android does not last days ...not even half a day, hence why I would switch if Apple could do it. 
+Pam Bell ah, that makes more sense....I had images of your using your Android phone with days-long battery while galloping along on your Unicorn ;)
+Pam Bell That is a phone issue, not an Android issue. My phone lasts all day long with constant use. It's a Samsung Galaxy Note II (Android OS).

It has lasted almost 2 days before, again, with constant use. I did not upgrade the battery.
Yea and too bad Samsung will just steal and copy it like they came up with the idea!!!
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