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Did a serial killer — and not O.J. Simpson — kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman?

That’s the premise of a new feature-length documentary by Investigation Discovery that details the life of Glen Rogers, one of America’s least-known serial killers.
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Ward A
I like how +Fox News says that OJ killed her in this teaser. Uh... he was acquitted  like the verdict or not, the Court says he didn't do it. Gotta love the Opinionated & Bias style of FixedNews. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jim Lee
"If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit" The glove didn't fit.
Ward A
Did a serial killer - and not O.J. Simpson - kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman?

That seems like speculation. "And not OJ" that's saying OJ did it. Why is he even mentioned? Why not say "Did a serial killer get them?"

It's all in the wording. That's like saying: Is Obama actually a Christian even though he went to a madrasa in Indonesia? 
Fascinating . . . I am going to watch the show to see how they explain away the blood evidence. It should be interesting!
Ward A
Oh and I look at +Fox News because I need to see the extreme rights point of view so I can make sure my view is what I believe. Can't just watch one side and think you're informed. 
+Ward Anderson you think that only conservatives believe oj did it? I think the majority of people believe he did it. Also, lack of criminal conviction doesn't mean he didn't do it. It just means there is a shred of doubt. He was found guilty in civil court where evidentiary rules are less stringent, and the court system is designed to err in favor of the accused to prevent the jailing of falsely accused people, hence guilty people do go free. All the time. 
O.J. killed his exwife and Ron Goldman. There is no way in hell Nicole spent time with this man. No way. She had spent the evening before her death, at the restaurant Ron Goldman worked. He was returning her glasses. Enough all ready. 
Ward A
You guys crack me up. +John Shepard you obviously can't read too well. I didn't say that; at all. I said: "Why even mention O.J. if he was acquitted?" He didn't do it. It's on record. He cannot be charged again for it. He's innocent. Same with Casey Anthony. Sorry guys, but they are innocent. 

Secondly: +Tim Taylor the way that they worded this title insinuates that O.J. did in fact do it and Judge Ito's ruling is incorrect. Get over it.  For anyone that says he did it: Was he convicted? No? Then he didn't do it. It's as simple as that. 
Ward A
+Tim Taylor You cannot say that the title of this article doesn't insinuate that O.J. did it. Look at the middle between the hyphens lol... It's right there. 
Yes, you have the serial killer there in the photo. He used to play football. 
Ward A
+Tim Taylor It's OK Timmy. I know that you've been brainwashed to not pay attention to subtle writing queues in creating an article headline. I'm trained to read them and understand what they are really saying. Been real kiddo. 
I didn't know OJ was a Serial Killer!! dayum.
Ward A
I'm commenting on the way that they form their headlines. To grab attention and make shit up. It's lovely. 
That's it, I'm shoppin' White Friday!
What a dumb ass. Gets away with two counts of murder and still ends up in prison. If I remember right, there was 650 pieces of evidence. The jury let him off because of past problems with the police. They also found Ron Goldman's blood in OJ's truck.
The news media is bored as for the last 20 years, report real stories. 
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