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The annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue released Tuesday with Kate Upton once again as its cover girl.
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How is this news?  Fox seems to have an obsession with sparsely clad women.
yawn...please wake me up when Fox has something newsworthy to report.
+Joe Philipps You will probably be sleeping for a VERY long time.. ROFL!

That said, can you honestly say this wasn't worth checking out ;)
Let's get a few more trolls in here to whine, and then they can complain that +Fox News is in What's Hot because, well,  there's all these comments. :-)

I really do think the very  lamest of whining is when Fox posts something like this in their Entertainment section and the trolls like +Noel Beale and +Joe Philipps  blather about it "nor being newsworthy".  Guys, go look at CNN's Entertainment section for stuff that's every bit as fluffy. It's the Entertainment section, it's supposed to be fluff.  

Oh, that's didn't actually read the article you're slagging.   
+Margaret Leber Reading comprehension is a wonderful thing. Please practice it sometime. ;)

hint: I did not say this was not news worthy, in fact, I insinuated just the opposite... ROFL!
+Noel Beale My reading comprehension is limited to the words in front of me.  

Phillips: yawn...please wake me up when Fox has something newsworthy to report

Beale: You will probably be sleeping for a VERY long time.. ROFL!

If you're sleeping for a long time waiting for something newsworthy, then obviously what's on offer is not newsworthy.  

Are people's life so miserable all they can do it troll places they don't like and shit the post up telling everyone how much they dislike the site and people on it. It must suck to have such a miserable pathetic loser life like that.
+Darin Walker Ever see DailyKos/DU/TPM/MotherJones?  Those lefty sites are so dreary that it's no wonder they're all out here.  
+Leo Fox She's a model. At 12 and 13, she was a champion equestrienne, so likely she has some physical grace. Her acting career has been undistinguished. 
Yeah! How dare Fox talk about beautiful women! I'm heading to Huff-post to check out today's dose of sideboobs. 
+Margaret Leber Like I stated before.. reading comprehension.. or perhaps it is just you are one of those  that only read the 1st line, then jump to a conclusion, even when it is wrong...  ;) I guess you missed where I wrote: "That said, can you honestly say this wasn't worth checking out ;)"

Sounds like I called it "news worthy" to me... lol!
I'm proud to have worked on the team that handled her travel arrangements to Antarctica!
+Noel Beale You just sound leering and crude, to me.  

It's the entertainment section, by definition it's not hard news. 
+Daniel Baker Yes, really. So much so it is a standard joke at this point.

That said, I do agree that all those making fun of Rubio taking a drink, are just as foolish as those that think FOX news is actually "fair and balanced". ROFL!
Compared to the state run media I'd say FOX is Fair and Balanced.
The only state run media I'm aware of is CSPAN, and they're fantastic. They run the camera, and do not offer slanted commentary. What state run media are you referring to, +Jay Carlson ?
CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC. They're all in the can for the left.
Those are private companies though. They're not "state run" media. They may have the unfortunate responsibility of reporting stupid things republicans say or do, but that doesn't make them "state run." Perhaps republicans can stop saying or doing stupid things, and the "left wing media" would stop making them look bad. The first thing that comes to mind are the ridiculous statements that politicians have been making recently regarding "rape." I'm sure Todd Akin has a thing or two to say about that. Is it MSNBC's fault that Todd Akin has a message problem?
+Jay Carlson No, they only seem that way for those on the FAR right. For the majority of America (which is neither left or right), they actually are seen as pretty close to the middle of the road.

It just seems like they are on the left, because the right has moved so extremely far to the right.
+Daniel Baker If what you said was true, Romney and not Obama would have won the election. That Romney, as well as just about every GOP candidate that didn't rework the voting district, lost, shows beyond a doubt, that the US center is much closer to today's "Left" than today's "Right"

Sadly, those that feel FOX News are "fair and balanced" don't seem to be able to grasp this, as was clear by their unbridled surprise over Obama's win, and their refusal to accept that the GOP is much further away from the POV of the majority of America, then the Democratic POV.

But hey, GOP, keep embracing the Tea Party Extremists, and next election will see the Dem party taking all 3 (WH, Senate and the House). Not something I am totally in favor of, but it would at least be better than more time with GOP members that hold that any sort of compromise is intolerable.

And Daniel, one reason people use the same word, "radicals", is in many cases these far right groups are pushing the very same intolerance the terrorists are. Religious law forced on those that don't follow the religious beliefs.
+Daniel Baker That you could think the GOP's platform is anywhere close to the center in the US, shows how far away from reality the FOX News bubble has enabled you to be.

Also, your foolishness of thinking Obama won by fraud, is just as absurd as the foolishness put forth by those over Bush not having won in 2000.
I'd say the GOP is much much closer to the center than the dems. However they need to move even further toward smaller federal government.
+Jay Carlson "I'd say the GOP is much much closer to the center than the dems" - Really? ....and people wonder why it is a running jone that FOX News followers are out of touch... ROFL!
+Noel Beale Sorry man, I don't know what a "jone" is.

Could you define the center as you see it? For me it would be containing the Federal Government within the constraints of the Constitution. Evidently for you it would be some form of totalitarianism.