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Now, the hard part. After clearing away the competition, Mitt Romney is turning to consolidate the support of the GOP base; and betting on endorsements from Santorum & Gingrich.
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So now we get to vote on whether we want Obama back in office or Obama, Jr, (Romney) in office. Some choice!
Romney want my first choice, but he is now The Guy and he has my full support. I've had ENOUGH change. I just wonder what the lib-tards silk focus on in November with a conservative victory...
Clayton didn't say a damn thing anti-Muslim. What he was saying is the Great Divider can't seem to figure out what his religion is going to be today.
Who cares what religion POTUS subscribes to, its his policies I care about, and thus far I like none of them which is why I will be voting for someone other than him. Lets see who Mitt surrounds himself with, and who he picks for a running mate.
Of course you are... That's because you are a lib-tard. And as such, you feel it necessary to bring up hate and call someone ignorant.
Most of the time it's the liberals that turn to hate, name calling, and personal attacks. As soon and you present facts to them and they can't dispute them they get confused & mad then they resort to personal attacks and name calling Margaret McEvoy is a classic example if you go back thru some of the threads here on Fox you will see some the hatred, name calling, and personal attacks she has done on me and many people. She does like to go back and edit her post tho and sometimes deletes the whole comment. When she started personally attacking me and calling me man I just turned it around on her and did the same to her. She then pulled her lib-TARD manual 101 out on me and said it wasn't nice to do it to her. CLASSIC! She finally blocked me because she could dish it out but she couldn't take it if you dished it back.
Is anyone in this thread actually excited to vote for Mitt Romney?
Hate is such an interesting word. I don't think +Clayton Thompson said anything hateful. Me? I absolutely HATE extremist muslims. How about you John? Do you like extremist muslims? +Michael W. Moore I think you might have been confused who I was calling a lib-tard. It was not you. I know, you are the guy who is appalled by all the attacks. I have to agree with you. Ya know, it is one thing to disagree and discuss the disagreements. It is another when you just jump at someone and call them racist or prejudiced, or ignorant. They just instantly start calling people names and acting like they are somehow better or their view/opinion is worth more than yours. It is pure BS. I don't go to MSNBC's page and force my conservative views on others and then attack them for disagreeing. Yet THEY (lib-tards) will come here seeking to flap their (insert female anatomy here) lips at people with their A-holish comments.
LOL... Excited, no. but will I? Hell yes!
Darin Walker - actually if you have read scientific studies on personality traits, neuroscience, and political preference you should already know that conservatives have a lower threshold of tolerance for difference in other people. This isn't an American phenomenon. It has been studied internationally and cross culturally and conservatives and liberals/progressives show significant distinctness in the areas of psychology and neurobiology. This is just a recent snippet from New Scientist Magazine.
"Political divides begin in the brain"
And a few weeks from now a new study will come out saying the exact opposite. Kind of like they do with everything else they do a study with. This week salt is bad for you next week salt is good for you. I don't put much in those studies. From my experience out here, on Facebook, and other political forums I frequent the liberals are usually the ones spewing the hate. I see it over and over daily.
For me, it's hard to get behind either one of these candidates. Romney is a liar and a hypocrite. Obama doesn't stand by his principles. He's change on the outside and consistency on the inside. Just wondering if I'm the only one...
No Jason you're not alone. I really wanted to see Ron Paul get the nomination but the establishment would never let that happen. It's kind of the lesser of the 2 evils now and I will have to cast a vote for Mitt. I don't think this country can stand 4 more years of the current direction we are going. It's going to be a ugly and very close election.
It will be the dirtiest election, possibly of all time. I read an article yesterday or day before (when you are at work 80 hours straight before your shift ends the days kind of blur together) about wide-spread election fraud (ballot stuffing, dead people voting, etc) and McCain didn't want to fight it cuz he thought it would tear the country apart. Ironically, it might tear the country apart if we get 4 more years of the same.
Romney wouldn't be my first choice, but he beats the hell out of another round of Barrack. Got fooled into voting for him once and I will NOT make that terrible mistake again.
Bankruptcy I could almost deal with... It implies there might be something better on the other side... It is the chaos part that scares me and thinking about evacuation routes to the I seriously doubt our government has the "testicular fortitude" it is going to take too bring the dollar back from near-death.
I hope so too. Because whatever future brings affects all of us. Lol... if it goes bad we'll be posting on g+ via smoke signals from our caves.
+Darin Walker ... yeah I could have gotten behind Ron Paul. But as for the lesser of two evils, man... I'm still trying to figure that one out lol...

+Tim O'Born I agree. After I saw how dirty they did Rick Santorum, I wouldn't doubt it if our entire voting system is rigged. I mean Rick Santorum would win states, but yet somehow he'd be ineligible to receive it's delegates...

+Mark Knutter I honestly think we're gonna get 4 more years of massive debt regardless of who wins. Banks make money off of debt. Everyone always says we owe all this money to China... but the truth is that private U.S. banks (federal reserve) hold the majority our debt, which means they're probably making a killing off of the interest. So if the banks run Washington... and banks are benefiting from our debt... why would anyone think national debt would EVER go down?

And as far as the government being anti business... I feel like that's a false talking point that gets repeated over and over to draw our attention away from what's really going on. I mean come on... we bailed out all these banks and gave billions to auto companies. We give subsidies to the wealthiest companies in world history and cut deals with big pharma that they'd never find anywhere else in the world. All washington does is cater to big business... yet somehow the government is labeled anti business? I don't know man...
The large corporations treat elected officials like the stock market or sports book in Vegas. Betting on their "horses" to win them favors as lobbyists. At least in the House and Senate taking the political contributions fighting to give businesses in their home states an edge. In that sense, government is helping business. This presidency is different and is actually hurting business. Examples are: trying to over regulate wall street, killing keystone pipeline, moratoriums on offshore drilling, setting aside public land as wilderness areas, etc. If you want to help business you put people to work, that creates individual wealth and those individuals but more stuff. But, our pres killed keystone, oil drilling, major layoffs in the military, bad investments in not yet ready energy alternatives, etc. I think you are both right here. But only because of the current political climate. The unions ate even pissed at him.
Everyone is so afraid, yet people outside of the US can't even see the slightest difference between Obama and Romney. I think we're all being blind sighted by fear. 
+Steve Sauls it is my understanding that +Ford Motor Company is building a plant in China to build cars for the Chinese market. While I would love for Ford to build the cars here and ship them to China, it makes much more sense to build there.
On another note, President Obama is quite two faced on American manufacturing... at one point he said we need to give tax breaks to those creating jobs here and at another point he said we need to accept that some manufacturing jobs would never return. +Mitt Romney has my vote as well. Time to "Believe in America!"
With that attitude about a candidate I doubt you will be happy with the outcome Mark.
+Steve Sauls you say "The Obama administration is going to let that happen."

Are you suggesting the government should control private sector business? That's not the typical Right view...

What I see is you saying is Obama failed to do what I disagree with, so I won't vote for him.
But creating a positive environment for private sector businesses to thrive IS a conservative view. And that buddy is an Obama fail.
I don't think ol Maggie here is a credible source for correcting someones attitude... Just sayin'
" Supporting Small Businesses: The President has made a priority of letting our most crucial job creators – small businesses – thrive, grow and hire. He has cut small businesses’ taxes 18 times, recognizing that they create two out of every three new jobs in America. Because of the President’s support for businesses and entrepreneurs, the S&P 500 has increased nearly 90 percent since March 2009"
" Manufacturing employment hadn’t grown since 1997, so President Obama cut production costs and tariffs for American companies. Now manufacturing production is increasing faster than it has in more than a decade, and private-sector manufacturing businesses have added jobs for 29 straight months – including 334,000 jobs in the past two years".
Sheesh... Talk about an obsessive groupie! Maggie should be placed on a watch list for possible stalkers. At first I thought she was just a liberal, but it's quite obvious that she is infatuated with Obama. Maybe she should call Monica Lewinsky and see how she can get her own internship at the white house?
See there you go Tim. You just can't help yourself. So tell me again why it is okay for you to sit on this thread 24/7 and I am not allowed to comment here? Is this thread only for the virulent? Only for conservatives to get together and shmooze their hate? Now I'm obsessive? That's just crazy talk.
Show me a quote where I say you can't comment here.... You can't cuz I haven't. It's just that it appears you are paid by the Obama campaign to come here and sprinkle Obama pixie dust on us all. I have a vision of you as a cartoon character with large starry eyes telling us all just how "dreamy" Obama is.
Hate. I love that term. I hate extremist muslims. How do you feel about them? I don't hate the president... I just want someone else to have his job come November. How is that hate? That is my right as an least for now.
Some would call you an extremist Tim. Your rhetoric is certainly extreme. And the way you treat people you disagree with is extreme. One person's extremism is another's passion. No I don't hate extremist Muslims. I hate the violence they perpetrate on innocent people. And as to telling me I can't come here well that would be silly of you as you know short of blocking me I can do as I please. You have,on the other hand made it obvious your displeasure that I should have the NERVE to come here and confront you and your hate.
Lol... You brought up the thing about you not coming here. Not me. And hate? Again that is your favorite term. Everyone who disagrees with you is filled with hatred. You aren't confronting me. You are showing your intolerance of others. Which means YOU are the one filled with hate. You and your brother are the only two out here that can't seem to have a discussion. Maybe if you weren't so busy spreading hate across this forum and maybe bought yourself a battery operated BF, you would calm down enough to be civil with differing opinions. Why am I not entitled to want to vote your Great Leader out of office? In fact, I don't even need a reason, but none of my reasons include hate. I don't hate blacks, I don't hate hispanics, I don't hate women, I don't hate anyone except the afore mentioned Muslim extremists... And not because they are Muslim. I am not extremist because I'm a conservative, but if that is how you view conservatives (because all other views outside your own is extremist to you) than by all means... I am comfortable with you calling me extremist. I definitely don't share your views on the president. I have yet to see you post any views beyond how incredibly wonderful you think he is to see if w can agree on anything else. So why don't you quit acting superior to others and discuss things without being a rectal cavity?
Tim... your comments are extreme. I feel I discuss. I don't rant. And if you are viewed in the prism of Fox News then the extremism becomes hatred.
Tim, I don't disagree creating a positive environment for private sector businesses to thrive in is a positive thing, I do disagree it is solely a conservative view.

I guess the question (at least to me) becomes how does one do that, and do that effectively? do we cut taxes? threaten to remove existing tax incentives? The example was building cars in China to sell in China. I have a very hard time arguing against that concept as being practical for any business. We expect it here, build it on US soil if you are going to sell it here. and many companies do it for the same reasons, its practical for larger items. and also many do it because we created a positive environment for them to do so.
You "feel" you discuss. Well, I don't "feel" you do. I "feel" you rant and brand others as being hate-filled and extremist. If I fit that bill to you, then you certainly do as well. So I suppose we are BOTH filled with hate and make extremist comments, you and I. Don't we make a pair? Lol. Lovely... Come here and give me a big ol hug Maggie!
We need a referee. And come on... I've seen your pluses.
Don't act all innocent. You have plussed many of Darins egregious comments. And flung a few yourself. But okay...
I'll give you that hug Timmy. In the spirit of bi-partisanship.
+Mike Mac I didn't say it was solely a conservative view, I said it was a conservative view.

I think the entire tax system is way past due for an overhaul. Remove all the added crap. You can't overhaul an engine without pulling it out of the car, tearing it down to it's basic parts to see what needs to be fixed. Same with regulations. Which ones apply? Which create undue burdens that don't serve a purpose? Our system doesn't need to be changed, it breeds to be rebooted and the Cobb webs cleared out. Yes, usually that means less government and reduced taxes. But that might actually result from making things more simple. Everything is too complicated and that creates an environment where businesses can't thrive. A new regulation that might just work best? KISS Method... Keep It Simple Stupid. That method works best in just about everything. Simplify things and things will start to happen in a positive way.
Well, first, Margaret is not my buddy as many here think lol Our association is more more like two steel balls in a pin ball machine that get smacked around. We don't agree on everything either, but I will say that generally she is objective, most of the time much much more diplomatic than I am. There is no way she "earned" the vile hate filled tirades authored by darin. His comments are in sharp contrast to anything I have ever read her typing.

It's not my place to tell FOX how they should moderate their pages, but if I were king, he would not be allowed to address anyone trying to have a discussion in that manner, nor would anyone that condones and participates in such foul nasty personal attacks. IMHO that would not be censorship. There is a point where the right of free speech stops and libel and slander start. That's why we have laws to that effect, to define the line. here those laws are not quite as enforceable, although they could be pursued and there may be litigation. I mean, you can not go on a public forum and talk shit about a business and your personal experience with them, even if it is true. They sue you and you lose, that precedent has already been set.
+Francis Moran this is sort of up your alley, care to weigh in?

And I am sure you really deep inside have to admit your comments to her are at best condescending. How would you expect her to respond? How do you respond when someone "comes at you" like that?

Just an observation.
I'll wear my blocks like a badge of honor. Since I cannot defend myself from comments made behind my back I thank you Mike for coming to my defense. I'd like to be able to do it myself but the intellectual cowardice of people here will not allow it. C'est la vie. My opinion is only enforced and renewed.
Lol... Almost brought me to tears Mike... Almost
Oh Timmy..... I thought you were going to be human for a second.
But remember Charles that's Bush's fault! Left-TARD's answer for everything wrong in the world.
LOL Ohhh comeon, squirt some tears, you know you want too lol Seriously, I read your tax post i agree with about everything you said, will respond later when I am not jammed up.

Your welcome Ms Margaret, I just call em as I see em :)

+Steve Sauls I thought I had asked a couple questions, but would have to scroll back later when I have more time. I guess I could ask one thing, are you employed? I ask this only because I am, and if not for the recovery actions under this administration, I probably would not be right now. I don't agree with "he has done nothing", I challenge you to see maybe there are some things you may not see or realize that "he" indeed has done that has helped to stabilize your life, your job, your employer, your employers clients. its all one big soup, either through direct or indirect methods, I have a hard time thinking there is nothing positive there you can find. I am not telling you, just asking you to consider that possibility.

I will concede that any administration would have tried to do something, so its not a "Yeah Obama!" claim, just it is what it is, and he is driving the clown car we call government now. and I support him as POTS. I think we all should as patriots, but that is just my opinion.

But what exactly are you expecting "him" to do for you? anything specific you care to discuss?
It's just a picture Charles. No it's not my blog.
It's got some good reading there tho. Give it a look.
Charles, Obama never promised anything about unemployment never going over 8%, site your source and I will shoot it down (again) with an actual copy of the report you think you are referencing that specifically and clearly states the report is very likely wrong right in the report preface. Good try tho, but wrong again, it was right about 8% when he took the oath anyway on its way up up up up up, now its gone down down down
Charles, Why is Gitmo still open?

From March , 2001:
Obama has conceded that Guantanamo will not close anytime soon. “Obviously I haven’t been able to make the case right now, and without Congress’s cooperation, we can’t do it,” he said this month in an interview with the Associated Press. “That doesn’t mean I stop making the case.”

he promised something he did not have the power to deliver, like all politicians do, he does not have the port to just close it. It's sort of cheap in the grand scheme of issues that could be bothering you, but you can have that one :)

Ok found the cspan reference. you can have that one too :)
He didn't do what he said.

So far your score is:
2 - right
1 - wrong

that's 66% which is a failing grade. Got any more we can factcheck?
how about any examples of things he said he would do that he did ?
There is a pretty big list of things overall, you should have no problem
If you are talking about the closure of gitmo that's is congress. They have refused to fund the closure.
Do you have a wife who works Steve? If you do then the passage of the Lily Ledbetter Act will allow her to make the same pay if she does the same work as a man. Do you have kids in college? Your Pel Grants are safe and they can stay on your medical until 25. Do you work in the auto industry or any other vendor that supplies . Then you have a job because of Obama. Did you think Bin Laden was a threat? Well you don't have to worry anymore. Does your wife use contraception? Then she can get it through her medical insurer free. He has done for you. You just refuse to see it.
It's all there Francis. All you have to do is read. And to whoever the cowards are that can't say their comment to my face and hide behind the Faux wall I feel sorry for your pathetic ego's. Stand up like a man and say it to my face. Why are you afraid of me? Because you know I speak the truth. Say it to my face cowards. Or go back in your little rat hole where you belong. Feed on the garbage you are fed.
Sorry. I thought you hadn't seen my comment. Afghanistan was a huge mistake. I disagreed with Obama on the surge. Karzai is a crook and a criminal and a heroin kingpin. Since we put him in office the heroin trade has increased 600%. The country was better off with the Taliban. It sucked for women but at least the Taliban were honest n the fervor. Karzai is just plain criminal.
Egg-zactly. After all, an entire religion was created solely to combat it, some obscure one, what was it called... hmmm... was it Christianity? 1,400 years later, hows that been working out for us?
Ok let me correct it... Christianity was conceptualized and formed about 1950 years ago, after which it was used by extensively by some evil ones starting sometimes about 600 AD as justification to control populations, organize army's and promote "aggressive" expansionism.
so you can say that most major conquests and or wars were not fought in the name of a religion, christians involved in most?
I mean I would have to go back and research again, but it was "made" officially about 34-50 ad.... was widely unpopular until 500 or so, then accepted during the reign of Concertiene (spelling) 100 or so yrs after that, things got "weird" for several centuries..... then got even "weirder" during the middle ages, if not mistaken was basically was only way you lived in Europe..... else you were dead. good popes, very bad popes, wars, the crusaders... suppression of learning and the sciences during some eras..... not all bad, but lots of bad press.....
Yes I can Charles..... Looooooney! :)
thanks Francis for getting the dates closer, story reads about the same tho :) a lot of good has came from all religions, and they all have their darker sects or periods, thats correct.
Christianity had nothing to do with Afghanistan. Christians didn't create the silk road. That was a Mongol thing. I don't recall the Mongols being Christian... Anyone else?
nope, Mongols were more like the native Americans in some ways, they had "gods" for everything and gave thanks for lots of "little" things, fire, water, air etc, but they were generally a pretty religious tolerant group. I ma by wrong, but the ruling "Christians" in their lands of that time maybe were not quite as tolerant ?
But Tim didn't you know his opinion is the gospel. HA!
Damn... You found me out... I don't respect YOUR opinion. No, the oath I took mentioned the constitution... and God. Had nothing to do with YOUR opinion. And, I didn't ask about your BS life so keep your personal history to yourself.
I also didn't all your opinion about my service... but keep conversing with yourself. I bet you got out because you are a [enter your favorite expletive here]
Nope. Still don't care about your pathetic life history.
Again, don't care. Post a few more links I won't look at.
Okay............ Have a blessed day :)
Thanks for the Christian sentiment...
yes, and +Tim O'Born I deleted all my comments that were related to the previous subject. I morally can not be a knowing contributor to you walking the path you are walking. I wanted to tell you so you could delete yours too if you wanted to do so. I respect you for what you do for a job, and thanks, I do mean that. But I can not respect you beyond that or I would have to seriously question my own sense of patriotism. good day
Are you threatening me you piece of trash?
I don't see it lasting... A you see, he fills the page with his filth, then deletes all his comments in order to appear like an innocent little victim.
I am a Dallas Cowboy fan. Have been all my life. That being said, I would not go to the Washington Redskins page and start ranting about how horrible they are and how they are all full of hatred and extremism for their insensitive view of native Americans. I don't get it. But I suppose he can't help it.
As long as the dumb ass keep coming back to that thread I'm going to keep bashing him. I really think he gets off on it.
The longer I can string him along and the more people that see it and see what worthless troll he is, the more people that will block him. :)
no timbo, I am not threatening you, your threatening yourself.

you two have a hoot :)
That is a guarantee... He always comes back. Like the turd that just won't flush...
Amen to that Tim. Just like a crack head to crack.
Mark - he'll always have Margaret slut bag to come out here and talk with. LOL!
Yeah he's been wearing you out today Charles. Bashing on you pretty hard. You know he is a real loser when he goes and gets your stuff and then post it on his wall and argues about it with someone that has him blocked and can't respond. That is a certified pathetic loser there!
Nut job might be a better description.
Damn... I missed that? I gotta go find it!
He delete all his comments Tim. He does that a lot. Either deletes them or re-edits them to say something completely different.
Hey this guy is wack,and if he becomes president well all be screwed!
This man I don't trust at all,thinks he is the s--- because he is wealthy! How dare him say anything about the poorest people,trying to make ends met in todays world.
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