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Jack Streat, an 18-year-old University of Durham student, creates realistic LEGO replicas of firearms that use rubber bands to propel tiny plastic blocks several feet or more. 
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This is worse than I thought. Just imagine, some kid can just walk into a store and pick up everything necessary to make his own LEGO Assault rifle, no background check needed. #BanLEGO save lives.
+David Ursula +Graden Guynn I think the real problem here is creativity, if the kid didn't have that, this would have never existed. Maybe if we heavily legislate and regulate creativity, that will solve the problem. Lego should have some responsibility too.
BREAKING NEWS: Obama to tighten regulations on LEGO control...
+Sergey Laktionov while I can appreciate the satire, he could have stopped it just by word. Don't worry, we will ban that later.
+Jillian Eureka I understand the concern, and I partially agree with you. I have two children and they are not allowed to play violent games or pretend shoot each other. The problem isn't the firearms per say, it is what people are doing with them. If people start stealing cars and going on driving rampages, will we make cars harder to get?

We need to tackle the real problem, America doesn't have a gun problem, it has a violence problem. Let's tackle that problem. Perhaps we could more strictly enforce out current firearms laws. Perhaps we could have stricter penalties for parents whose children use their firearms in shootings. We need to have a REAL discussion though.

These laws are feel good procedures and in no way would stop the atrocities that have happened recently.

As far as the kid making guns, I did it as a child as well. Thank Hollywood for making them cool. Thank the parents for allowing it. If you dislike it, don't teach your children to do it. Have a serious and honest discussion about the real problems with them.
Kids have played cowboys and indians for over a hundred years! Thousands more people are killed with bare hands. Background checks are good gun bans....rediculous 
Look out, LEGO, Joe Biden and BHO are coming after you next.
oh  no! he might hit someone in someplace and cause someone a slight amount of discomfort! he needs to be locked up and taught a lesson! jk
Bill i hate guns . If a family have to have a gun in the house. they should only have one gun in the house.If the have more then two gun in the house. they should pay 100 dollars per gun and the money should go to pay for the whloe that were in
+Kevin Muldoon sounds like what you really hate is the U.S. Constitution. why don't you move to Kenya, birthplace of our current president? i'm sure you'll never find violence in sub-Saharan Africa (heavy sarcasm).
+Kevin Muldoon I hate deficit spending. I think any politician who encourages it should be fined $10,000 per offence, and anyone that supported them in the election fined $100 per offence. That is a lot more likely to solve our current problem seeing as that is a major part of the hole we are in.

As far as firearms, I find it strange to hate inanimate objects. "That doorknob transmits diseases, I hate it" and "That tree produces splinters, I hate it" while whimsical arguments, are entirely invalid.
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