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A 33.5-ton aquarium inside a Shanghai shopping center explodes, releasing not fish but.... sharks!
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Like I needed another reason to avoid shopping.
As if stores needed more sharks hovering around you as you try and shop... oh those are the salesmen.
Scary. Not just shooters at malls. Now you have to worry about aquariums too. WOW!!!
But no video? What is up with that.
We need to regulate aquariums...or just ban high capacity ones. -_- 
Where is Diane F. now?
i think obama needs to call a press confrence and say hes gonna get to the bottom of this accident just like the libya "incident"
^ and I think Obama should ban all aquariums because it's probably the Aquarium's fault this happened.
i dunno he may get on the stump again with the you didnt build that speech
Sharks in a mall? The next think we are going to see in the headlines are sharks going into school. We need to ban these sharks. Violate amendments! Show the world that we really are tyrannical!
"SHARKS IN A MALL" from the people who brought you "SNAKES ON A PLANE"!
Nothing more dangerous than rogue aquariums packing a commission!
Worth the trouble...and I can eat sharks too.
Let me guess, the aquarium was made in China!
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