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Get ready to pay more for your grand slam -- #Florida restaurateur who operates roughly 40 Denny's locations and five Hurricane Grill & Wings franchises in Florida, Virginia and Georgia intends to add a 5 percent surcharge to customers’ bills to offset costs from ObamaCare beginning in January 2014 when the Affordable Care Act is fully implemented: 
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Oh dear... another group of restaurants that we'll be asked to boycott...
Good thing ther are plenty of other places to eat!
+Kevin Markussen You want to boycott him for being honest? You do realize that prices everywhere will go up, right? 
Uh, you are going to pay whether your restaurant puts it on the menu or not.
CLARIFICATION.... (Just to make sure)... I said "we'll be asked to boycott"... I did not say I would if I lived in Florida!
The funny thing is that everyone who thinks this is a good and proper thing to do is also agreeing that people should not be provided medical insurance. What are they supposed to do when they get sick or injured? What is your ideal world like, in which the lowest income folks are always at risk of medical bankruptcy?
Is this the first time he's ever raised his prices?  I didn't think so.  How sad that he thinks we are supposed to get angry over a 5% surcharge when it means the workers now get healthcare coverage.  If that's all it takes, we should have done this decades ago.
+Paul Richwine every body gets health care now, if you go to a hospital you will get treated. Then they send you a bill. Just like every other service we use. Why do we think that health care should be cheap/free. Nothing worth a damn is cheap or free. The problem hasn't been access to care for a long time. The problem is the idea that since it's my health you shouldn't make money.
Businesses never pay for anything, customers do. Capitalism 101 
+George Rae I doubt that HIPAA rules will allow the owner to publicly divulge which of his employees have/had insurance.  What is for sure, is that they will now be limited to 28 hours, and thus join the ranks of the underemployed.
+Steve Wahl In a catastrophic injury or serious illness the hospital will send a bill for several thousand dollars, which most lower-income folks (like Denny's waitresses) cannot pay. It will then go into collections and burden the taxpayers, so we end up paying for it anyway. Why do you think this is a superior system?
+Lonnie Bradwell This affects all businesses, not just restaurants.  But you may be right, that people will reduce their dining out.  Thus, causing restaurant workers to lose their jobs entirely.
So by your own admission the system/culture is to blame. First we don't take very good care of ourselves. (I'm just as bad as any.) This is because insurance makes care seem free because we or our employer pays the insurance company then they pay the bill. Any time there is a middle man cost goes up, now there will be two middle men and one of them is government and they are the most expensive because they don't care about profit. Then the poorest among us don't get proper care either, but that's because it's so expensive. They go to the E.R. (most expensive) and instead of finding a way to pay the person that gave all of their twenties and $150,000 to learn how to treat you they don't. Because it's so expensive. And they can barely make it. Really the problem is the insurance system. Maybe we should only have insurance for large problems and just pay cash for the routine stuff. That's not even starting on how the malpractice system drives up cost.
+Kevin Markussen Gee, I would have said that "people who call job creators 'part of the problem'" actually are the problem. 
Its not just restaurants!  Its going to happen to every business in every segment in every corner of America.  They will have a choice... raise their prices to cover costs and lose business (to those that did not raise prices but cut hours) or cut employees hours to avoid penalties.  If they cut employees hours they may in turn have to hire more employees to cover the hours that the original employees are now not getting but not covering. They will not be able to cut the hours of their employees and just leave it at that.  In a way, more people employed,  albeit underemployed.
So Obamacare is not costly to business then as your previous Faux News musings imply.  They're just going to pass the cost along to the consumer. 
+Paul Richwine I don't think our system, as it is, is very good at all. I just don't think adding more government is going to do anything but make it worse. Less government and more free market is the answer I think. 
The business will never absorb the cost if it is to stay in business, its just not the way it goes.  The business will raise prices to maintain a level of profitability necessary or expected.  They are in business to make money, just the same as anyone who goes to work.  To make money.  There will come a time when the consumer will have to decide when the price is to high.  When that day comes, the business loses and closes its door, then everyone involved is out of work.
+Mr Speeb All business costs are passed on to the customer. It doesn't make the costs of Obamacare somehow "not real costs", and they impact the economy at all levels where labor is used.  

The funds for all government spending are removed from the productive part of the economy.
I guess we are just capitalist pigs. 
The burden of all taxes and regulations is passed on to the consumer, no matter what their income status may be -Any tax on business harms the lowest earners of society most.

When government-mandated burdens hinder businesses to the point that they can no longer compete they will just go away.
+Kevin Markussen and other "boycotters"

You do realize that by boycotting these businesses you are further causing them to lay off people/raise prices...right?
Cause and effect. I think that is what they were trying to explain to people before it was rammed down our throats.
+Margaret Leber Creating jobs is good, not giving your employees health benefits it not! But who cares how their treated as long as they have jobs right? Lol
"The changes will force some front-of-the-house employees to look for second jobs, Metz said, but he simply cannot afford the penalties associated with ObamaCare.

“It’s a great concept,” he said. “We want to have everyone insured. The problem is, who is going to pay for it and how are we going to accomplish this?”
Looks like socialism has failed or is failing in every country that has tried it. So that may not be the best example to point to. I guess if my employer doesn't give me the wage or all the benefits that I might want, I assume I have the freedom to seek employment elsewhere.
The problem is we are being forced to pay for the uninsured..
+Paul Jewkes those "front-of- the-house" employees never make enough to not need a second job in the first place.
+Kevin Markussen Nobody "gives" you health benefits, they are part of your pay.

Unless you're on the dole, in which case they are part of somebody else's pay. 
The stupid thing here is: paying for health care used to be something people did for themselves. But then FDR imposed wage controls, and health insurance was exempted from the controls because it was "a good thing".  
+Kevin Markussen Words do have meanings and the meanings shape your thoughts. It's not my fault if your thoughts are twisted. 
You say "give", and become aggrieved if it's not "given" to you because you think it's something you're entitled to. 

An "entitlement", quite literally.

But it isn't. 
How does the saying go?"Assuming makes an ...out of you and me" lol 
Incoherent, illiterate children.

And they vote.

Should we be surprised at the results?

Blocking knucklehead. 
 +Kevin Markussen I have been involved in the Restaurant Industry for a good number of years (enough so that I now run a successful and thriving Restaurant Consulting Service) and I can tell you from first hand experience that foh employees can and do make good money.  It's the lazy ones, the ones that expect everything to be done for them that do not.  It's like a sales job.  You're good you make a living,  a good living, you're not... you do not.  And regarding your comment: "But who cares how their treated as long as they have jobs right? Lol", since when is providing someone with a pay check considered bad treatment?  I post the conditions of my employment, you apply for the job because you understand what those conditions are (and by conditions I mean benefits), I offer you the job, you accept... then you cry because you don't like what you have?!  Leave!  If enough people were to leave because of a certain condition/benefit or lack thereof, it would force me to change or go out of business, then that would be  MY choice, it would not be one imposed/forced upon me.
Because they need a job and have little choice but to settle for working for people like you. Do you realy believe all who work in the front and don't make enough are all just lazy? Please never consult for me, lol.
No one ever has to ever "settle" for anything! We all have choices; good, bad or indifferent and one of the choices we have is to accept or decline.  People like yourself wouldn't understand or appreciate the value of having someone like me consulting for them.  I have turned more businesses around, I have been responsible for increasing profits for more restaurants than you can ever begin to imagine.  And please do not worry, I will never be knocking at your door.  +Kevin Markussen 
+Mauricio Sanchez you hit it right on the head. The restaurant business is one of the hardest to make money at, hard work and good people are what do it. If an employee starts thinking you owe him/her more than you agree apon you have a problem that has to be solved quickly. Unhappy employees can not make you money. I agree with you even though you spent so much time at SYSCO. (I'm a GFS driver) :-) 
+Steve Wahl lol ...  I like and respect GFS.  A worthy competitor! I have lots of friends that have gone to work for GFS and know of a lot that went to Sysco after GFS.  One of my bestest clients today is a great GFS customer!
Going to be the same when they tax the over 250,000.. We will still be the ones paying for it.
Every Business in the USA should follow this lead.

Affordable Health Care Act. Hahh!

More handouts to people that want stuff but don't want to earn it.
I have a feeling that most restaurants will do something similar or cut their employee hours to part time.
Health insurance is a privilege, not a right.
Still see the terms "health care" and "health insurance" being used as if they mean the same. Obamacare will never cure what ails you when there's not any doctors around that will except it. If the government wanted to provide health care why didn't they offer to build clinics and hospitals?
Many, if not most businesses will have to start charging more to cover their increased costs.  That's just a fact of business.  We may also be seeing the beginning of the American part-time workforce.  Every family member with a job will have to have 2 or even 3 jobs in order to get in a 40 hr week.  Thank you Obamanation and Democrats!
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