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Former crooks say that the published map of gun owners could be helpful for thieves to locate their next target. Should the newspaper have made the information public?
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So what's next, a wave of FOIA requests with return addresses for state prisons?
which is why all homes should have a gun handy....then they would'nt be sitting ducks for robberies
People from the US have long tried to persuade me that having a gun is a burglar deterrent.  Do they not believe that any more?
How about we save everyone time and money and just list phony gun ownership maps in the local papers?
If the thieves are smart - they will now know what homes NOT to target... the ones who have guns. Switzerland gives every homeowner an assault weapon and trains them in it's use. Oddly, they have virtually NO gun violence in Switzerland.

While I own no guns - yet - I do not want to see that Constitutional right taken away.

A gun - hanging on a rack, or in a gun safe -  is not inherently violent. It is no more capable of violence than a butcher knife, a switch blade knife or a baseball bat... but many of those are used to commit crimes as well... should we outlaw them too?

What about the human hand/fist? Isn't it responsible for much of the abuse and or beatings that victims get? Perhaps we should legislate the removal of hands. 

Maybe that would solve things.
+Greg Bennett Switzerland also doesn't have the level of poverty we do in this country...maybe because it is socialist nation
+Paris Mosley or maybe because they don't have so many lazy individuals that had rather sit at the house than go and actually work for a living.
Which has a larger impact on motivation - knowing there is a chance they could be shot for breaking/entering, or knowing there is a virtually untraceable gun they can steal to use for future endeavors?
The newspapers should be held accountable for publishing this information! 
Isn't this information freely available to anyone at the local county court house?  I guess if burglars want to steal guns they will know where to go.
+Jeremy Tregler Going into a house with the specific intention of stealing someone's gun has got to be the dumbest idea I've ever heard. That's like breaking into a junkyard to steal the guard dog. 
+Will Sharpe Then there is no problem with publishing the addresses of people with guns, since no criminal would think to steal them, right?

Also, poor analogy. A guard dog is not nearly as valuable to a criminal as an unregistered gun.
+Dan Seeley Because criminals never case their target to see if that person might be home, right? As the saying goes "guns don't kill people" so my guess - and this is only a guess - is that a criminal might wait until John Wayne leaves for work before making a move.
I'm assuming the guns published are self defense, which would be taken with the people when they leave. If it's anything else, then it's up for grabs just like the rest of the house. 
So, if I can manage to sift through the slough of wit here, guns are stolen every day. What harm's done, then?
Now you've got a map of where to get guns. Like I said, just wait for John Wayne to leave for work. Free guns!

So the question remains - which is the greater motivator? Fear, or loot?
The point of what I said is guns are being robbed anyway. Regardless of mapping. 
I understand some gun owners are upset that this information was published. Personally, I'm in favor of this kind of information being freely accessible to the public. I want to know if my neighbor is building an arsenal to combat the Federales when they come after his freedom, and I want to know if my kid is safe to visit my neighbor's home unsupervised by myself. Are you in favor or against the publishing of this information?
I'd like to publish a list of everyone who owns expensive consumer electronics. Is that OK with the anti-gun folks? Mind if I put you at the top of the list?
I'm at a loss to imagine how an expensive piece of consumer electronics could be used to infringe on someone else's right to life and liberty, but I suppose if we started registering expensive TVs by legal mandate, sure. Why not?
A little too late..?
That's interesting, +Andrew Heyn , I've heard about that law. I understand there are some exceptions to the requirement, for religious or functional reasons. Maybe you know - how many of the 28,000 folks in your town actually comply with the requirement, or, to put it another way, are exempt from it?
+Andrew Heyn I'm fascinated by the NRA argument that more guns will make us safer. I guess the Secret Service should arm everyone at Presidential events, to foil assassins. At the airport when boarding airplanes all passengers should be armed, to prevent hijackings? We should let every nation in the world including Iran become a nuclear power. We should give everyone a penis to stop rape.  It makes perfect sense, no?
This is silly. Most burglaries are when people aren't home. Unless there has been a huge increase in cat burglars that I didn't hear about. 
+Scott Watson The thieves are happy because they now know which houses Don't have guns in them. Easier and safer for them. Get it now? 
+Alan Williamson Im sure you'd be wishing for a gun if someone was pointing one at you right now. Being able to defend ourselves does make us safer.
+Dan Seeley I have been on this planet a long time and have never needed a gun.  Further, I am not really interested in killing any living creature.  The odds of anyone needing a gun are the same as using winning the lottery as your retirement plan.  Good Luck!
According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, between 06 and 2010, 47,856 people were murdered in the U.S. by a firearm. Now its up to you if you want to take chances. You never know if you'll be adding another digit to the list. The number would be a lot lower if the ones shot had something to defend themselves with.
Well doodz n doodettes, I for one would be glad to have my premises listed to criminals as "do not disturb".  It is unfortunate for those households that are not listed with a danger marker.  But, that is what they have ambulances for, "clean up after home intrusion".
+Reginald Watkins Just because you bann something doesnt mean the bad guy is not going to get it. Look at drugs for example. And then the good guys are stuck with nothing to defend themselves. I bet there would be even more deaths. 
+Dan Seeley here's what I'd do. Loosen the drug laws. They're ridiculous at this point. And tighten up gun laws. 
+Claire Schmaltz Republicans like to live in fear. Fear Obama! Fear the Terrorist! Fear the Socialist! Fear the Chinese! The Chinese are out to get you, and so are the Socialist. Don't forget about the Russians, the Iranians, or Al-qaeda. You must live in fear. Arrggghhhhh! It is crazy. Amazing how scared the Republicans are, and how easily they think the rest of us scare. Some of us don't live in fear all the time.
+Reginald Watkins Don't remember the exact number, but almost all crime can be traced back to drug use.  All drugs should be legalized then abusers can get medical help and there would be hardly any crime.
The paper wants money it can make off the adverrtisment
+Claire Schmaltz Who wants to disarm the American public?  I don't.  19 massacres happened in the last 5 years.  Almost all where done by people who bought the guns legally.  In 5 years, there will be 19 more massacres because crazy people own guns.  How can the massacres be stopped?
+Claire Schmaltz, isn't it ironic, a democrat saying someone else is fearful? People like +Alan Williamson are so terrified by a gun culture that's existed for over 300 years that they gotta run to Uncle Sam trying to change an entire society within a few weeks of a spontaneous tragedy? Ever hear of a democrat trying to plan ahead, better call Guinness. These guys are total idiots. Instead of spoon feeding them their freedom, we ought to ship them somewhere.
No, I'll gladly send them to their own little utopia. Designate a gun free zone in a northeastern state, and let them live freely there. It might be best for all concerned.
Mental health treatment and more vigilance couldn't hurt.
+Claire Schmaltz more drugs on the streets or more guns. In my world, I'd choose the drugs. Just decriminalizing some drugs would cut down on violence. I own a gun. But I'd love to live in a world where they didn't exist. 
It all comes down to, the government needs to concentrate on the people who shouldn't be in possession of firearms rather than the people who have the legal right to possess and carry. I will always own and I will always carry, as a American THIS IS MY RIGHT! 
+Claire Schmaltz when I said "all of you", it was meant to describe those proposing to end gun ownership.

Wrt the other topics I brought up, I'm trying to put the issue of gun violence in perspective. The point I tried to make is that there are other, more epidemic issues that occur more often, yet you never hear a left winger take those out get so emotional about them.

The attack on gun rights is illogical, and I apologize if you felt like I was addressing you in the post. You are really quite intelligent and make a lot of sense. Too bad there are not more of you around.
+Alan Williamson it doesn't matter to me what you are. You either support gun control or you don't. If you don't, then what difference does it make?
5721 Bigge Lane, Evansville Indiana. 2 scoped rifles, a 45 auto with a 9 round mag and 1 in the pipe , and a really nasty Taurus Judge revolver that I keep loaded with shotgun shells. Oh, and most of my neighbors are packing.

Any of you guys that thinks they can steal them are welcome to try. First you have to find them while dealing with my two large dogs. More importantly....... You have to figure out which one I will have on my person rather than in the safe...and decide how long I will be gone. Good luck.

Criminals, by and large, don't break in to steal guns. I used to work in corrections so I got to know quite a few criminals. It's a stupid idea.

However, they will avoid a gun owners house of there is an easier, safer, unprotected target. 
Personally I prefer a big dog for my protection. But traveling long stretches of road in Texas I don't always have my preferred protection so being a 67 yr old female...a gun can be very comforting.
I hope some newspaper puts up a map of welfare recipients who use drugs and sells their food stamps. Is all public record right? The people that pay their bills would like to know who they're getting their tax money too. Doesn't that sound reasonable?
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