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House Republican leaders on Monday urged President Obama to "stop campaigning" and hunker down with Congress to find an alternative to the bludgeon of spending cuts set to hit Friday.
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Let's see...Congress makes the bill, the President signs it.   Who has more work to do here?  Also - shouldn't the House be working with the  Senate to find a compromise?   Let me watch that "I'm just a bill" video again....
Nae he is all about positioning, he is not about real hard work. He just wants Congress to look like the bad guys.
Let sequestration kick in. Halt all federal pay from the President to the  DMV until actual spending cuts are written into law (actual cuts, not reductions in proposed future spending). Term limits and trials for treason. Any politician that will not take a re-oath to the bill of rights (1st and 2nd amendment included) to be replaced by someone who will.
It is less than a 3% cut in spending. If cabinet officers are unable to implement spending cuts of less than 3%, then they should update their resumes and find a new job because they are obviously incompetent. I would not lose any sleep if they took their boss too..
Just blame Bush like he does for everything else bad in the world.
There's something really twisted and wrong when the cost of doing things that are powers of the Federal Government granted by the Constitution is called "discretionary", and benefits created legislatively by the New Deal, the Great Society, the War On Poverty and whatever no-name Utopia sprung from the mind of Carter, Clinton and Obama are "entitlements". Doesn't "entitlement" sound like it takes priority over "discretionary"? And by God, that's how we're running things.

When did the Constitution start riding in the back of the bus?
Yeah, we're borrowing SO MUCH, I don't know why they bother to collect taxes anymore!

If you're not cutting by counting TRILLIONS of dollars removed from the budget....and you HAVE a're just arranging deck chairs.
$85 Billion in cuts to growth over two years. The fed is printing $85 Billion a month to keep the Stock Market on life support.
I told the bank I could make a payment on my car loan if they lend me more money, they said no...I don't understand, Obama said it would work...
I don't understand why they can't draft a one page document that says these cuts won't happen.  Instead both side want to use it as a leverage point.  Don't they realize that the DOD and federal employees are human.  They spend the money at private businesses which help fuel the economy. Frankly many of those employees would get paid a lot more in the private sector.  Just get it out the way and move on to real cuts and reforms. 
+Nirav Patel Truth is most fed employees make much more in wages and benefits than their private sector counterparts. Tax payers can no longer afford the gov gravy train.

Nirav, please put this in perspective. They are minuscule cuts in growth over two years. Not even real cuts.
+Jay Carlson Im sure Blackwater contractors don't get paid as much as our amazing soldiers . Or our IT gurus that protect us from cyber attacks  in the gov get paid way more than google engineers.

Jay,  the solution is simple there has to be cuts , however when and what you cut is very important. They put this in everyone's minds that we have to do it right now , now now now ! but instant gratification is not available in this. We have to develop a system over time that can handle it and not effect people and economy in a negative way. Do you really know why the american system is so beautiful ? It allows no big changes in a short instance of time.  Most things we are facing today is not only the direct failure of this administration , but we can take it way back to carter. Major things that need to be cut or reformed (Pensions, Defense, Medicade/Medicare , SS, Welfare)
Blackwater no longer exists. However I know contractors doing that sort of work and they make MUCH more than I as a Master SGT with 28 years of service.

The current level of spending is unsustainable. Bottom line.
+Jay Carlson My point was they are arguing over the wrong parts of the budget . The ones I listed above are our real issues , but most of it is taboo or political hell to talk about, and the ones that do want to talk about it are holding this budget cut hostage to get something out of it
Pretty funny to hear +Nirav Patel call sequestration "instant gratification"...funniest thing I've heard all day. So, you work for the government, do you? Or are you a contractor?
+Margaret Leber Was not talking about the sequestration , I was talking about the idea that everyone wants cuts, but the politicians try to brain wash us saying if we don't cut now! we are doomed , instead of creating a method to reduce these programs and eventually cut it or reform it over a period of time , For example when Alan Greenspan raised the ss age the law didn't take in to effect for 17 years which allowed the population to adjust accordingly , if they didn't give it time Reganomics would have been worse then it was.
+Margaret Leber I don't work for the government nor am I a contractor. I don't agree with everything the gov does or says , However I don't get emotional over conservatism or liberalism , I try to base my views in reality and stay progressive (adjective) in thought .
Look at that inflation-adjusted spending chart and tell me spending reduction is too fast. In fact, we should have started cutting years ago. That's no excuse for not starting immediately. 
+Margaret Leber  Again I'm not arguing against cutting , but these "federal employees" are humans it will have a negative effect on them and family it will not allow them to buy goods at the store which will effect the store , the store wont make money so they will downsize, more families will be effected. The economy will be hurt,  if that's not catastrophic then I'm not sure what is. My point again and again is come up with plans that take care of the real problem over time.  Yes the chart looks high in comparison to previous years , but why? Because people got old , pensions got bigger, defense became more expensive.  If you want to make immediate cuts scrap the f35 , Im sure lockheed martin will survive 
Spare me.

Last I looked , everybody is a human being. Yes, getting laid off has a "negative effect"; it's happened to me more than once. 

Does it occur to you to wonder about where all this money is coming from? And how about the people whose dollars are inflating because the Fed is printing money? I'll just bet they're every bit as human. 

Yes, we are dug in so deep (fifteen trillion! spend some time at  *any* solution will require time. But Obama's been stonewalling and spending like a drunken sailor since he got into office. He set up a "National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform" and then completely ignored their recommendations. 

He's all about taxing as much as possible and handing it to his cronies. The rest is chin dancing, demagoguery and lies. The whole reason we're at this juncture is Obama wants to raise taxes again, and the GOP has had enough of his shell game. 

It must stop, and if hitting the emergency brake is what it takes, then we know who to blame. 
By the way, "the economy will be hurt" is a totally lame argument. The economy is hurt more by the taxation and inflation to support the (inefficient) spending. This is the "broken window fallacy" in disguise.  
+Margaret Leber  Do you know where most of our spending goes? Obama didn't create an old and sick population nor did he create a poor one, The wars didn't end with his first inauguration .The cause and effect is from actions of decades of bad politics.  If there is any type of stonewalling both sides are responsible. The money had to be injected into the economy , its like a business sometimes you have to borrow money to get it running again.  Regan like the GOP argued low taxation (supply side economics) small government , he grew the national debt, increased spending , and had to eventually increase taxes 11 times and then the economy grew. Clinton increased taxes and created a balanced budget which showed a surplus into the Bush era.  However, Bush got the short end of the the stick with Clinton's repeal of glass steagall which showed its negative effects into his presidency, then Bush signed up for unfunded wars. Its all a domino effect  Obviously there has to be a balanced approach to it, but most of them won't because its political suicide on both sides.  

Again i'm not arguing against cuts , I just think with this it effects many families right away who are already underpaid compared to the private sector.  Its penny pinching pound foolish. 
+Margaret Leber Btw I'm enjoying this conversation. Interesting website on previous post will look into it more. 
Gee...thank goodness we can't blame Congress for anything....since they all don't make laws or anything....yep....all Obama's fault...o.O 

+Nirav Patel - agreeing with you - much of the housing crisis goes back to then HUD Chairman Cuomo, who pushed laxed lending practices into the housing sector.....then GW Bush turned around and let Wall Street bet big on those loans....these things took time to take show their symptoms and it will take time to get out.

Congress needs to pass a budget would help.....Obama should encourage compromise and show some leadership.  all in all..Washington is demonstrating the worst way to run a government.
Oh....and my taxes went up for the first time since Obama took office just this year....until that time, they have either stayed the same or gone down every year since GW Bush was in office.  
You'll pardon me if I lack enthusiasm for "the government has to borrow sometimes like a business" because no business would get away with borrowing the way the government does.

And I call BS on "underpaid government workers"...tain't so.

As for "Congress doesn't make laws or anything", the Dem Senate can't even pass a budget. And doesn't want to. And that same Senate is "the party of no" for anything coming from the House.

The last time Congress did anything big was Obamacare. Please don't help us any more like that...what a heap of lies.

Cuomo had a lot of help...looking at you, Bawny Fwank. And your Fanny Mae boyfriend.

Speaking of Obamacare, it would be gone today if it wasn't the tax we were promised it wasn't...and the damage it has done to the economy is just beginning. It was the most carefully-crafted post-electoral time bomb that nobody read, and we still don't know the full extent of the damage because HHS is still making it up. 
Good to know that you don't completely blame one party or anything.   The House Republicans are just as guilty of blocking anything from their counterparts.....which was my point.....Congress is worthless right now (on both sides of the aisle) since they can't compromise to save their lives.  If you want to blame Democrats, you're completely missing the second half of the picture.
Blaming Republicans or Democrats is ignorant. Know your enemy, they are Progressives.
+Travis Taylor True, there certainly are progressive Republicans.

+Nirav Patel My point is that these cuts are insignificant. The Obama Cartel is doing nothing more than crying "The Sky is Falling!" We need to be talking Trillions, not Billions IOT to make a difference. BHO is just using this as political theater.

BTW, the Military is the exception to the rule pay/benefits wise. By and large Fed employees outside the Military make considerably more in pay and benefits than their private sector counterparts.
+Lauchlin MacGregor I don't believe compromise is such a great deal. Somehow it always seem to mean that the GOP caves on it's principles. I'm glad the GOP finally seems to be sticking to their guns. They gave more taxes. What is BHO gonna give up? Where is he going to compromise?
+Jay Carlson that's precisely what I mean - Congress requires compromise, not ultimatums.   Neither side should cave unless they get something of equal trade in return, and both sides should be giving and taking a little to reach middle ground.   That is what compromise is about....and the House and Senate should work together so that the end result is the best package.  What I've seen in the last 20 years is just a bunch of jerks in power steamrolling their agenda forward without concern for those without....then the other party wins power and we steam roll the other way.

I agree with +Nirav Patel that this should not be some reactive agenda driven junk that will just be reversed next time around.  We need sustained investment (I don't mean more money per say..but rather investment in terms of great ideas that persist over time) in America.
+Jay Carlson Obama's own words, when Boehner  put that question to him: "Nothing. I get that for free."
+Lauchlin MacGregor The problem with "compromising" with the Dems is: as soon as the compromise is concluded, they want you to reopen the deal and "compromise" again...which is exactly what has happened here.


It's called "ratcheting"...and they do it constantly.   

I also get tired of lefties whining about "compromise"'s a word that's not even in their vocabulary when they control both houses. Nancy Pelosi sure trotted it out the moment she lost the gavel, though.
+Margaret Leber it's good that you're not generalizing (sarcasm intended).   This technique happens on both sides of the aisle.  

I get tired of righties and lefties thinking that their side is special and incapable of the very things they are whining about, but alas - that's just how things are.  Also - that the problems being faced are somehow always the result of the other parties' fault.

The problem here is that the deal was never a compromise to begin with, it was an agreement to compromise and work harder later ....they should just call it the procrastination bill... why put off today what you can do tomorrow ?  There is more than one solution to our rising deficit and lack of budget and there are more than two solutions as well.   Pointing fingers is not part of any solution.  And to not sit down and compromise on the tough issues is blatant procrastination and lack of leadership.
I find "moral equivalence" and "everybody does it" arguments unconvincing.
big surprise there.  

It makes complete sense that the problem resides with only one party and that anyone who believes otherwise is just not getting it and/or have no valid arguments
There's a total disconnect of values.

No, the GOP isn't perfect; far from it.

But where they fail is when they sip at the same big-government collectivist Koolaid as the Dems have at every meal. Witness Chris Christie for a prominent example.  

At least it's an argument that could be won on the GOP side. Don't even bother with the Dems.

"I swear, I'll only put in in part way" is not a compromise.

Well, actually, I suppose it is... see definition 2:

1a : settlement of differences by arbitration or by consent reached by mutual concessions

b : something intermediate between or blending qualities of two different things

2 : a concession to something derogatory or prejudicial <a compromise of principles>

Legislative gridlock is not a failure. It is how the system is designed to operate in this kind of situation, to limit damage.

And there's nothing new about it. 
Compromise means that both sides find middle ground.  My mom gives pretty valid arguments that the House Republicans aren't compromising.  hmm...guess she's completely wrong and you're completely right and there's no compromise to made on these arguments.....

sounds familiar
There's two meanings of "compromise"...see above.

There is no "middle ground" between some propositions. Which is why there's two meanings.

Explaining that to your mom is your problem.

"There's a hole in the boat and water is leaking in."

"I think we should plug the hole and bail out the water."

I think we should drill a bunch of holes and let the water out.

That won't work.

Let's compromise, and just drill one hole then.

You see, drilling holes compromises the watertight integrity of the boat.  Definition 2.
Everything cannot be compromised. Sometimes you have to stand on your principles.
You're right - there may not be middle ground on some issues, so one party may need to accept the other's position on those issues, while the opposite may exist in other cases.  

And your position is that the Democrats don't do this, and her position is that the GOP doesn't do this either.  My position is that that problem is present in both parties and that neither side has been capable of compromise.
It's not a problem. Working as designed. 

The actual problem is spending money we don't have. There's $15 trillion of water in the boat, don't drill any more holes. 

By the way, note that the Constitution provides that revenue bills must originate in the House. That's by design, too. Guess who controls the House? Guess why the people who elected them voted for them. It wasn't because they wanted them to "compromise".  

You have a nice life, I'm tired of running around in circles. 
They are all the same republicans or democrats in the legislative branch. They emerge themselves in ideologies to keep themselves elected. None of them actually make an effort to cut what needs to be cut, and invest in things that need to be invested in.

Again America is a big business it's funny how investment is supported when a Republican is in office but the same investment is argued against when a Democrat is in office.

The USA is not a business, and cannot be run as such.

There are some common accounting principles that must be followed, but as I say the Government is not a business.

Here is something to think about. These amount to about 2% cuts in growth. So growth is being cut. The US Federal Gov will still spend 15 Billion more this year than last. So please tell how they will not be able to offer the same level of service this year as last.

BTW. I don't support increased investment (spending) regardless of which party is in power.