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The legendary Filipino boxer reportedly wants his next bout — a fifth fight against Juan Manuel Marquez — to be held far away from Sin City and the United States.
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Hello whitehouse, are you listening,,people don't want to come here, how far we have fallen...((
Apparently+Wes Cam. none of us, the prez is on his way to florida to take golf lessons from Tiger Wood's coach, while the missus and her entourage have gone to vale for skiing, when was your last vacation?
dr. carson touched on this with his example on the tithe based on proportionality. 40% tax does not seem very proportional. and if the thought of it being unfair that he still pockets $15 billion, and it didn't hurt him much...i'd like to see someone take a couple punches like he does on national tv and determine how equal their job is to his.
Pacquiao just lost his last two fights against Bradley and Marquez. He's rapidly approaching bum status. Now he refuses to fight in the country that made him rich... and he expects us all to pay top dollar to watch him fight Marquez... for the FIFTH TIME... in CHINA?

Maybe the Chinese are gullible enough to pay for that mess... but maaaan there's NO WAY I'm buying it on PPV.
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