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After recent rumors of Tiger Woods trying to win back with his ex-wife Elin Nordegren, he is now reportedly dating skier Lindsey Vonn.
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C Banks
What the hell is she thinking?
hmm what she is thinkin is tiger has a bank account bigger then the khardishans and paris hilton .. and she really isnt bringin in bank as a skiier so do the math ... do she love him nope but who doesnt love a man that doesnt have to balance a check book ever or worry about man should i by this or not
Why is this in my news feed?  It's like standing in line at the grocery store looking at the magazine covers and reminding myself about all the things I don't care about.
Tiger knows exactly what she wants and she also knows exactly what she is out for...let the games begin! 
This can only go downhill... ;P
Who the fuck is Lindsey Vonn in the first place...people on this post don't even know who she is...
Wow this is a real...uh, never mind, don't care.
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