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Workers at a Michigan battery plant built with a $150 million federal stimulus grant but never opened played games and watched movies while their wages were paid for by U.S. taxpayers, according to a government report.
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Or the Republican party's fault Blake
I meant to say "Not Obama's fault"
Just more proof that the govt has no business trying to be part of business. Politicians and fed govt employees are where they are because they are clueless about business. Life is easy when you are spending other peoples money.
+Tim Pearcy how do you figure businesses will be attracted to your area without government involvement? They go to the tax breaks. 
Company spokesman Randy Boileau said Thursday that it based production plans on General Motors' forecasts for the Chevrolet Volt. He says "there isn't enough market demand" to "justify the start of production at the facility at this time" but the company is committed to launching production.
These weren't tax breaks, these were government grants.  
"Isn't enough market demand" == "We're making all we can sell in China". 
But no one is buying the volt. You can get a prius for about $18,000.00 less than the Volt.
Waiting for Elon to bring the price down on a Tesla model for non-rich people. Probably take another 2-3 years, I'm guessing. Love the way he roasted that NYT blogger today...
+Spencer Scott I know the difference between a grant and a tax break, but for those on the right that scream every time the government gets involved, my question still stands. When you hold your elected officials responsible for the economy, and job rates, how do you think they generate those jobs and stimulate the economy? 
You obviously never ran or opened a business.  And you certainly have never mortgaged your house, or spent your savings opening your own business.

If you think people "generate" jobs simply because of tax breaks and government, you are clearly misinformed.  

Regardless, we are talking about $150M in tax dollars going to another BS green energy scam.  So yeah, we are screaming about it.
Well...yeah...hasn't this been the story at FIFTEEN such places, including Solyndra?  Are they not just thinly-veiled "alternate" or "green" businesses who were never designed to make money at all, to launder money back to the DNC?
The Chinese wouldn't allow this bullshit...
+About like that 123 battery plant,they folded and kept millions and funneled it back to Obana,s re election.Than what really got my gander was how he went around all these collages and promised them some relief on their loans.That,s allright,when they graduate see if they get jobs
+Michael Washington They generate jobs and stimulate the economy by getting government out of the way and allowing the free market to work.

When the government decides on a whim to throw some money towards an industry it will fail if it isn't an industry that already has consumer support.
+Jay Carlson  I assume you don't know that the space program led to things like the integrated circuit.  The government funds many projects that are too leading edge for private industry. You statement is just so wrong I just don't know what to say.  Want another example?  Look at hybrid cars.  There was no market for them initially and only tax rebates and preferred access to carpool lanes got the industry going.  At that point, the government support was withdrawn and the industry is helping us gain energy independence.
The integrated circuit was developed to make ICBMs better. 
+Allen Edwards Yes, I do I grew up during the cold war and the height of the space program. Most of the innovations you mention grew out of the defense program and were the result of long term funding.

I am referring to the stimulus programs where the president picks an industry and throws some money at it. Once the taxpayer dollars have been spent and there is no public demand for the product then where are are you now? You sell to China and the taxpayers are out of luck.

BTW, you might want to reread the last part of my original post on this subject. You seemed to not have gotten the point.
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