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A #Fox411  source confirms that the L.A. City Attorney intends to file papers on Wednesday requesting that #LiLo 's probation be revoked.
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Please keep reporting on important stories like this.
+Bill Thick, Jr. and +Tyler Lewis continue the tradition of lefty trolls whining "THAT"S NOT NEWS" about items posted in the "Entertainment" section on the "Celebrity News" tab. 

As if CNN doesn't do the same thing. 
Hey +Margaret Leber  I'm a member of the GOP and sitting PCO.  Please take your uneducated remarks elsewhere, dumb ass. 
I am not a leftie, nor am I a troll, +Margaret Leber . I am a conservative who is sick of seeing crap like this in my stream from a news source. Nothing showed up in my stream from Fox about Governor Snyder signing the Right to Work bills into law. That is news. A drug addicted, Hollywood problem child is not.
That's as may be, but the tradition is one of lefty trolls, which is what I said.

Seems to me every headline from the Fox News website gets posted to this page...if you have a problem with that you should probably uncircle it, because I doubt this feed is going to get any further curation for newsworthiness. 
I think the fact that this spoiled child is finally having her leash yanked by an insanely permissive California judiciary is more noteworthy than most "celebrity news".

Admittedly a low bar...  
Any other person who violated their probation would just be picked up and jailed.
Does "serious time" mean an entire weekend this go around?
Electrical Shock is what I think that girl needs.
If you don't want the celeb crap in your feed uncircle Fox News. I agree this is not 'real' news and I don't like it in my feed either. But that is what RSS is for. Uncircle in G+ and add the Fox categories you want to receive to googles RSS feed agrigator. 
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