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The State Veterinary Administrations says the one-kilogram packs of the frozen meatballs were made in Sweden to be sold in Ikea's furniture stores that also offer typical Swedish food.
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Dammit, with gas prices going up please don't waste horses for food!
Does the meat taste good?
Who the hell would eat meatballs from a company who can't even get all the parts in with their shitty furniture?
How much particle board did they find in the meatballs?
I wouldn't eat anything from a company who can't make a table.
Getting food from a furniture company is like buying car parts from a pharmacy...just doesn't end well.
People should just be thankful for the reduced risk of mad cow disease.
Who would eat something marked, "Kilogram" anyway?
Don't care. at all.

So we're eating horses now, big deal. its a large animal used on a farm, and then made into meat. Just like cows.
I like metric, works fine for wrenches. As for horsemeat, well, as long as they are no longer rideable, why waste the meat?
Well, anybody who wants Metric can  move just about anywhere, except US, Liberia and Burma.
+Steve Sauls My Chinese wife eats pigs ears and chicken feet.  In China they are a delicacy.  They are expensive, but here the butcher gives them away almost free.
Give IKEA Swedish meat balls a try, they've got some kicks in them!

+Steve Sauls 

trade one bankrupt liberal socialist country, move 3k miles away to find several bankrupt liberal socialist countries?

I think I'll pass.
Oh noes! Not the pretty horses!!!!! wah.

It's meat and it tastes good. Big deal.
People have been eating horse meat for ages, what's the big deal?
Is it only in processed meat ?i luv 2 have a taste medium rare horse rump
Some like horse meat but i like cat meat it taste like fish
Next up: horse meat in your sushi! @hg47  .
+Michelle Rene' Hamill its simply the truth about food. We freak out over horses, the folks in India won't eat cow and the Chinese will eat anything.
Was wondering why I always had the tendency to nah after eating them.
They are delicious. Don't change them Ikea. Please!
Its sweet and the first few bites taste good

The dish was labled "Sea biscuit" for a reason....
Thats true they mustn't change the recipe people had been enjoying these meals 4 a long time..thanx 2 this DNA thing they was no hype all along
Jacob S. Just because something you eat has a diferent type of meat in it doesn't mean it's bad for you. The fact of the matter is that europeans eat alot healthier foods than americans do, Swedes included. You would be apauled if you ever found out what's really in all our food here in the US. Watch a movie called Food Inc. If you dare.
Oh, come on!!! I knew our societies were reaching ultimate lows, but REALLY?!?!
I love to hear everyone's opinions...just curious on this topic though...was this "disclosed" to people buying these (furniture) meatballs?
In a related story. Traces of beef were found in McD_____d's hamburgers.
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