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Syria and Iran have threatened to retaliate for an Israeli air raid near the capital Damascus.
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Will never happen. Iran and Syria know the US has Israel's back.
Do they? I think if we've learned anything about this president, he will side with slaving, mutilating, deadly Muslims before the democratic, free Israelis on every other topic...
they will probably wait for the f-16s and tanks to get to egypt first....
"How dare you interfere with us distributing SAMs to Hezbollah?"
+Brian Fahrlander All I can say.. is get real. Obama and Co may not be the biggest Israel fans, but Americans ARE, and EVERY politician knows they are completely and immediately doomed if they do not back Israel with all of America's might, if Israel is attacked by those that are ALSO America's enemies.
Israel is doing the attacking!!! Iran and Syria would be defending themselves! Geez do you hear yourselves?
by peace you mean raping journalists, burning christians alive, and genital mutilation right?
Israel is like the sucker on the playground who has the big bad older brother from jail... If not for America, every country in their region would take a chunk out their ass. America is going to get tired of propping up this paper tiger country eventually. They need to come to peace with their enemies so we can get on to improving our own relations within our own country.
Is that what they're teaching at Annapolis these days? Or is this more like the party line at Homeland Security under Obama?
Here's a solution...  Iran and Syria should try to prove the bible wrong.  Go ahead and strike Israel with all your might.  I dare you...

All knees will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord.
Lol, the moonbat liberals and their hatred for Israel.  No wonder them and radical islamists have so much in common. 
I think the people who vote for war should have to enlist in the Army.
Should people who vote for welfare have to quit their jobs?

Actually, I don't think I've ever been asked to vote for a war.
I agree to a point +Alan Williamson .. Its easy for people to advocate for war when its not their lives on the line. That's the trait of a true coward. Someone willing to fight with the life of someone else.
Jon Dye
I should point out that pretty much all Israeli men are required to serve in the armed forces.
Main lesson... Israel needs the backing of Britain or the US to successfully do anything. Suckers and bullies, who bully on the strength of other countries. 
+Tamie DeMasters Iran and Syria have been attacking Israel for decades, they just used proxies like Hezbollah and Hamas, so fools like you could claim it wasn't actually Iran or Syria. those in the world that actually pay attention to world events, can easily see through this charade. Sad that you can't grasp this basic aspect of warfare in the region, so call Iran and Syria "innocent".
Israel is the only country over there that isn't filled with barbarians.
+Alan Williamson To shed some light on your ignorance, you do realize that the US has a 100% volunteer military. That the military makes it quotas of recruits each years, is ALREADY a show of voting where it matters most, signing your name on the dotted line.
There is no solution.

The original deal was: the Jews got Israel, the Muslims got Transjordan. It wasn't enough, and no matter what else they get it won't be, because the real goal is "kill all the Jews". Then "Take over the world". 
I wish Israel would just dump a nuke on Iran and end this silliness.
Israel was given land and they keep expanding...and yet all of the surrounding countries are the aggressors? Sounds like Israel is greedy and they are playing the "whoa is me, these terrible muslims are picking on the jews" card.
Jon Dye
lol at "whoa is me"
+Tamie DeMasters Go back and read some accurate history for who was given land and who keeps expanding. Because you sound like you're just getting the Muslim party line. 
Why are so many people in this country so worried about what happens in that country. We have our own problems right here in America. If Israel thinks they're powerful enough to go it alone, then hey. Let them. If the people of Palestine want to try their hand , hey let them . Let's start dealing with our own domestic issues. Because I guarantee, if we pull our support, the issues over there would solve themselves.
I can't believe what I am reading in these posts... 
Well les, probably because they are our allies, even though our current President hates them.  
were they given land they had previously lost, in 1948? was that land occupied by the Palestinians prior to the United Nations stepping in and giving Israel a "homeland" ...
Would the United States be okay with the United Nations stepping in and giving California back to the Native Americans so that they can have a "homeland"?
They've been fighting over that area for thousands of years and the united nations has decided that Israel and the Jews get it? Because of religion? RIDICULOUS!!!
+William Carlson I'm not anti-Jewish, really.
That region has been in turmoil for thousands of years due to religion. Take out the religion, and all of the emotion that religion brings to the discussion and what have we got? People fighting over land. Let them sort it out. Stop taking sides religiously.
Israel was a nation long before 1948. Religiously I don't have a dog in this fight, however Israel is the only democracy in the region.

Religion becomes a factor when you study what motivates the jihadist extremists.
LOL I realize that won't happen anytime soon; it's just a thought.
His conflict has been raging for thousands of years. It will not stop in our lifetime. Israel is on an "island" in the Arab "sea." Everyone has some claim to rights on their land. All I know is that the Jews have been fighting slavery and genocide since the time of ancient Egypt. The fact that they are still on this earth as a people, let alone a country, is a miracle. I say there is a higher power at work with the Israelis. They are our true allies in that region and we would be foolish to not back them. If everyone around you want you and your family dead, you better believe you would do what you had to do to survive. 
I am pretty sure the attack by Israel was not unprovoked.
+Tamie DeMasters You asked if the US would be ok with it, well, had the US "lost" the revolutionary war, it would not have been America, it would belong to someone else. That is what happens when wars are fought, the VICTORS set the rules for peace. After WW2, the VICTOR stated Israel would be where it was, and no longer a BRITISH controlled area. Welcome to how the world has settled land deputes for 10s of thousands of years.

The problem is, despite the agreement by all sides at the end of WW2, the Muslim nations picked up the Nazi task of exterminating all the Jews in the region, realized they couldn't do so via warfare, and turned to the slaughter of everyone that stood in their way, and also turned to fools (like yourself) they could BS into thinking they were the actual victims.

There is no peace in the region, not because Israel is the aggressor, but because the surrounding Muslim nations dont want peace, they want to exterminate the Jews.
Whether Iran launches a direct attack on Israel or uses it's crappy proxy army called Hezbollah, Israel will hit back and it has the right to do so like every other country has the right to defend itself. Please bomb the Iranian regime into oblivion.
+Alexa Antonaras You mean besides the fact they are our ally in the region, and only country in the region that doesn't celebrate the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, especially Americans, or did you overlook that bit of knowledge in your question?
+Alexa Antonaras That you would phrase it like that, shows no amount of reasoning and common sense is able to overcome your hatred of Israel. Further discussion with you is as pointless as peace talks with Hamas.
+Graden Guynn Wow.. such a foolish misconception, in so few words...

Oh well, I learned long ago, anyone that starts their comments with.. Obama is a Muslim... can be dismissed from any rational discussion. After all, if you can't even get the religious alignments of the top players correct, its highly unlikely you will be able to put forth any other factual information anyways....   ROFL!!!
Obama may or may not be a Muslim, however his actions towards Israel have not been in their best interests.
Some of us are already on the floor, but we aren't laughing. The current administration is kicking most of us down here in the ribs.
+Graden Guynn I do "get out and listen", but when those putting forth the so called "facts", try to list known falsehoods as "facts", such as Obama being a Muslim, it is kinda hard to take anything they say seriously, when they cant even get the basics correct.

That's not to say some of the other things are not totally correct, but it is like trying to listen to someone provide additional information, after they just told you the Earth is flat. They tend to just lose all sense of credibility.
To Graden Guynn....Amen.  Just another case:  We're giving Afghans weapons, personnel for training and money.  For what?  To fight against us again in a couple of years?  When the administration can't balance the budget?  Jackass is the right term to use for all of the Administration.  Not just the Head Turd in Charge.
+Graden Guynn The less the US states on Israel in public, the easier it is for the US to keep all options open. A big advantage for the US, with very little cost. As to weapons to Egypt, it would be VERY hard for Egypt to use any against the US's wishes, given it is all US tech, requires all US parts,  and at least for now, Egypt is trying to keep on good terms with the US, AND has a peace treaty with Israel they have yet to violate.
+Graden Guynn It would be "hard" because using them against Israel, would cause an issue the US couldn't ignore, and Egypt knows this. Using them in this manner would not be something the US would look the other way at. As to using them on their own populations, Egypt is not Syria, the use would be beyond limited, and would lead to far worse of a situation for those in power, than not using them ever would. Also, I place far more trust in Egypt's military, than I do in either the Govt of Egypt or the opposition. The Egyptian military is NOT going to risk loss of access to those weapons, just to back ANOTHER doomed regime. (Which it would be if it used them on the population) Not to mention the US has all the secret access codes, etc, that the jets and other items operate on. As to parts, F16 parts are not just laying around, and if you think China can just hand them to Egypt, you are misguided, to say the least. Any low tech weapons would be a minor issue, and any high tech weapon is under tight US control for all the parts that matter in warfare. Kinda hard to surprise someone, when the US can provide all the frequencies etc that jet and other machines communicate on.
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