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Atheists tell Time Square visitors to "Keep the merry" but "Dump the myth", comparing Jesus to Santa Claus. Is there a fine line between disagreeing and insulting?

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Atheists should do the same for all religions and not just Christianity.  But they don't. 
+bradley jones their laws were created by their morality which has always been based in their faith.
Why do atheists like to attack Christianity over other religions? If their thesis is correct, aren't all religions equally invalid and subject to attack? Anyways, Merry Christmas. 
+bradley jones as said by +Stephen Manuele  Why do atheists like to attack Christianity over other religions? If their thesis is correct, aren't all religions equally invalid and subject to attack? Anyways, Merry Christmas. 
Atheists do oppose other religions, but it gets more press when the "attack" is against Christianity.  The only thing I find offensive in this article is the Catholic League's spokesman, Bill Donahue saying: "When you depict Jesus on the cross with a crown of thorns, this is exploitative."  I can't remember a Catholic church that didn't have this depiction somewhere hanging on a wall.

I think we Christians have ruined Christmas.  Rarely is the actual meaning the focus of the season.  Instead it is either the shopping or an attack on our religious freedoms.  I for one will turn the other cheek on this one, because arguing this case, especially when the birth of Christ is known to not be Dec. 25th, reeks of hypocrisy.
Well I think that if true religion was practiced and not fanatical I don't see having morals and a conscious as a bad thing so I don't know why there is such a big deal. Its all up to interpretation. I agree with the dont cram it in my face but i gotta tell you that should apply to everything. In other words ban smoking, i like to breathe fresh air and i dont like to have smoke crammed in my face. Grip about that more than religion as second hand smoke will kill you
I never understood the celebration of Christmas.  I can understand celebrating the birth of Christ but how does that translate into buying everyone gifts?  We aren't buying Christ gifts.  The gifts that were presented to Christ weren't even bought so there seems to be a serious disconnect for me.
+ Jason Sadler. To have Christ depicted crucified in a Church as an expression of Life's ultimate triumph over Death is different than using it to make a juvenile political point. And atheism is a religion, since it holds a belief, as opposed to existentialism, which believes in no objective reality.  
+bradley jones Christians haven't passed laws ,,, ie, homosexuality is a "sin" with Muslims, and many other faiths yet I don't see you attacking them.  And in fact Muslims kill gays.
The "Myth" is that Jesus was born on Dec. 25. and that Christmas Is a "holy day."
+Stephen Manuele you may want to try that one over.  It sound like you're saying atheism is a religion because they have beliefs but existentialism isn't a religion because they don't have beliefs, they just believe in no objective reality; which is a contradiction.
I don't think that is the myth.  Dec 25 is the day that is used to celebrate the birth of Christ, just as the 4th thursday is used to celebrate thanksgiving and the first monday is used to celebrate labor day and memorial day.  They aren't the actual days, they are the consistent celebration day.
+Stephen Manuele , sorry, but the resurrection, not the crucifixtion, was the triumph, at least it is how I read it.  Someone much smarter than I said you wouldn't use a gun to remember a son that was shot to death.  The cross is a symbol of the state we are in.  We don't build memorials for wars that depict fields of mutilated bodies because that would be morally wrong.
Atheists dont focus on Christianity. Its just the most common religion in America, therefore a lot more influence. 
The mutilated bodies remind us of what happened (the sacrifices made) just as the cross reminds us what happened  (the sacrifices made) .  The resurection like the triumph of a war shows/reminds what we got for that sacrifice.
+Rob Campbell , I'm not going to argue theological philosophy, but I will assert my original point.  The argument against the billboard is hypocritical.  Connecting that to the original post, the line between disagreeing and insulting fell on Mr. Bill Donahue's toes.
"Atheists dont focus on Christianity. Its just the most common religion in America, therefore a lot more influence."

Oh really?  I'm waiting for them to put up a billboard in Time Square denouncing muhammed.  
+Jason Saddler I was not disagreeing with you at all.  I was just voicing what I believe the symbolism is used for which isn't exploitation.  I don't know what Bill (we're on first name bases :) )is talking about.  I don't know how the cross is even being exploited here.
+Phebe Meyer then wouldn't that gift giving time be more appropriate during Easter or better yet Good Friday?  Because if I'm not mistaken, it was his death (sacrifice) that gave them salvation.  
+Phebe Meyer Really?! That's why Christians give gifts of sock, underwear and Grand Theft Auto for Xbox360? They are trying to match the gift of salvation?
+bradley jones exactly what Christian laws are you referring to? The ones making murder a crime, or stealing, or molesting, or etc.? Are those really Christian laws?
+Rob Campbell What she means to say is (almost) as absurd as what I asked. Gift-giving, as a tradition among modern Christians, as well as historically, has nothing to do with salvation.
And, anyway, it is a pagan tradition.
+Vladimir Vigdorovich I don't know that it is pagan in design.  The giving of gifts I believe is to "do this in rememberance of me" type of deal.  I don't know that I agree with the translation and practice but I think that is the purpose.  I can be wrong though.  
Giving to others as Jesus gave to the world.  Granted that Christmas was started as a pagan holiday, but if we can set a time to celebrate the Birth of our Savior than I am all for it.  In America each person can celebrate this holiday any way they choose so please allow me the freedom to worship my Savior Jesus Christ and say Merry Christmas!!!     
It's not atheists that are a**holes, it's Liberals.  I'm a conservative atheist and I have no issue with people of faith or their traditions.  In fact, there is some comfort in exercising tradition for tradition's sake.  I would have never wasted time or money on this silly stunt.  
I agree with you, Mike Rankin. I'm a conservative and a Christian with no issues with Atheists. My problems are with the liberal secular progressives, who seem to want to make trouble for everyone.
Thank you for that, Mike Rankin.  You have every right as an American to be an atheist and I commend you for allowing those of us that choose to be Christians to celebrate Christmas.  I believe as you do that for the most part it is the liberals that push these ideas and get people all fired up and really if they would keep  their noses out of it people could just enjoy the holiday as they see fit.
Who is pushing this issue?  I'm pretty sure it came from the Fox thread, and they aren't liberal.
What do you need evidence of?  And why?
What freedoms are restrained? Murder? Rape? Stealing? Those are called laws of conscience and common sense, knowing the difference between right and wrong. Just because the laws seem to be in agreement with the Bible doesn't mean they were completely based on it.
I seem to recall David Silverman promoting this thing called 'Draw Muhhamed day'.  Islam and torture are probably the only issues the Fox News audience and Sam Harris agree upon.  My first exposure to Hitchens was him raising rabble about Islam by debating that Islam is not a religion of peace.  Dawkins once said Islam is one of the great evils of the world.

But hey, I'm sure these New Atheists are just picking on Christianity, amirite?
+Jay Taylor , are you familiar with old Blue laws?  There is also the abortion laws which state the sanctity of life.  Laws that define marriage are cited as the way God intended.  Although nearly every interest group has legislation to support their beliefs.
Jeez, when are the Atheists going to tell Muslims that Mohammed was a myth?  Do they even dare?  Why is it OK to attack Christians only?
This country was defined by people who had religious beliefs or was raised by people with religious beliefs so it should be understood that the laws they created would be based in such belief.  
+James Holden great point.  And that relates to the coment by +Alexander Natale .  They and many others are afraid to speak against Islam because they believe their lives would be in danger which is why people associate Islam with violence.  
I would disagree, discussion always has a point.  Sure maybe one specific post or story won't change anyone's point of view.  However, understanding of other's views helps to define a personal view.  I'm not challenging beliefs, I am stating mine.
Discussion is also useful on topics of faith/belief systems.  Thats how you obtained them usually.  Because of a discussion either you were having or you overheard someone else having or it was taught to you (still a discussion).  If discussions can make people grow stronger in their faith then obviously it can make people grow weaker and even change.
+Tim Taylor , I'm not sure how discussion works for you, but when someone responds to me I generally respond back.  I also am not sure if you read how many topics this thread has covered.  Is there a one tangent only clause I missed in your terms of service agreement?  

If we can't discuss our beliefs, then how will we ever live together? 
+Tim Taylor , I would hate to make an incorrect assumption, but are you aver the age of 40?  I ask this because more and more young people use text-on-a-screen to research many things.  In a house that has only one value set, something must be bringing in a difference of view.  I suppose you could say peers and schools are this source, but the internet is a common place for prepubescent children to seek out an identity.  Religion, is susceptible to this as well, right or wrong.  I personally altered my faith from research I was able to do online (I will spare the details.)  

I don't think this thread has the interest to make it to 500, and if it just makes it to the "hot" list the discussion will be non-existent.
The thing about these adds is they have no class... it’s just bold, in your face, you’re a fool - I'm not, nanna nanna -boo boo, childishness. What does this kind of thing actually hope to accomplish?!? It also reeks of the same tactics atheists ridicule in the major religions.
Yeah, you are free to put that up there, but why are you? Why do atheists feel the need to proselytize their “faith” if it is not a religion?
Hey Fox, have you heard about First Amendment or you skip it so the Second Amendment is more memorable? 
+Sergey Laktionov Didn't your mother ever tell you, if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it all? How about just leaving people alone?
It's an open attack on the Christian faith, plain & simple. What is Atheism?... Anti-Christian. I wonder where their "tolerance" is?
Why can't they post this when I see WWJD all over the damn place
CHRISTmas is a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus. If Atheists don't like it why do they celebrate it?
+Justin Boucher If saying nothing when you have nothing to say would have been followed - Fox would run static 24/7.... 
Christmas and Christianity is a collaboration of different religions. Jesus was not born in December- further more the Gregorian calendar did not exist then to mark that as the "Official" date.
+Elizabeth Huffman +Justin Boucher  and when did Santa become a religious figure? Why is the most shiny expensive gift the focus? Why are commercials promoting these things and not Jesus? and +Sergey Laktionov  for sake of argument Christmas was originally about Jesus etc etc. Where is Jesus now? CHRISTmas is not what it was originally intended for. It is all about the fat man in the red suit and gimme gimme gimme.
...In the end it's still CHRISTmas. & no sign against the Christian faith is going to stop people from remembering the birth of our Lord & Savior. Merry Christmas everyone! :)  
I think the sign makes a good point- even if you are religious- to what Christmas has become and what is really being celebrated.
+Amanda Drewniak All of that is immaterial. Who cares who wants to believe what? Just leave them alone. Let them be. 
I never said I cared what they believed, but being more educated about what you believe is always a good push in the right direction.  I don't understand why religious groups who really want their faith to be taken seriously look at this billboard and say "Hey look where we let our religion go" and make it about Jesus. And those who do it for the gifts realize that they are not truly celebrating Jesus.
I agree...but i don't concern myself in what others do or believe. If it makes them happy and it doesn't bring me into it, I don't care then. When I see people who question or attack other for their faith, they come off as bullies.... I hate bullying!
There is a difference between bullying and discussion. Sometimes you can learn from others- even if they are not of the same faith. But now my question is if you really do not care then why are you commenting on anything?
Because I view it as bullying when you question others beliefs. Who are you to do so? Discussion and questioning are also very different.
You are questioning me now so that makes you a bully
Mike B
Watch the Throne !
LOL, not so fast. You don't get to play the bully and the victim. 
Well neither do you. I can question whom I please, if they choose to answer that is fine but I expect questions as well. This world is run by questions- if you never question you never know- you never grow- you stay stagnant. You are pushing your views on me and accusing me of being a bully- I am not a a victim- a victim is someone that at a certain point is unable to help them selves-  I am stating my beliefs and my opinion and instead of asking or "questioning" you go straight for the accuse- now what kind of bully does that make you?
+Tim Taylor , Sources of information can lead to an epiphany, and youtube has many videos that can corroborate the text on websites.

+Justin Boucher questioning is not bullying, it's learning according to the socratic method.  Also, if someone questioned you in support of your beliefs would that still be bullying?  
Believe in God or don't. I don't care. It's your life, so live it how you want to. Merry Christmas!
+Amanda Drewniak +Jason Saddler Amanda, when you stated "being more educated about what you believe is always a good push in the right direction", you revealed your motive for it. If people want to abandon or follow a religion, they don't need support from you to do so. I am doing no such thing. I am not trying to get you to change you beliefs...just to lay off people who choose to do so...freely. 

Jason, Questioning can be bullying depending on your motive behind it. 
+Tim Taylor , I would kindly point you to my first comment, and perhaps read the whole thing by expanding the comment.  If you think I am trying to shake your religious belief then I know you only read the top half.  

I was under the assumption that you were trying to discuss whether this is a Liberal or Conservative push, as that is what your initial comments suggested.
I wish we could dump this myth that "it all just happened" and there's no reason for it. If it was all random, it wouldn't take people nearly 30 years of schooling to understand all the physics, thermodynamics, electronics, chemistry and more.

And anyone looking a the DNA for apes and man, yet suggesting they're nearly the same is delusional. Darwin's gift wasn't a scientific breakthrough, it was a rationale that one man can be killed "SCIENTIFICALLY" because he has lower earlobes or smaller brain, and so 100 million were killed last century.

Look for bigger answers. Stop the myth. We're not a spectacular accident: we're supposed to be here.
Josh you are just a ramble of words with no meaning- You do not have a true grasp of the word humane and throw words like "bully" around to intimidate others and try to play on their guilt. When you read you can not fully comprehend the subject. You focus on key words or phrases and pull them out of context to make your point. I do not expect everyone to agree with me the way you do- although you are trying very hard to mask it and you are doing a terrible job at it. If someone asks another a question that makes them think and consider the possibilities, beliefs, or morals it gives them a chance to discover more for themselves and about themselves instead of stifling. You choose to live in your little cloud and guess what I am fine with that anything that would challenge your intellect would not be welcomed by you, I get it. However pushing your views on me is basically the pot calling the kettle black. So if you really do not care then I suggest you do not interact with me. I choose to have my mind challenged and if I change my thought because someone questioned me then it is something that I have lost or gained. You do not know what direction you will go in until you are challenged. 
Demonstrating once again how incredibly ignorant the liberal really is. Jesus was not a myth. Jesus is a historical figure whose Earthly presence has been verified by any number of sources and who reality is generally accepted by most historians. Whether or not he is God's son, rose from the dead or reigns in Heaven is a matter of faith. Not myth, faith. Idiots.
+Jason Carpenter 

There is a difference in freedom of speech, and hate speech. this is the latter. if this sign merely said something along the lines of Question Religion, no one would say anything. But calling it a myth, calling it lies; is defamatory, hateful, and disrespectful.

With the exception of the Westboro Baptists Church (because they don't matter anyways), I can't recall ever seeing a christian funded billboard that treated atheism in such a manner.
Just proves more that atheists are cruel bad people who dont care about caring at all, just about trying to bring others down.  Anyone can be an atheist, it takes a bit more of ones self to follow a different philosophy than the one they were born with.  This is just another way of atheists to spread their own inner lack of eternal self worth to others.  Must be depressing to believe that all you have is this one lifetime and then you lose anything and everything you ever had or worked hard for.  Maybe the climb in atheism is why so many are trying to get out of work because more are believing that it amounts to nothing they will ever be able to benefit from if they are to just die and all is over.  Sad.
If there really was no Jesus then why do atheists get so offended?  How can something or someone that did not exist offend?
+Sandi Hall 

how do anger a conservative? tell them a lie
how do you anger a liberal? tell them the truth

People fear the truth, they fear what they do not understand, or rather fear what they cannot control. Control is an Illusion, and it's that notion that scares them.
God's real name is Mother Nature. 
In the end, these pathetic losers are the same brats who pulled school yard tantrums and assembly tricks to get noticed. Most couldn't fight or play sports, had no musical, writing or acting talent and couldn't get a girl or guy with money. It's about getting attention. It's a "notice-me" thing. "See, I'm smarter than you. I'm SO sophisticated. You're a 'flat-Earther" but I'm into science and modernity and I'm cool. I look "scruffy" with my designer stubble  beneath my ever so perfectly mussed coif and baggies hanging  off my arse just so. See, my witty tee shirt with some meaningless liberal 'witticism'. From my great intellectual height I look down on you 'clingers' because I'm intellectual.". And inside they are frightened to death of their lives without meaning drowning in booze, fogged under dope or pills camped in mommy's basement trolling the internet attempting out foul mouth their pitiful 'friends' like the infamous 'Ross'. As my late Irish grandmother would say, "They're more to be pitied than laughed at.". Few need Bethlehem's story as much as they. 
God gave us His own real name and libraries have been filled discussing it. Mother Nature works for Him. Very well, I'd say.
Adonai, Elohim, Ariel, Jehova, Yahweh, or He who is called I AM. Let alone, hundreds of others

It is irrelevant by which name we choose to call upon God. All that matters is why we call upon him, and if we are worthy to.
I'd love to engage you in that but it is WAY too long a discussion. 
+Francis Moran 

i just think its arrogant for us to say by what name he will answer. He is free to answer to any name or title he chooses,
I cannot begin to say how many times I've heard "atheists" say "Thank God". And what can you put on their grave marker? "All dressed up and no place to go.". 
+Erik Grissell 

I don't, but sadly as a society; Political Correctness is now the dominant virtue. 

We mustn't offend people, it's not nice, everyone must be treated equal regardless of whether you are a hard working father of three, or the pedophile who raped a dozen children. All are equal.

I say to hell with that nonsense. I treat people as they have deserve to be treated. Respect is Earned, Not Given. I have no respect, nor consent in the notion of Political Correctness. All men are not created equal. And when a person has done things that make him deserving of respect, I offer him respect, if he acts less then human. He deserves to be treated as such. Not even animals have sex with the young.

Oh but in the minds of some of these liberal nuts, we must be nice. Take Tookie Williams for example. Founder of one of the largest gangs in the country (blood or crips can't remember). So he writes a children novel, let's take him off death row, free him from prison, forgive and forget. never mind he murdered more then a dozen people. NO, he was tried, convicted, and executed just as he deserved.

But these days... it used to be majority ruled, if the majority of people voted one way (prop 8 for example) it was law, now you have a judge who can in one foul swoop claim it's unconstitutional. Last time I read the constitution there where no stipulations regarding homosexuality, or gay marriage for that matter so the notion a law against gay marriage is unconstitutional is a fucking joke. Now we have groups, organizations, lobbyist. Corrupt judges interpreting the law not in the manner the founding fathers intended, but as the judges themselves want, as they wish it had been written. 

The Justice System is broken, The Government is Broken, the Education System is Broken. Every aspect of this country is broken. This nation is either dead or dying.

All that's left is to survive long enough to rebuild and start over.
+Benito Cue 

I've studied history enough to know it repeats itself, and that's that bad thing. It was nothing short of a clusterfuck of events that got us where we are today.

"The Three Beats of War, Peace, and Revolution continue on in an Endless Waltz"
Atheist spend a lot of time and money railing against someone who isnt !!      JESUS loves YOU!!
+doug hum 

ive always found that bit of irony funny.

it's like idiots who sold their houses and everything they owned to donate to Harold Camping's Dooms Day campaign. 
which begs the question, Atheist spend all this money on commercials, billboards, ads, lobbying, and lawsuits... who the hell is funding this campaign against the Fictional Characters?

And that isn't meant to be derogatory, I personally believe in God, and Jesus. But seriously, they put an exceedingly amount of effort into fighting something they "don't believe in"

when will they show some real balls and put up an anti Allah/Muhammad billboard in the middle east.

the irony = Atheist care more about religion then religious people do.
+Sean Budde 

South Park did it best.

Ms. Garrison: Now I, for one, think evolution is a bunch of bullcrap! But I've been told I have to teach it to you anyway. It was thought up by Charles Darwin and it goes something like this... 
[she goes up to a large poster of evolution and begins pointing things out with her pointer] 
Ms. Garrison: In the beginning, we were all fish. Okay? Swimming around in the water. And then one day a couple of fish had a retard baby, and the retard baby was different, so it got to live. So Retard Fish goes on to make more retard babies, and then one day, a retard baby fish crawled out of the ocean with its... 
[she waves her left hand limply] 
Ms. Garrison: ...mutant fish hands... and it had butt sex with a squirrel or something and made this. 
[she points to a prehistoric mammal rodent] 
Ms. Garrison: Retard frog-sqirrel, and then that had a retard baby which was a... monkey-fish-frog... And then this monkey-fish-frog had butt sex with that monkey, and that monkey had a mutant retard baby that screwed another monkey... and that made you! 
[she faces the class, with the new girl among them looking around] 
Ms. Garrison: So there you go! You're the retarded offspring of five monkeys having butt sex with a fish-squirrel! Congratulations! 
+Erik Grissell  I would rather think that the people who believe the earth is 6000 years old still have the brains of monkeys instead of evolving human brains like the rest of us..
+Prem Suraj 

While I don't doubt their are some christians foolish enough to believe that. (Westboro). The Majority do not.

But is their earth Billions of years old? No, Millions? no, a hundred thousand or so? Possible, Tens of thousands? more likely.
+Zander Gavin I pity everyone who thinks their book and beliefs are truer than the book and beliefs of another culture. I pity the people whose culture went after people in the name of heresy, witch hunt, crusades etc. I pity the culture that burned countless historical documents, and books, and art work as sacrilegious and heresy. I pity the culture that fought against scientists like Galileo and Copernicus for saying the truth. I pity the people who fight genetic research and gay rights.
Oh and I missed something.. If the earth is 6000 years old, then where the hell did those dinosaur bones come from!!! sheesh.. the stupidity of this world, amazes me..
+Erik Grissell apparantely I believe in scientific research and cold hard data.. You on the other hand, believe a book a bunch of dudes wrote in the 200 or 400 AD and call it the word of God without any proof or data to back you up.. 
+Erik Grissell dude, there is no eternal life.. Your whole body is a bunch of chemicals and chemical reactions.. when you die, that's it, its the end.. there is nothing there but darkness and the end of consciousness..
"Science is not proven data" you sir are the funniest person I've come across.. 
That one statement is enough to tell the world what your calibre is.. I'm really happy that you've just validated what I suspected about you in the first place.. 
Hey, how do you take xrays? Radioactivity.. How do you measure the age of earth? Radioactivity.. Are you saying radioactivity doesn't exist? If you did, that would be stupid.. 
How do you believe jesus walked? A book some people wrote to confine humans to a religion and rule over them.. Politics.. Best example, the crusades and Galileo.. 
Man, I would like to know which school you went to.. They did a very poor job.. They taught you nothing. 
By the way where was your god during the school shooting? Why isn't he raining food for the children in Somalia? 
+Prem Suraj 

Writing long diatribes, let alone writing excessive replies to the same post, does not mean you are correct.

in most cases it just proves you are wrong and trying desperately to conceal that fact.

but to answer your last question.

God isn't allowed in schools, so how can you expect him to fight a battle when he isn't invited onto the field.
So you are saying, your god decides to let children die because he is a petty and selfish and holds grudges.. Wow, seems like a nice guy.. Makes sense.. 
Believing there is a god because a book says so is akin to believing super man is real because several books say so.. 
It time for me to call it a day, so I'll leave with some food for thought.. Long ago people believed that God did everything, the mountains, rivers, fire, lighting, rain etc. Sickness was caused by demons and prayer was the treatment.. The earth was the centre of the universe and solar system.. Now we know they are all wrong.. In a few more years we will dispell the myth that is god.. 
No it,s not a fine line at all ! ! !
+Allen Kwok 

>.<  Your stupidity has reached has hit new levels this day. Just because a person does not believe in evolution. Does not mean that they are ignorant to TECHNOLOGICAL advancements. There are MANY divisions of science, Not believing in one does not mean you don't believe others. 

That's like saying some one doesn't believe chemistry is real because the refuse to acknowledge pseudoscience as legitimate. 

THINK before you speak again.  
+Zander Gavin It is our knowledge of quantum mechanics and relativity that makes it possible to keep satellites in orbit around the earth. It is quantum mechanics and relativity that tells us the earth and the universe are billions of years old.. You can't say you accept one without accepting the other.. To accept that satellites orbit the earth is to accept that the earth and the universe are billions of years old..
And be clear that we did not manipulate relativity to obtain the age of the earth.. Relativity itself proves that the earth and the universe are billions of years old..
+Prem Suraj 

my god you assholes are stupid.


I hate it when people have to have it spelled out for them.

Evolution, a THEORY of BIOLOGY is NOT related to areas such as PHYSICS or ENERGY
+Zander Gavin hey asshole.. what did i tell you.. Relativity means the earth is billions of years old.. so screw your bible and your 6000 year old earth..
+Allen Kwok 
+Prem Suraj 

We have no way of knowing exactly how old the universe is. Unless you can find the farthest star and by some means date it.

As for the Earth, a planet that through its history has seen nothing short of never ending destruction and reconstruction, to say any form of dating is 100% accurate is naive.

Furthermore, the age of the Earth doesn't not prove or disprove the Bible.

Furthermore, the THEORY of EVOLUTION does not help us to make more efficient cell phones, nor help us to better understand Quantum Mechanics which at the present, are still far more advanced then our current comprehension.
+Zander Gavin Evolution uses the same scientific methods and principles as all other fields of science and it depends on rock hard proof. Your bible has no proof.. It is book written by a bunch of old dudes for political and religious reasons.. Evolution has all the proof it needs, we have seen evolution in action, among a huge number of turtles, moths and other insects.. Your creationism is pure bullshit.. As far as the age of the earth is considered, the rocks on the earth are millions of years old, solidified from the lava that was the earth during its formative years. The age of universe does not have to depend on finding a star and figuring out its age. Relativity tells us about the age of the universe. And we have also found galaxies that are 13 billions years old.. Stop blabbering on about things written in your comic book..
+Prem Suraj 

Adaption, and Evolution are two different things.
Adaption over a period a hundreds if not thousands of years, can be called evolution.

but man did not evolve from apes.

and your devotion to science as it is, has yet to prove the Bible false. Not once has the Bible ever been proven wrong. 

try again.

Also the Evolutionary timeline has MANY GAPS. as it remains incomplete, it cannot be considered as fact or proof.
+Zander Gavin You've been reading what I post, but your brain fails to comprehend the facts, the instance of the peppered moth was evolution in front of your eyes, you are blinded by your religious intolerance.. Your head will not accept anything that you believe is against your comic book.. That is pure idiocy.. Science welcomes criticism, religion does not, religion is based on blindly rejecting all facts that prove religion is wrong.. You are a blind follower to religion.. Can you give me a valid proof to your creationism? one valid proof? one instance where anyone saw an animal being spontaneously created from mud? One peer reviewed verifiable experiment that proves creationism? 
+Zander Gavin

check these pictures and tell me you still think the earth is 6000 years old, and created by a comic book hero in the heavens.. and +Allen Kwok is absolutely right. You have done nothing to refute the facts we have laid, you have no proofs to the contrary. All you say is, "you are wrong, I won't belive you.. you are wrong, I won't believe you.. you are wrong, I won't believe you.." without having any proofs or reason to reject the facts.. You refuse to even consider what the scientific facts and data mean, you line of thinking is "hey this book says this is the way it happened, I'm going to believe it. I don't need any further proof or evidence.."

I feel sorry for you man.. I really do.. what a pathetic waste of a human life and that brain that evolution gave you..
Have you heard about DNA? Why do you think chimps and humans have 98% of similar DNA? 
+Prem Suraj 

Stop trying to relate me to the westborro idiots who believe the 6K yr theory.

Second. We have a very close DNA relation to sheep as well, your argument is invalid.
+Allen Kwok

Why bother asking. You know what I believe, why the civil manner all of a sudden?

But to answer, There is a story in the Bible where a man asked God his relation of time. He answered that a Thousand Years of Man was as One Day to Him. By that correlation it is arguable that the Earth was created in six thousand years (being 6 days to God) and on the seventh day he rested, (being rest of 1 thousand years. It is a debatable notion. I Believe the Bible, but as with everything, it is open to interpretation. That does not however diminish its legitimacy. 

To further that. I believe Man where created on "6th day" of creation. I do not believe he evolved from apes. I believe he existed then as we exist today. To further the notion of Earths age. It is implied in the Bible, that before Adam and Eve sinned, that they did not age. By that notion, those two could have lived in the Garden for hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of years before they fell. 

I have always argued that Science and Religion are capable of Coexisting. The problem is neither wants to sit down and debate the issue with calm and reason. Usually on the Side of Science, they will resort to insults and attempt to demean those of faith.

Fact is if you believe in the "Big Bang" the idea that a Gaseous mixture spontaneously combusted one day to essentially kick start existence  is laughable, and even implausible. Everything has a beginning. IF these gases did erupt, what created them? In the end, or rather beginning, it is not only arguable but very conceivable that no matter what happened, be it evolution or creation. God started it all.
1. Don't know how long ago it was and, I don't waste my time wondering how long ago something happened. It doesn't matter. I believe it happened, and nothing anyone says will change that.

2. If Adam and Eve where immortal in the Garden, then they wouldn't have aged, Thus it's arguable that he died 930 years after being expelled from the garden.

3. the rest of your rebuttals made no sense.
I'm not going to guess on faith.

Guessing would be a self defeating action in the area of Belief. 

You on the other hand have revealed exactly what your intentions are. And I want no part of that. So I shall say Adieu and Goodbye.
+Allen Kwok 

You have no desire in engaging in a civil debate. Your intention is to hear my view for no other reason then to mock it. 

Thus I will not Humor your "curiosity" any longer.
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