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Two wind turbines towering above Falmouth, Mass., were intended to produce green energy and savings -- but they've created angst and division, and may now be removed at a high cost as neighbors complain of noise and illness.
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Everyone likes them till they are in your back yard.. or in the case of the late teddy kennedy, is they mess up your view from you million dollar home in the hamptons...
They don't call em Masssholes for nuthin.
I want a smaller version on my property. I'd love to generate my own electricity!  
I want one to...but I will have to built myself, so I can afford one.. also not always windy in tucson
First time I've ever heard of Wind Turbines causing health problems... 
The noise? Really? I have been told that the sound of wars for oil aren't so pleasant either.
Yes wind towers make you sick +Fox News ...I'm being to think that Americans are stupid, must be all that nuclear radiation it produce from the wind.
I lived near 1000's of them in Palm Springs Ca.... I enjoyed their humming noise...  plus it really irritated me when none of them were turning!
+Scott Smith Was there a war for oil?? which one? I fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hate to think I missed it!
+Garry Williams I donee know about physical sickness but I do know that constant noise can effect you physiologically.. and there is no need to go bashin America. . 
Were the houses there before the turbines?
I'm telling you this Green stuff will be the death of us all. This his how the Zombie Apocalypse starts.
America loves great hoaxes:


...notice how each of these works the same way:

1 - Your great lifestyle caused it. Shame on you!
2 - Money and rights must be sent to Washington, DC!
3 - We must return to the Stone Age of resource use
4 - If you don't agree, you must be stupid (and maybe you should be killed.)

All trademarks of the Democrat National Committee, used without permission.
I never said anything about US, Iraq or Afghanistan. Interesting the reactions that suggest that I did. 

Countries have warred over energy stores for centuries; oil for the past 100 years. Soviets/Russians, Chinese, Europeans and several other nations have fought (directly or by proxy) over oil.

Any claim that US hasn't done the same in the past 60 years (Operation Ajax, anyone?), has a Pollyanna flavor.

If I don't see you again, have a great weekend.
+Scott Smith Vietnam? The Congo? Please tell me. Perhaps you mean some future war. Sounds like a good reason to Drill Here.
+Scott Smith i agree.. sorta. .

The wars your talking about are a little more base in nature and dont just pertain to energy. They are mostly you have something and I want it.. cold be oil, could be tea.. could be gold

Men dont need a reason to fight, its as old as Cain and Abel.

Now if we lived on solor and wind power alone, does that make us safer? I doubt it.there are dangerous creeds that just hate the us because we have the right to free speach and religion. . Should we give those up as well? And what would stop someone or some group wanting to take over the us because we have the best wind and solor technology and its now made us all rich...

People will always find a reason to envy and untill we learn to control that (which I dont think is possible) we will have wars over something..
Yeah, but the DNC keeps telling us this is the way to power freedom (as if that's something they wanted...)

Another Leftist boondogle. Why do people listen to them?
A good place to put the turbines would be in Detroit. Tear down all the ghettos and drug holes and put up a couple thousand .A great payback for the City that voted for him and now demand a bail out .  
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