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A 150-foot asteroid hurtled toward Earth's backyard, destined Friday to make the closest known flyby for a rock of its size.
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EDIT: my mistake, sorry. Google chose another graphic within the linked page...and it was a link on the Fox page to the Chelyabinsk meteorite story.

EDIT2: Hey, +Google+ guys, how about giving posters more control about the graphic which gets associated with hyperlinks?

Hey, +Fox News, I think you mixed up your graphics here.  The graphic you chose to pair with this story looks more like it belongs with the Chelyabinsk meteorite story.  As this NEO won't be getting anywhere near our atmosphere, there's no reason it would leave a trail across the sky as depicted in this graphic.  2012 DA14 is going to be at around 27700 km altitude at closest approach whereas the bulk of our atmosphere ends at about 100 km.

Then again, I don't know how Google+ chooses the thumbnails to associate with links you give it.
+Joe Philipps The photo is pulling from another place on the page that talks about the Russian meteorite. If you look at the actual article, they don't use that image.
The only reason I follow FOX news is to remind me how crazy republicans are.
The graphics are a problem but does the image matter all that much? I think most folks know there won't be a contrail or smoke trail in space. 
I'm not a Republican, but I think both parties have their granola bars in them.
Too bad it didn't hit and shake up your Sunday report on Wiccans today. That just proved to me what your station is about and I will never watch you again..nor will anyone in my house. Come to think of it, maybe we should ban all religions and holidays so you would have nothing to cry about...Happy Xmass to you early.
It's not a rocket. It's a submarine robot to take oceanographical measurements. The environment. Another thing republicans don't give a shit about.
+Guy Bouchard What I "don't give a shit about" is making Al Gore an even bigger billionaire over this man made global warming scam.

I'm not real big on giving you tax payers dollars so you can run around buying robots and pretending to care about the environment all the while getting a nice fat grant out of my pocket.
Al Gore = idiot. Nuff said.
Al Gore = scammer. Making BILLIONS from Global Warming Scam.
Gobal warming is no joking matter people. While Gore may be making money off is in fact an issue. People make money off anything they can but it does not make the issue anyless of an issue. Besides, if we tae steps to slow down the warming what is it going to hurt? Instead of being so green eyed over some one making money., maybe get rid of the issue thus giving him no income if you hate him so bad...
What steps would you like us to take patrizia koelzer? Plant more trees? We do that. Drive our cars less? Well that works fine for you city dwellers, but some of us live out away from people, and we need our pickup trucks.
You just answered your own question Dwayne. Mattson. 
You don't need a pick-up first of all. And anyone who think global warming is a scam is an idiot.
+Guy Bouchard so I guess any scientist who disagrees must be an only question is how did a topic on asteroids get infected with commentary on global warming?
There is global warming. Whether it is caused by humans or not is another question. We can help however and to know it is happening and realize it is important in many fields. I don't think there are scientists that don't agree on it being the truth. Those that are against it are probably paid to be against it by republicans and people along those lines of thinking.
Yeah exactly what does it have to do with the asteroids? I was reminded of Billy Bob's line in Armageddon however about the budget that NASA has to look for killer meteors and well a million dollar budget sure don't cover much, and it is a big assed sky.
+David Jenson I got the sarcasm. It just seems that the topic deteriorated into a political debate. Asteroids don't vote, really, well I am pretty sure they don't, and they certainly are completely unaffected by our CO2 levels.
Yeah actually Guy I do need a pickup. How the hell else am I going to haul
4'x8' sheets of plywood, or a bails of hay or anything else that doesn't
exactly fit on a bus or in a SMART car.
Oh yeah, also, there aren't a whole lot of buses in Plentywood, Montana. Ya drive or ya walk, and although it is a small town, it's still too big to walk across town with a 4'x8' sheet of 3/4" plywood on your back.
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