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+Rod Wagner If I didn't know better, I would almost think that you didn't like Fox News
This was supposed to be a discussion about the UN controlling the Internet and you "progressives" (liberals) as always change the conversation to fit your socialist views (dissing Fox News or any conservative news outlet)  Go someplace else and talk with your brainwashed minions and quit stinking up the Fox News feed. anyways..where were we?  Oh yeah..  The UN shouldn't be involved in anything Internet related...They can't even run themselves..they are pointless and obsolete. 
The UN can't even regulate itself. They need to stay out of it and investigate the greedy media companies that are lining UN official's wallets. 
Nothing. The UN is a joke 
NONE. They should be an aid organization only. Also, build other United Nations Headquarters in 3-5 other locations including poor and "war torn" countries and the like and require them to stay there for ten year time spans, rotating. I think there next one should be in the Palestinian territories,Iran, Greece, or Egypt.  
I love how the G+ Block feature works, and how it's not regulated by the UN.
Who cares.the world is going to end in a few days anyway,right?
I don't like FOX, but there's nothing bad about this post... in fact I think it fits in well with socially liberal beliefs. Who gives a fuck what we do on the internet as long as it's not like... child porn, or threaten to kill people...
+Doug Knowles I think his sentiment is that
"Fox" and "news" together in one sentence?  Isn't that a paradox?
is quite inappropriate for FOX's comments section. Also, keep distracting thoughts out of debate; questioning the character of the person who posed a question (unless its a strictly leading question) is bad form.
+Doug Knowles Are you kidding me? I'm not trolling, and the fact that I just quoted your first comment to contradict your second comment, making you question whether or not I read the entire comments makes me question your critical thinking skills.
Adam K
It's time to disband the UN if they encroach on America's Bill of Rights.

Law of the Sea Treaty and the Internet Takeover: two reasons the UN has overstepped its usefulness.
The U.N shouldn't interfere with constitutional rights
+Nicholas Bos Not near as big a paradox as believing you can be informed about the world watching ABC, NBC, MSNBC, or CBS. They don't even pretend to be fair and balanced.

BTW, since this is a Fox thread and you dislike Fox why are you even here? No one forced you to come in here and suffer through all this.
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