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An Illinois father wants a school district to reconsider its dress code after his son was asked to remove a U.S. Marine t-shirt or be suspended. Do you agree with the father? 
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Yep, I guarantee kids at that school are wearing t-shirts that say much worse stuff.
The father is wrong. The dress code doesn't need to be changed and you morons need to learn to read articles, not just article titles. Well played +Fox News proving Kerry right. Everyone has the right to be stupid in the United States. 
Kudo's Mike W. I read the article from the link you provided. I agree with you. The father is wrong.
damn I guess that's what we have come to since being politically correct is more important than being a free society
+Julia Evans You should probably read the article. Then you'd realize that the teacher did not act appropriately and the kid did nothing wrong, he's allowed to wear the shirt. 

Therefore the father is wrong the dress code doesn't need to be changed. 

Although I'm glad you're exercising your freedom from being informed. 
A dress code is a dress code. To add exceptions creates a nightmare.
Well who ever told the kid to change or leave needs to talk to the super that says it would have been fine for him to wear it
I gather from RTFA that what is missing is whether the teacher followed guidelines.

“Nobody took the next step of asking the principal or making them aware of it,” Burgess said. “The teacher is obviously allowed to question anything they feel might be a violation of dress code, but again, had an administrator been allowed to respond, this could have been taken care of yesterday.”

So is the father asking the school to reconsider its policy, which should contain the action items for teachers?  Does the policy empower the teacher to suspend students? I doubt that.  But does it tell the teacher what to do? Maybe, maybe not.  Maybe the district should reconsider what is in and not in policies.
+David Hathaway the entire incident took place in the class room. The teacher threatened the child "comply or be expelled" the child complied, and went home and told his father. 

The teacher over stepped their authority. They do not have the power to suspend a child, the teacher can only threaten with "to the principals office". The father should have taught his kid to stand up for his beliefs and the kid should have challenged his teacher.
+Michael Washington I agree with your statements, except this:

"The father should have taught his kid to stand up for his beliefs and the kid should have challenged his teacher."

There is a fine line between respecting authorities, as should be done, and standing up for your beliefs.  The child, properly, obeyed authorities and then went to his father, again properly.  If the teacher, who is paid to know the lines of authority, can screw it up, then can you blame the child for not knowing he should have asked to be referred to the principal?  What would have been gained by questioning the teacher at that moment?

I think the child did the right thing.
+David Hathaway yes the child did the right thing. I don't blame the child. The teacher is ultimately at fault, but the father should encourage his child to stand up for his own beliefs. I was encouraged to do this, and often times I was sent home because of it, but my parents understood, and supported that. I have never been afraid to stand up for what I believe in because of it. 
If anything gets worn in American Schools, it should be patriotic, up-beat, inclusive stuff with a positive message.

But as usual, those who hate America will try to stop it at every opportunity. But hey- they've signed-on with every enemy America's had in MY lifetime...
Yes. It is a free country last time I check.
Everybody please read the article before commenting and you would know that the shirt wasn't in violation. A teacher just overreacted, but the shirt is allowed. Really a non issue. 
We do not live in a vacuum. Everyone knows that an assault weapon was used in the Sandyhook SCHOOL to murder 26 children and adults.
While the child has a RIGHT to wear his shirt it is certainly not APPOPRIATE, therefore violating the dress code. The superintendent  should have backed this interpretation of the code.
The word Marines had nothing to do with this.
Even if technically compliant does not mean it is socially acceptable.
A burning American flag shirt is compliant.
Sometimes parents are so focused on absolving their child that they miss an opportunity to teach good citizenship.
The principle could instruct the teacher to consult first and the boy could be instructed not the wear the shirt in school again.
Problem solved without ever leaving the office.
+David Connor show the article were it says an assault rifle was used well as read this article were it says nothing against having guns on a tshirt
The point is, the teacher over reacted and was wrong.  The boy wasn't in violation of the dress code.  The father is also right in that the policy needs to change to prevent this type of misinterpretation by overreacting teachers.
+Justin Cron The dress code included "other inappropriate images" No rule can anticipate every possibility. It would not ban a burning American flag.
+sara martin I'm a what I was commenting too....david connor was saying that an assualt rifle was used in sandy hook I asked him to show the article were it says that cause as far as I know he had one BUT used pistols and then went on to comment on the article in question on the childs shirt.
David, "assault" weapons were NOT used in the shooting at Sandy Hook.

Google "NBC admits no assault"

However, so called "assault" weapons are used for protection by the police and the military, including the Marines, significantly more than some deranged psycho.

Guns are used to PROTECT people (including children).  There's nothing inappropriate about the image of those tools that protect us all (guns) on a shirt, especially in the context of the Marines, as that is clearly showing the weapons they use to protect us.
+david connor how are two m16s on a usmc shirt inappropriate? 
"The father is wrong. The dress code doesn't need to be changed and you morons need to learn to read articles, not just article titles. Well played +Fox News proving Kerry right. Everyone has the right to be stupid in the United States."

YOU need to read to the end of the article.  First of all, the TEACHER is the primary one that's wrong, NOT the father.  That's the main problem here.  Second, the father is RIGHT.  The code needs to be updated to make it more clear so that teachers like this don't misinterpret it.  Just look at some of the lefties on THIS thread saying that it IS a violation of the code.

So, YOU need to learn to read the article and stop calling everyone else a moron and stupid.
Yeah so let me break this down with crayons so you understand me and context +Rosepher Catervas : 

a The father was wrong, in that the dress code does not need to be changed. 
b The father is wrong, because the teacher was wrong and over stepped authority they didn't have. 
c The dress code doesn't need to be changed. It's fine the way it is. The teacher was wrong, period. End of story. 
d Anyone that says the kid violated the dress code, didn't read the article. It's really plainly put in the article. 

Now does this answer your questions Rosepher, or do I need to explain more plainly? 
+Justin Cron 
Thank you for your service.The word Marines on the boy's shirt is not why the shirt is in question. Is a Marines with M16's a normal shirt normal? Yes. Are there shirts that say Marines alone? Probably.
Any images of semi-automatic assault type weapons at this time is inappropriate in my and apparently the teachers opinion. The wound of Sandyhook is very fresh.
Should the teacher have consulted the principle first? Maybe yes, but teachers must have latitude in disciplinary decisions everyday or else the line to the office would be quite long.
As to which type of weapon (s) were used in Sandyhook. Please provide us with the official police investigation report.
This entire, not even an incident really, should have been settled in the principle's office without us ever knowing about it. Is there an underlying agenda for publishing  this story.
Take the guns off and the shirt would be ok. Too soon.
He has a right to support the marines and America with his T-shirt. The guns on the shirt aren't going to pop out and start shooting people.
I don't understand why, when we have so many f kids showing their ass. A marine shirt, wow we should not have problem .
I don't even know.... COME ON AMERICA.... Kids in my school are left off with a warning if they show their undies or if they wear practically pornographic shirts, but a kid can't be seen supporting his country's troops? Screw our public schools... And I only say that until they do something about it....
Let ME break it down for YOU with paste and glitter... maybe those sparkles will keep your attention long enough to help you understand:

a.  Being an ass doesn't win you any points nor make you any less wrong.
b.  The father was right in that the dress code needs to be changed because the teacher clearly misinterpreted it as did at least one of your supporters in this thread.  If you'd read the article, you'd understand that.  And claiming the father was wrong because the teacher was wrong makes no logical sense.
c.  Anyone said that the father was wrong for saying the code should be changed, while accusing others of not reading the article, clearly didn't read the article himself to the end and is now trying to cover it up.  Or, if he did read it, has very poor reading comprehension skills.

At least you get that the teacher was wrong.  Kudos for comprehending that part of it.  Now, move along to the MSNBC thread where the other leftist hate mongers like to hang out.
+David Connor maybe if there were marines nearby with m16s the school shooting wouldn't have happened
+Ron Morgan they used to let Marines patrol the Mexican/US Border, until an unfortunate altercation, that the Marines won... however they aren't allowed to patrol the borders any more. :p 
Ive seen armed guards at a kmart.. why? Because some one wanted to protect something. . At a bank and armed gaurd at a bamk because someone want to keep those little pieces of paper safe. We guard what we value.

As far as the school shooting is concerned we as a people(mankind, all over the world because its not just a US problem) have plenty of warning signs that schools need to be better protected if we value whats inside. There are many things that could have been done, dont think for a second that if you get rid of m16s that our children will be safe. I have 4 btw.

Dad just wants attention. He can just get a shirt that just says "Marines" without the guns and problem solved.  Connies get butt-hurt too easily. 
I think "Dad"s just like the rest of us... sick and tired of government schools creating an anti-gun and/or anti military culture.
+David Connor appropriate? Your comment screams political correctness. Get over the damned Sandyhook shooting already. It happened, it was bad, but how long do we dwell in the past? Before you reply...should we still be worried about the Bath school bombing in 1929? Or Wounded Knee? Or Pearl Harbor? Remembering is fine, dwelling on it ain't. 
Was it the outside shirt are under shrit it has gun on take it off dont send child to school like that ..its not that deep my kid had to sit in office cause her belt was pink til brought another up, dont stop the child from school ..damm teachers, father, change his shirt go with school....
Shit..I would get in trouble for wearing big johnson remembers those?
Apparently, grammar, proper sentence formation, and punctuation were not strong subjects at some schools.
Sorry guys..I don't pay attention all the time to my spelling. .don't be
Ron N
Just another liberal teacher trying to enforce her own rules.
+Adam Bartlewski nbd.. I think its kind of crazy how anal people get about spelling ang grammar. The point is to communicate, so if you get your point across .. i guess you have 
Sorry Adam, my comment was directed to the post above yours.  It was so poorly written that the point was nearly lost.  I'm still not 100% sure what she was trying to say.  Anal?  My ass!  ;)
I totally agree that he should wear it. It shows his pride and thanks for the marines. He should be able to wear it because without the marines who knows what this world would be like. 
They told my son he couldn't wear his call of duty shirt with all he has to do is wear a marine shirt with no guns, they have them!
+Rosepher Catervas thank you for your "glitter" post. I fully agree and you saved me from having to make the poignant statement by myself. It is quite clear the "change" the father is talking about is more clarity with the dress code. 
Some of the Liberal Schools want a law that allows boys to wear dresses and use the girls rest rooms . Liberals can sure think up some stupid stuff sometime ,but one look at their leader's ideas and we can see why ......
But "Death to America" is just fine with these people. No wonder I left the profession.
thanks all those marines for risking your lives for the USA Go marines
this world is so upside down they probably want us kids to come in with hitler shirts right 
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