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Thousands of emails released by the University of Colorado shed new light on James Holmes, the man suspected of killing 12 and wounding 58 in last July's theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado.
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None of this matters. What does matter is whether this guy is the same one from the killing, and if he's found guilty, we never see him again.
Looks like the same CYA policies as the Sandusky case.
Given the security risk, is it right to allow students and faculty to carry concealed weapons on campus grounds -- use it when they need to defend themselves?
I suspect he was very disturbed and needed help, however, that can not justify his behavior. 
Why hasn't his significant other had anything to say... some of my friends have BULLET HOLES
100 years ago, idiots like this guy and others that are classified as weak in the gene pools would have never survived, he would have been hung after his first good cry. 
Damn +Lonnie Bradwell you talk about The Lord. I suppose it's people like you that in part bring people like James Holmes to do the things they do. But please don't continue to use/connect Christianity, my religion, to your hateful, sociopathic banter. It really doesn't help anyone. 
I would not execute him if he is insane,but he shouldn't be let loose if he is a threat,the Gifford's shooter is,don't know about this one.
+Leo Fox yea it's quite unfortunate that people must convolute the purpose and meaning of it. Consider yourself what you will as long as you can be accepting and humane. Hopefully James H will find Jesus before his time comes. 
Anyone convicted of Murder needs to be executed and within 24 hours, and regardless of their mental or physical issues.  This action will put a big stop in violent crimes.
What is really scarey this mans votes and doesn't have any concept of due process and the reason for the trips across the Atlantic [that is a whole lot of water between America and Europe 400 yrs ago],
They do waste to much time on these scumbags. That is why most people don't want terrorist tried in U.S. Courts. The Military does a much better, faster job of  these open and shut cases like these.
+Lonnie Bradwell Lonnie, people have been predicted the end times since the beginning of the common era, if not before.  Things have been bad for centuries.  Let's take a look at when they were good.  The most religious times weren't the best times.  
+Mike Niccum The difference between most terrorists in Guantanamo and other places of ours is that many of them are either innocent, or have been tortured, thus seriously complicating the case.   A military court will just sweep all that under the rug.  The advantage of trying them in the U.S. is that those gov't and military officials who are guilty will tangentially be put on trial as well.  The judicial branch should be the last bastion of hope for the goodness of the people exercising their will.  
Tho this is off topic..terrorists and due process just don't mix. 
+Benjamin Fresby Terrorism is just another term for extortion and there are laws that cover it. There is no sense in glorifying criminal acts with a military court. 
+Lonnie Bradwell There is no war. Only Congress can declare war -It is in the US Constitution.

What do you do when the federal government does not support the principles upon which the nation was founded?
Do you know what other country you would like to move to?
Unless Bush is president..right? Because as you know he declared war without going through Congress first. 
I don't think some of these other countries take Obama seriously. Some Presidents can be push around and some can't. It is not always about going to war. With the right leaders you can avoid war. These leaders are like kids playing king of the mountain. Saddam even said he didn't think the U.S. would come. Therefore, the world knew Bush would come after them, this could possibly avoiding a fight.
+Benjamin Fresby Both Bush I and II used the rights granted through the War Powers Resolution of 1973 to deploy US military with only notifying Congress within 48 hours. 

President Nixon vetoed the resolution and the Democrat-ruled Congress overrode the veto so don't blame the Republicans.
+Mike Niccum This Army (US) veteran blames the Pentagon -Like any other government department they scramble to justify their budgets and the Pentagon needs to convince the President, Congress, the Media, and occasionally the voters that somebody is a threat, even if it means kicking a hornet nest and blaming the hornets when somebody gets stung.
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