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People in the Northeast are getting ready for a major winter storm that could bring up to 2 feet of snow to places that haven't seen significant snowfall in more than a year.
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See where it says "Plymouth, MA"? That is me. 
Local weather reports have a range of 12" - 16".
Just bring it!! Here in upstate NY we are used to this. Weather forecasters always blow this up like it is the end of the world! 
I remember as a child living in the Mts. of W.Va.  I was staying at my G-parents house.  G-ma opened the door & it was solid white; we were snowed in.  This was not uncommon.  To add to the prolonging of the situation for everyone in town....G-pa drove the snowplow!!!  :~)  Might be where cabin-fever originated.
It's evil president George Bush's fault . he's using that Halliburton weather machine again
Obama still hasn't fixed Sandy, now this.
and to think of all the grief, bad press, denunciation Pres. Bush received over Katrina when he just flew over the region instead of launching himself in the middle of a disaster zone.  :~/
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