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Stealthily smuggling a Tyrannosaur skeleton? Mongolia demands their dinosaur back. 
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u already have that covered :)  sounds like someone poached this t-rex, all you poachers out there can relate, right?  Just like spotting deer or elk, right Tim?  err Mac n Butts I mean
Kind Sir Charles, , its always feeding time where there are weak prey. the weak are not in control.
thats right, I can help myself, come on... read what you typed, then change it to can't. your welcome Charles
obama intends for America to fail. it's why he lied his way into the white house.
yup...  the American president wants America to fail.  Do you really have any idea how ignorant that sounds, more so coming from an empty, fake account?  besides, if he intends American to fail, he is doing a crappy job making it fail  LOL
Didn't Mitch McConnell take claim for ruining the economy when he said it was Republicans number one job  to see the president fail? Their obstructionism is putting our country in danger and they are traitors in my opinion. Traitors to the 'American people' . Doing their pimps business on the citizens of this great country. 
+Obama Failed America   .. .I don't play.  But its nice of you to hide behind your shell account and spout your crap like a coward Charles :) Some us have so much ignorance they need multiple accounts to properly display it all
exactly....  everything you say causes yawns.  I should have left you in Time Out  LOL
if you have something constructive to add to the topic, please feel free to do so, if not, please troll other waters :)  or unblock me, use your real account  and stop being a coward.
We agree on something !  you have nothing more to add :) 
sort of like someone that kills a Rhino in Africa just to put its head on the wall.....
nope... not me,  putting an animals head on a wall, in my opinion, is an egotistical demonstration of self-perceived superiority.  Basically cowardice, reaction to fear.
Charles, losing track of which account you are logged into I see?   smh
Charles are you still stealing others work and claiming it as your own?  your post was stolen from townhall, blair31, at least quote and credit the original author man !
The only thing in time-out is you guys brains lol  enjoy your short-lived account berry.
Charles, it would be does, not dose.  dose is a prescribed amount of medication, you know, those things in the little box with compartments labeled M T W T F S S you take every day?
as Yoda says  pwned you are  :)  charles,  your  lil pal is back, you can stop crying now
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