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The low 60s would typically be a great round for Phil Mickelson, but not so much for his new tax rate.
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Good for them moving out of that liberal hellhole.
I hope all the workers and business leave and let the takers fend for themselves.
It's simple business. Why give your money to any govt. if you don't have to. Most of those taxes will be wasted by overbloated gov agencies anyway.
+Tim Pearcy Excellent point. 

To be honest, I've ran in to quite a few Conservatives who said they'd be willing to pay more taxes if there was some sort of guarantee that it's being spent wisely.  The fact that there is rampant fraud in almost every government entitlement that goes unchecked turns out to be the #1 reason most Conservatives dig their heels in.
The only reason to live in California is to be addicted to meth.
Yeah in fact, if we're going to talk about states with the worst meth problems, look at the states with mostly rural populations. Yeah its a rural drug problem, that is moving to the cities. Has been since the 80's.
I did some research and must admit you are right. Apparently Missouri is the place to go to be addicted meth. I have only been to California once, but to me it seemed that people who looked like they have some sort of addiction problem enjoyed wandering about in the streets while begging for change.
Sadly, financially responsible/solvent states will eventually be extorted into a never ending bailout of California's self made mess.
People will vote for give aways not thinking that those giveaways have to get paid for somewhere.
+Jeffrey Koontz I live in San Diego (probably the "rightest" of the largest metro areas in CA).  During the election cycle, there were certainly more Romney stickers and signs than Obama.  The problem is, counties like SD don't have a chance.
People voting for giveaways don't care that they have to get paid for somewhere.  They only want what they can get.  Those of us that actually work end up making up the difference.  Obamacare is a great example of this.  Our insurance is tripling in cost this year, and coverage by the insurance companies is going to be about 2/3 what it was last year.  See, we have to pay for the people getting coverage that won't be paying for it. I am not saying that millionaire athletes don't deserve higher taxes; I think they are incredibly over paid and most extremely high income people don't pay nearly the taxes the middle class does.  I just don't like the gimme crowd constantly wanting more at my expense.  I truly think if politicians were getting the same tax rates, same insurance, and same retirement programs the regular citizenry does, we would actually see some true improvements.  Until then, screw us, because that is what we are going to get, like it or not.
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