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Now pro golfer Lexi Thompson, 17, has turned the tables. She posted a YouTube video this week asking for guys in the armed services to take her to her high school prom.
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Why not have a separate Fox Entertainment G+ page?

This is news? I didn't care when it was Mila Kunis I sure don't care about this person.
In my eye's golf isn't even a real sport.
+Mark Knutter tennis is more of an sport than golf is, Golf is only good fore one thing, helping me fall asleep.
How bout i call it a mini sport, meaning it's not a major sport like football, basketball, and shall i dare say the "WWE" yes wwe is more of a sport than golf.
It is an incredibly dangerous & stupid thing to do & if I were her dad I'd put an end to it post haste. Hasn't the girl read a newspaper or watched a t.v. news show of late? Or does she spend her time reading women's golf standings?
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