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Professor defends actions of student who draped hundreds of condoms on top of crosses displayed in a pro-life exhibit.
By Todd Starnes A Western Kentucky University art professor and her student are defending what pro-life students are calling an act of desecration and vandalism after the student draped hundreds of...
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Where do foxnews find these stories?
I wonder if they were tax payer funded condoms?
How much are parents paying this university for this type of higher education and "learning" experience?
Vandalizing Crosses = School Project??
Name one other group---besides Christians--- that it is okay for our schools to openly attack. ...Exactly. Thanks for playing.
You gotta admit..."Pro-choice" does have a better ring than 'baby-killing vandals"---
Ahh yes +Jamie Hendricks I see you answered my question ("what was the last thing the Church forced ANYONE to do?") with rambling disconnected bullshit. How about answering the question, Smart Guy?
and the crusades failed for the most part and by the end of them hadn't really done anything but killed a lot of people.
And Jamie, the crusades were in the middle ages. Everyone killed and fought. Some popes had army's. Do they now? Why did they have to do that to crosses?? Do you even know what a cross represents???
Christianity was formed solely to control a group of people and organize them into an army to slaughter the Muslims..... Never forget the origin and basis of the religion that sets many peoples "values" in the USA
What???? Do you know ANY history????? What year was Christianity founded? 2,012 years ago?? Islam didn't appear till the year 622.
it could be argued the exact year Christianity was "founded" the historical basis for it goes back to the birth of Christ or before , but the actual "organized" form was much later. It became widespread and "adopted" (aka "enforced") somewhere about 400-600 AD (about the same time Islam was "born") and then after was used as a justification for the persecution of a vast majority of the world's population, and held us in "The Dark Ages" for centuries.
Christianity was oganized well bofore then. The Romans had wide spread persecution of Christians and that was all well before 400. And Islam has no right to Isreal. If it belongs to anyone its the jews. But Chirst came to end judiaism and install his church as all the prophits predicted. And how did Christianity keep us in the " dark ages"??? Have you any idea how many ancient manuscripts they preserved?
Gino, I guess your views depend on which "version" of Christianity you subscribe too. You seem be be referencing how the bible depicts things as happening, but many historical accounts do not match exactly.

here is a good overview of how religion played out in the "middle ages"


I will concede that it was not Christianity its self as we understand it today that "caused" these things, but it was the application of it at that time that was used to justify the Crusades etc, and suppressed scientific progress for a long time. Yes manuscripts were preserved, they were hidden by one "Christian faction" to prevent their destruction by another "Christian faction",
Christians vs Catholics , however anyone wishes to define the "groups", but both claimed to be "Christians". Most of the worst atrocities in recorded history were committed in "the name of "

Please do not take what I am saying personally, it is not intended to discredit your Christian beliefs, or your faith.

I also am not promoting or defending, Islam in any way, nor are my intentions to discredit Islam..

I merely reference other historical accounts for consideration of those who wish to consider them.
Ok. I agree, we have different views of history and stuff. But I have no personal grievances with you. And I like how you actually care to learn about history. Not many people do. :) We can't change the past, but only make the future if we know what not to do from the past. I'm not saying the people in head of the church and kings and stuff were very good back then. There were many bad, power hungry unholy people. But the Christian religion it self is not to blame.
I fully agree that the Christian religion it's self is not to blame. It was those who implemented it and used it to justify their actions.

We must all make sure we learn from history, if we don;t, we are bound to repeat it....

have a good one
+Jamie Hendricks The Crusades? LMBO. Nice Wiki-Copy & Paste by the way---

Try to focus: The Topic is 'our rights today'... you said the church [in present tense] was telling women what to do with their body.

Again, you were asked "what was the last thing the Church forced ANYONE to do?"

And you played the Crusades card? Bless your heart---- So for the record, you've got nothing for almost a thousand years? And you have nothing since America became a country?

So how do you reconcile or connect your initial statement regarding condoms on crosses with The Crusades..

FUN FACTOIDS: BY THE WAY--You do realize the Pope does not represent all of Christianity- The pope is Catholic. The Crusades were started by the Pope. The word Pope is not even in the bible. But the word "ass' is.
+Joe Dan Gorman In the time of the Crusades, the Pope did represent the largest population of "Christians" today that is not true.

The "Church" is forcing agenda, or they are trying, I think that was his point, and it's true. Anyone that touts their religious values as part of their political statements and being politically critical of those that differ in opinion are doing just that IMHO.
With all due respect "The largest population of something" does not equal "ALL of something". And considering literacy rates of the era---its unlikely most were even aware of what was happening, until after the fact.

Most Americans don't even know the significance of 1947 here in the USA.

Church members are citizens... having and expressing opinions is Legal and Constitutional for all citizens---including Christians.. Again---the questions requires FACTS....NOT opinions.
"What was the last thing the Church forced ANYONE to do here in AMERICA?"
I agree, and I agree, the people of the time were basically ruled under a regime of fear, I can't imagine how it must have been
I'm glad I don't teach for a living too lol

well here in NC, we have the "marriage amendment" vote coming up, no solicitation signs do not even slow down the "gangs" of organized, bible carrying church ladies from knocking an the door to explain I need to support the amendment and why. basically the argument is "its not Gods way".

well, they have not forced anyone, but my point is and was, they are trying, IMHO
Of course they are trying to "pursuade"... they're not Black Panther Poll Workers, for Goodness sakes..
Please name One Group that shares their opinion publicly that is NOT hoping to persuade others.... Good Grief.....
Well I guess we can differ in our opinions, nothing wrong with that, so try not to take it personally, we are just discussing.

But your right, lots of "groups" attempt to influence. but I offer for your consideration that there is one "group" expressly prohibited from doing so constitutionally.

Also everyone does have the right of free speech, in a public area, I fully agree. someones front porch is not a public area. not at my front door. If someone tries to express their rights of free speech on my porch and I call the cops, they are arrested if they do not leave..

And no, the black Panthers were not there, they are not traditionally Christians lol but its the same thing IMHO, just at a different level.

Peer and community pressure is still a weapon, sometimes a very strong one.
I guess will will be waiting for some art showing muslims with condoms over thier profit or symbols because artist are equal in thier approaches right?
+Mike Mac "Differ in opinions?" I cannot let that stand. Facts are not opinion. And it is certainly not opinion when you make this statement: >>>>>You said, "but I offer for your consideration that there is one "group" expressly prohibited from doing so constitutionally."

That is a WILDLY inaccurate constitutional claim. WHERE SPECIFICALLY does the constitution 'expressly prohibit " one group from 'attempting to influence"?

And please note I am 'not asking for opinion' I am asking for SPECIFIC language contained within our constitution that remotely backs up your claim.

I do not believe ALL of our history has been re-written yet. BY THE WAY---Ever seen this?

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
+Mike Mac is likely one of the millions... who are just 'told via opinion' and not 'proven to via fact'--- I'm not here to fight or 'name-call"--- Cuz I know 'from personal experience" that sometimes "all it takes" is for someone to 'flip a light-switch'
Of course... I would love for Mac to attempt to discredit my claims... because then he will be forced to accept them for what they are: FACTS ---->that is if he is intellectually honest.
I'm at the races so brief (that will break some hearts lol) but its the old church n state angle :) "church" is the group I refer too. have a good one, signing off at The Madhouse!
On the other hand, Clearly I misjudged Mac's intellectual priorities of placing fact above bullshit--- I stand corrected....some prefer ignorance, because it's easy, it does not conflict with behaviors and it requires no thought.

I tried.
I'm not exactly sure what you are referring too, that portion of the constitution had been debated to no end and the supreme Court has ruled, religious interests have no place in anything government, even if we don't agree, we can still have our opinions :)
Joe you will learn.... you are wrong and mike is ALWAYS right. No matter what.
I seriously do pray for those that can't or won't even try to distinguish between fact and opinion.... Nice to meet you other guys.
sorry if I hit a nerve. I do not mean to insult your religious convictions and opinions (beliefs) not agreeing with you, we are just talking.

I'm pretty sure they've outlawed prayer in the government schools everywhere in the USA, right?. Only allowed in priavely funded schools..... heck, in some places you can't even use the name of God in the pledge of allegiance, can't routinely fly a religious flag in a state or federal building, the list of separation of church state goes on and on....

it's not a matter of me being right or wrong, you can think the Supreme courts (federal and state) offered incorrect opinions, but their decisions become "fact" a far as dissecting the law(s) . I happen to share that as my opinion, you do not. I get that.

Here is a summary of supreme court decisions for review, the site has an interesting name, interesting but it is a good summary of cases, I did not verify them but checked 3-4 randomly and they were accurate.:

Here is a lot more detail for your reading pleasure:

Have a great night

darin good to see you stick your furry little troll face into this discussion to add nothing constructive , but that is your style .would you like chew toy or something? trip trap trip trap
+Clayton Thompson here is your "footbath" reference since you did not provide it:

They installed them because the bathrooms were being severely damaged due to water being overflowed and because people were slipping and being hurt on the wet floors, not specifically for religious reasons...and there was a huge fight In that case. it made sense to me to do it. here is the summary of the article and decision:

"This came from the maintenance staff, which was worried about the wet floors," she said. "We were also aware that if the university said students could not wash their feet in the sink anymore, that could present a different civil liberties problem, interfering with Muslim students' ability to practice their religion."
I see you went back and edited your post again from last night mike. You seem to be good for that a lot adding and taking things out. I wish Google+ didn't allow that. You and slut bag margaret like to do that a lot. When I called the cunt out for name calling and personally attacking me she went back and erased all that stuff. But anyway.... I must be starting to take after you....."adding nothing constructive" to the discussion, damn I guess it's true what they say hang around losers and you become one. Now run along fag boy and suck some more cock and slurp up that cum. Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!
darin, as you have resorted to name calling and personal insults, I accept your concession, but thanks for playing. but my post was edited to add more to it, and before anyone responded to it.
"darin good to see you stick your furry little troll face" ---- Well I'll take you concession first then Faggo. Because looks like you fired 1st in this tread. Oh that's right, typical liberal mind set. It's okay for you to call names and make personal insults but when someone does it to you, that's not fair. Crying like a little bitch again! Poor mike!

Now.... run along fag boy and suck some more cock and slurp up that cum. Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!
my my darin you are really such a fine Christian lol Is church out?
Please find in any of my threads where I said I was a Christian? FAG BOY!!
+Clayton Thompson well, you provided a few examples of things to support my statement, thanks for adding the list of some specific things that are prohibited by law.

The last paragraph is not my words, it was just the decision reached and places the article in context. You would have to ask the person that made that statement. besides why do I have to explain your supporting information? You made the statement about the article, not me :) But it clearly says they were installed to prevent from infringing on their rights to practice their religion.

Sorry you do not always agree with the Supreme Court, I don't either, but it is what it is............ and they have spoken, over and over and over.
Clayton - looks like he just proved your point for you. HA!
Ok Carl Rove lol

its YOUR reference, and YOUR article( I only posted it because you failed to do so), and it fails to prove YOUR point LOL On the surface it seemed to , but when you actually read it, its very clear why it was done, and why it was allowed. E for effort, Good try tho heheheh

Yes, tis a complicated issue, lots of differing opinions, yours and mine differ.

"teachers that pray in their classrooms are accused of a hate crime"

Cite your references for this please?
But if you want to resort to calling me an "idiot" because I do not share your opinion, your concession is respectfully accepted.

have a great day.
lol darin, you are really funny. you and I we were not debating anything, you offered nothing to even consider for discussion, so there is nothing to concede. How was church today?
+Clayton Thompson Sir, you made reference to the the issue of footbaths, not I. Its not my argument, its was yours. Sorry :)

But you did call me an idiot, control, openmindedness and objectiveness is key in discussions, if not we all become "darins". I can not really say I agree or disagree with his views, he never presents them, only spews vulgarity and hate against anyone that shows any even slightly liberal views. is that what you agree with? I hope that is not what you are saying....

Have a good one
ok darin:

Darin Walker11:49 AM
Please find in any of my threads where I said I was a Christian? FAG BOY!!

so you are not a christian, is that what you mean? What exactly are you saying? or are you just being vauge and non-specific as usual? That I can believe, no christian, nor anyone of religious faith I know would use such vile language and spew such hate towards their fellow human beings. if your atheist, how can you claim to be a "conservative"? That would make you just another God-less liberal, wouldn't it?

So what is it? Your being called out again.
Still waiting on those references FAG BOY. You think your such a master at finding information. Find it! Faggo!

When you're dealing with a dumb fucking cunt ass douche bag like yourself some times that's the only way you can deal with them thru vile language and spewing hate. Do you think I give a shit!?!? You and whore bag margaret brought it on yourself if you can't take it don't dish it out! I got plenty more where this came from. Like I've said I've tried to ignore your post and not engage with you but you seem to like to call me out and every time you do I'm just going to bash on you with more vile language and hate. Doesn't bother me.
WOW! you really are a fucking complete total dumbass. You are 2 for 2 this morning. I'll ask you..... can you tell me where in any of my post where I referenced me being a conservative? Using your own words "Cite your references for this please?" I'll be waiting for all those references.

Clayton just add me to your block list because I'm not going to stop. I'm tired of this worthless piece of shit. He's earned everything he is getting.
lol, darin, so are you a Christian Conservative or a God-less liberal? Simple question, you could clear up any misunderstandings very effortlessly.
That's fine man. It's all good. I don't take it personal. Keep up the good fight dude.
+Clayton Thompson meet the "real" darin. Careful who you call "we" , I am not sure you would agree you and he are really that much alike..... he even disclaims he is a conservative.....
I've been right here. Never tried to hide who I am. Never said I was a conservative or I go to church every Sunday. I'll PayPal anyone $100 that can find a reference to either of those in any of my post. I try to have a civil debate with people but once I'm called names or personally attacked the gloves come off.
your right, you never said.....but all your statement against anything liberal pretty much qualify your position pretty clearly.

so say now.

hahah so what is your answer?
Go on the record.

One does not have to participate in organized, commercial religious institutions/interests be be a Christian. Most don't any more.

So let's debate something, actually state your position. Then we can discuss, the first one that resorts to personal attacks and insults loses and concedes by default. if you provide a "fact" you also have to provide the "basis" for that fact and acknowledge the actual root cause of that fact being a fact before you can use it to defend your position.
You may be asked a series of questions to qualify your basis and root cause, you are required to answer them. you should expect the same from me.

Agree? Lets go :)
You can't have an engaging debate with such a mis-informed dumb ass like yourself. Between your lies, your opinion you try to use as facts, and the way you try to twist things to suit your views, there just no way to have an engaging debate. That's why I just skip over your blabbing bullshit and pay it no mind. Just like in this thread Clayton has destroyed you and all your points yet you continue to fight and try to twist and misrepresent the facts and try to use your views and opinion as the gospel. That's why it's pretty much useless to try to debate with you. Most people out here know that.

My answer is... go fuck yourself. No one died and left you king of the internet. I don't answer to you, nor does anyone else out here. You might think you are all high and mighty out here but guess what to me you a small worthless piece of shit and that view is shared by a lot more folks out here.. I don't have to tell you or explain shit to you because you are nobody.

He's my're a fucking dumb ass. And that's not up for debate. You've proven that time and time again.

I've tried and tried to leave you alone but you just won't let it go so all I can say is if you keep calling me out I'm just keep bashing on you. And I don't care what you or anyone else out here things about me. I'll tell them like I told Clayton. Don't like what I'm saying hit the block button. Problem solved.
LOLOLOLOL Sir, I accept your defeat, and concession. Jolly Good show.

as you said, Feel free to continue to "just skip over your blabbing" I am sure many here would welcome it.

Have a great day
HA! HA! You keep thinking that you little peter puffer. You got OWNED!!
+Clayton Thompson

as far as darin, I offer this for your consideration.

You say you support his position.

What is his position? Did he ever indicate that?

humor me for one minute, please. Honestly consider the things he said. Were they supporting you? or were they egging you on?

He never said anything about his position,, here are
his "contributions (minus the many profane tirades to try to discredit me) just:

Darin Walker12:17 PM
Clayton - looks like he just proved your point for you. HA!

Darin WalkerYesterday 7:56 PM+1
Joe you will learn.... you are wrong and mike is ALWAYS right. No matter what.
I think that if you look at this, you may see his only intent is to rile you and +Joe Dan Gorman up and get you to fight with me. That's what he does in EVERY thread here.
You don't have to believe me, you can read and judge for yourself.

I mean, I thought you seemed maybe a little concerned that you called me an idiot in what was an otherwise civil discussion, did you do that on your own, or did darin's "cheerleading" help push you to do that?

Maybe I am mistaken, I am not trying to tell you I am right and you are wrong, i just ask that you look objectively and consider the possibilities, and form then your opinion. My opinion is he is plain and simple, a troll, nothing more, nothing less. He is here to stir the pot, incite, spread hate and unfortunately, he gives all of those with conservative views a very very bad name.

that's just my opinion, whatever yours is I respect that, we all have to make up our own minds, no one can tell us what to think or believe. That, sir , is our freedom.

Have a great day
More insults and profanity, tsk tsk, i am seriously starting to think you are a research project, a very successful experiment in artificial stupidity. Someone may win the Nobel prize here
You beat me to the stupidity prize peter puffer.
Translation: "I know you are but what am I" 
Keep showing us what a fucktard you are mike.

darin I'm pretty sure the conservative readers here are very impressed by your potty mouth. I hope +Fox News understands your profane rants are driving away their conservitive readers. you have been called out for all to see. 
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It's sad isn't it Charles. The little cock sucker just keeps on and on. He must have some type of learning disability or something. He's had his ass handed to him by everyone in this thread but he continues to come in here and spew his bullshit and cry like a little bitch. It's a sad life he must live. He just won't let the shit go, so it's HAMMER TIME!!
Poor mike still crying like a little bitch. Your just a puny little ignorant man. You can't take it when some gives it back to you. But it does make for a good show. Bring it on little man you don't scare me the least bit.
You're not missing much Charles. Just his same ole bullshit...he's right and everyone else is wrong. You've seen it over and over before. Then when I start giving him shit he goes crazy like he's doing now. It's quite funny and entertaining.
Now you can go back and continue sucking cocks.
You know you like cock mike. Slurp it up boy!
You know you like cock mike. Slurp it up boy!
You know you like cock mike. Slurp it up boy!
You know you like cock mike. Slurp it up boy!
I guess they have no life Charles. Or are just a bunch of dumbasses.
what in the blue blazes are you on about now? you still ranting?
Charles LOL hide behind your block after you were called out by others for just copy and pasting everything :

"Why is it that whenever a Liberal tries to defend themselves..."

"Liberals think the government can spend and spend without limit. Libs never seem to offer an explanation for this....."

"It is amazing how Liberals cannot hear a thing because they are so busy espousing lies and Progressive rhetoric."

"Obama, by proposing nearly $500 billion more in government spending to "create jobs," demonstrates..."

"The revolutionary ideas of distributive justice have caused untold suffering and misery worldwide...."

charles, do you ever have an original thought or always just re-regurgitate what others tell you? The real irony is you are doing exactly what you claim the Left does hahaha, thats really comical.

charles is just a cut-n-paste bobble-head and darin is a liberal in disguise, here to incite the conservatives and give conservatism a bad name... Watch out or they may dupe you as they have others here :)
If the roles were reversed Charles it would be.
Lol... And through all of this... +Francis Moran NEVER got his question answered. Just more drivel about how Christians (and Bush, I'm sure) have terrorized the earth for eons. some skulls are too thick to penetrate... Let's see if those same liberals would find it to be art if someone draped a condom over a kuran...
and a huge amount lot of drivel from, ummm, others :)
Do you mean: "But when's the last time a "religion" forced any public polity?"

First, if you already have your mind made up and are here only to "convert" me or anyone, or "save" us, then there is no reason to discuss anything. Your mind is closed and you will only argue.

if you are here to discuss, then you are open to changing your opinion, then we can discuss.

"But when's the last time a "religion" forced any public polity?"

Well, again, that could be argued. Some would say that the "ultra conservatives" carry that cross (no pun intended) When talk of Christian values comes into if a candidate is "better" than a Mormon candidate, how one set of values are better then another to run our country,
well, that's religion influencing (or trying to influence) a political decision. Listen to Santorium, Perry, Bachmann, even Palin (if you can for more than 5 minutes)... If you can not see the religious agenda and overtones in about everything they spew, then I feel you are not being objective. My opinion only.

did we forget the "Moral Majority" of days gone by and how tight it was with the Right? it pretty much "drove" the Right back in it's day. Interesting reading and a tribute to Fawell:

Another reading pleasure article:

Influence of religion in politics is a Right wing thang.

The Right is publicly concerned because their core base is being eroded, mainly due to lack of "fundamentalists"
and the shift to the Left of the center of the GOP.

Here is some interesting reading which I DO NOT offer as any "fact", just for your consumption.:

and you may think that is BS, but that's ok too, we all have the freedom to think as we choose, I respect your opinion if you disagree , I just do not agree with you ;)
religion attempts to inject its self into politics every chance they get, but they have been check-mated for the most part by supreme court opinions....IMHO.
I honestly don't care if anyone "saved" you. I'd find it more entertaining to watch you burn in your own ignorance.
One could argue the same towards you Tim. After all, religious preferences and beliefs are purely individual opinions..... nothing more.

Did you have anything to add to discuss this, or is your mind closed for business, and you just prefer to offer insults?
Didn't insult... Made a statement. Take it and shove it up your rectal cavity... I can't even begin to tell you how little I care....
Ok, I respectfully accept your concession, have a great day
Torched him again Tim. Nice job!!!
He's a loser Berry. If he'd drop the shit I would leave him alone but he trolls me all over Fox and every post I post in he comes right behind me and post, trying to start some shit. I've tried to keep my distance from him and not engage with him but he just keeps trolling me so I will continue to bash him. I guess he likes it.
Because they aren't hugged enough as children...
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