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Missing's Ashley Judd may have found her way into a US Senate run.
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OMG the lunatics are taking over the asylum
I've seen her boobies.
she would do better just to stay away from politics and continue acting she will get more done and can be proud of it 
Why not? I'm sure we're running out of people who run up big bills and charge the taxpayer. They have to come from somewhere.
HAHAHAHA hey maybe she can show us her tits for votes :P
OK. I'm SURE that's not appropriate.
Great, another Holly-lib in the Senate....exactly what this country needs.
I don't care who runs, but McConnell needs to go. Saying your top priority is getting rid of the president is not just bad politics, its treasonous.  His top priority should be upholding the constitution.  
She's a PETA princess, what does she know about the economy, foreign policy outside of auto racing?
TO THE GUY WHO MADE A COMMENT ABOUT MITCH McConnell YOU ARE CORRECT but i will also say that if you think i am treasonous tells me you are a true idiot and have no idea what being a patriot it is not just getting rid of a president is important here its getting ride of a counterfeit and having hope for our children just like the one you are holding and i can tell you that he will destroy the constitution if we let him he did nothing to help America in the last four years and I can see what the future will bring.  With his second term means higher taxes, higher unemployment, and a lot more debt.  He never presented a budget.  Nor could he keep one.  He is spending your future and your son's future.  Your comment was not needed nor asked for.  Keep your ideas to yourself.  Fellow American phony  
Jeffrey Leachman, I won't comment on your Obama hater comments, but I said Mitch McConnell was treasonous, not ordinary citizens who oppose the president.  It is the citizen's responsibility to hold our elected officials accountable.  Again, McConnell is an elected official whose job is to uphold the constitution, not depose the other party.  The country is more important than the party.  
Jeffrey, you are correct. It is NOT treasonous. And yes, McConnell needs to so many other Republican "leaders".
As Christopher Lloyd said to Michael J. Fox in "Back to the Future", "Next thing you'll be telling me is that JERRY LEWIS IS SECRETARY OF STATE."
Pat B.
Don't you think it's about time for Harry Reid to exit?
Pat B - It's about time for a whole bunch of them to exit....unfortunately there are too many knuckleheads that continue to vote knuckleheads into these positions.
+David Sandoval Is that the 47% reliant on the government you refer to?  Unfortunately those who want free things rather than earning them will always want more free things rather than more work to earn it for themselves.  (Caveat: the 47% reliant on government are not all slackers and low work ethic individuals, many could be in a health situation that is not their fault.)
Oh God! Another stupid celebrity with out a brain.
BTW, Impeaching BHO would be a giant leap towards defending the Constitution.
Actually, she is an intelligent person. I just disagree with her politics.
+William Carlson  That's why the scientific and and research disciplines are predominately  liberals, and have been for centuries.

There are still a few "flat-earthers" around I know, do you guys have some reunion every year? You could combine it to be a "flat-earth-birther" reunion.

A few were voted out this time, and more will be next time, the Tea Party party is over, America is tired of their lies and obstruction.
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