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The U.S. will launch a manned mission to Mars in 2018 -- which will allow one man and woman to become the first humans ever to lay eyes on Mars.
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Don't get me wrong this great, but we don't even have a space program at the moment
First baby conceived and born in space!? There sure is enough time  during the trip for all that to go down :)
So, this thread turns into "Sex in Space".
They have to make sure they give that baby leagal status or else we are really talking about an elegal alien.
+Adam Bartlewski You've got to be shitting me. We do have a space program and it is as good as ever. Nasa phased out the shuttle so that privatized space flight would take its place. We still send heavy load bearing rockets up, launch satellites, and do loads of other cool shit. Do you not remember the mini van sized rover we just landed on Mars? Don't forget about the metric fuck ton of space telescopes that we have up there and the ones we're planning on sending up soon (see James Webb Space Telescope). Just because we're not sending people up via our space craft doesn't mean we're not doing cool space related science shit. 
You couldn't pay me to go to space way to scary space death for me is up there with burning to death or drowning or eaten by a shark no flipping way.
So we'll get the update in about 15 years?
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