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McDonald's agreed to pay members of the Muslim community to settle allegations a Detroit-area restaurant falsely advertised its food as being prepared according to Islamic dietary law.
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If McDonalds advertized its food as halal, then it is supposed to be halal, and I see nothing wrong with them paying a compensation.
Let's not blame fast food establishments for the ongoing Islamization of the United States.
Sweeten the deal to learn they are here on a temp visa or illegally..
Good, they need to learn that you can't advertise what you don't have.
yeah, I'm pretty sure there isn't any "real" meat in the McRib....
This is how Islam slowly intimidates countries it conquers...
This has nothing to do with the spread of Islam.  The local franchise operators in Detriot advertised certain menu items as halal ready.  When they'd run out of the halal food they'd replace it with regular, so actually the suit did have some merit.  McDonald's isn't being forced to provide halal food, they chose to in those two stores. It's false advertising if they weren't selling the halal food they said they were.  

It's not a big deal and has nothing to do with the spread of Islam.
Something similar happened in Seattle I think with Hindus. They didn't know/understand that the oil used at that time by McDonald's (Burger King?) had animal fats in it and wasn't vegetable oil. They tried to sue claiming that the company should have told them. It should be noted that there wasn't any prior claims or advertising made by the company.
Oops...  I agree with +Spencer Scott , it is BS that McD's misled those people, although I think $700K is a little steep , but like everyone else here, I do not know all the details and if they settled for that amount, even if they admitted no wrongdoing (which is customary in any settlement agreement) , there had to be more to it than nothing....
Why are they catering to any religious group in the first place?
+Tim Pearcy Money.  They must have a large islamic group in that area and want their business.
Yep. Your are correct moron they should eat third world diet and american corporation should stop sucking third world bloods for there profits. 
Not that I think any corp. should have to cater to any ethnicity/religions diet........... But, speaking as a lifelong Catholic, have you ever noticed when they really push their Fish Fillet sandwich?  All through the Lenten season.  Every year.  If they can make money by appealing to certain cultural food habits, more power to them.  But they shouldn't be misleading people.  Just put up a sign if you run out of the item.
+p.warren brown
i'm not a coward the truth hurt you isn't it?
And the profile of mine is none of your concern.
You mean it wasn't really a McGoat lunch?
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