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The Homeland Security Department wants to buy more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition in the next four to five years.
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If they are only using 15 million rounds per year...they are buying enough for 67 years worth of training......I'm throwing the bullshit flag on this one.  

They are either preparing for civil war or they are trying to dry up the supply chain for American's as a form of gun control.  Or perhaps it's being done for BOTH reasons....what do you think?

I can't believe Fox didn't ask the question about the math...I thought you were better than this.
IMHO they're preparing for a total devaluation of the dollar. When Soc. Sec. checks, welfare, food stamps, WIC payments can't be met there will be serious riots all over the country as there have been in Greece.
Maybe they really are thinking ahead and trying to save money. Oh wait, its the feds, never mind.
They are planning to begin training Storm Troopers.  The government has stated they will not build the death star, but have not ruled out the elite imperial forces.  We all know what crack shots the storm troopers are and should be able to understand the need for all the extra ammunition.
Why not look and see how many they bought in the previous 5 you fucking retards.
By their own accounts they use approximately 15 million rounds per year.  If Homeland is buying 1.6 billion rounds that is enough to last for 67 years.
These numbers don't even include the purchases made by NOAA, IRS, the Department of Education, FBI, etc...this is JUST for Homeland Security
Maybe they ran out of ammo....or did you conspiracy buffs miss the obvious????
Why the hell does the Department of Education, or NOAA need ammo? Why do those departments need guns at all? Since when is a gun used to check the weather?
Yeah that's part of their mission alright. Kill people with the weather and education. Then again, maybe it is for the re education camps.
To keep us from buying them. Then they will only allow bullets that disintegrate (365 day shelf life), then they'll freeze bullet sales and wait 365 days to strip away the remaining civil liberties left in this country. 
When the economy collapses, perhaps then we see their intent when the riots begin and the govrn't calls for our mortgages to be paid along with the rest of our dept so they can continue their charade. 
Obama has given foreign police powers in the US.  The bullets are for them also.  Here comes the brigade! 
You know who is responsible for your security Wes? You are. Yeah that's right. Where is your firearm son? Why aren't you doing your part to protect yourself, your family, those around you?
+James May
You got your answer, where is your reply Mister? There is something fishy going on, oh well see you in the camps.
If the government was really arming to "get" us, I doubt my Glock would help me against a fucking tank.  You people are delusional.  It's pretty said.
+Dwayne Mattson How long will it take (that it doesn't happen) until you'll admit you're wrong? Will you just find some other Horse full of crazy to ride instead?  There are no fucking camps.
You can't make an argument without being insulting, typical.
Research the "Freedom Group"  They have been buying Gun and Ammo companies for years.  You are a sheep eating the shit they shovel out there to make you afraid so you'll buy more guns and ammo.  It's fucking comical.
+Dwayne Mattson I don't need to "make" an argument.  Facts don't support your side so there can be no argument.  LOL
You're a troll. There have been far too many coincidences lately, and I've seen the empty ammo shelved at my local stores. Believe what you like.
Well I guess you're fucked when big scary Obama comes to getcha.  Do some research and use your fucking brain.  Think.... Does it seem reasonable that the Government would do the things you worry about (Keep in mind they haven't yet ie No camps)? or is it more likely that someone like the "Freedom Group", The NRA, etc is laughing all the way to the bank with your money?  Before you answer... look up Rhetorical and then don't bother.  Enjoy your paranoid delusion.
+James May There have been two identical bills proposed by Democrats in, I believe, Indiana and Illinois that will require everyone to turn in their guns and ammunition after so many days. We're not just talking about assault rifles. We're talking about almost all firearms. 

Don't go thinking the pro-2nd amendment people are just paranoid. 
There's been one proposed here in Washington State too, the description covers just about any gun made that isn't a single shot.
Proposed means nothing.  I could propose that you suck donkey dick and need to be castrated.  That doesn't mean it's going to happen.  I own a gun.  Read my comments again as you clearly missed the point.
I flagged him as abusive, if you can't make an argument without being an ass, you have lost the argument.
+James May So your solution to any proposed legislation is not to worry because it's just proposed? Great logic on that one.
Sigh.  Lost is the correct word but not for me.  Dwayne, seriously, for your own good....  Research what I am talking about.  It's all there if you just use your brain and think logically about what's happening.  Who stands to benefit from all the gun paranoia? (hint... one company owns nearly every major gun company)  Use your brain.
+Robert Soyars Not at all.  It will not pass if it's even real in the first place.  Please send the links to this proposed legislation (I found none... save a banning on guns for school grounds) but it seems that was proposed in 2009,2010,2011,2012, and it looks it was brought back for 2013.   The site didn't seem very legit so who knows.  It seems another site shows that there is a bill to undo a ban on guns in public places... Now wait a minute...  that doesn't sound right at all.  LOL  Let's pick and choose which crazy we want to talk about.
We can meet here again in a year and I can point and laugh when you guys are wrong yet again.  When were those death camps coming btw?  LOL
So... Again, death camps.  When were they coming?  LOL  It's a pretty fucking direct question.  As were my other points you guys chose to ignore.  Have a good night.
Research the "Freedom Group"  They have been buying Gun and Ammo companies for years.
I'll ask again.  Does it seem reasonable that the Government would do the things you worry about (Keep in mind they haven't yet)? or is it more likely that someone like the "Freedom Group", The NRA, etc is laughing all the way to the bank with your money?  Before you answer... look up Rhetorical and then don't bother.  Enjoy your paranoid delusion.
Washington SB 5737 would make just about any gun other than a single shot unlawful to own.
It really is out there (the truth) if you look... "Murray, Kline and Kohl-Wells waited until well into the session to introduce their package, pandering to their liberal Seattle base with no serious expectation of passage"
Nah... they don't.  Read up on who actually benefits from the paranoia regarding gun control and things will start to make sense.
Because they(bullets) are flying off the shelves! They are afraid they may be all gone
Another..... Waste of taxpayer dollars. When is the Government going to learn this!
Anyone who believes this story is a dumbass
So I'm a dumbass, you're still a liberal. I may be dumb, but I don't have a mental disorder like you do.
+Mitch Stokely Maybe they ran out of ammo ammo? You can't be that stupid can you? they ran out so they ordered enough for 67 years. They don't use holo points for practice heck the military dosent even use holo points as its against international law
+James May So you think the Afghans and Vietnamese are stronger than us american citizens BC our military sure couldn't beat Vietnam and are having a hard time beating Afghanistan. Sounds to me like your just a coward, 
What really sucks is that all the reloadable brass will go to scrap for destruction instead of being reloaded. They should be using reloads for practice if that is what all those rounds are for.
+James May You are delusional if you believe our government is actually for us. You have been brainwashed to believe everything the media tells you instead of researching for yourself. You make the same kind of arguments Germans use to make refusing to believe the so called conspiracies right up untill the Nazis took complete control. The Nazis didn't take Germany by force they were elected and then slowly took complete control by passing laws much like we see being passed here. Such as govt. Health care, private citizen army (its in obamacare if you would actually read it). Now they can legally kill or indefinitely detain you without trial for being on there list( pro life, pro marriage,support Ron Paul, want to c Obamas real BC). If you believe it can't happen here than UK m sorry to say you are either blind or a dumbass
It seems Billy has a reading comprehension problem.
+billy routh Feast your eyes: (Apparently you are delusional)

ICE's ammunition requests in the last year included:
— 450 million rounds of .40-caliber duty ammunition
— 40 million rounds of rifle ammunition a year for as many as five years, for a total bullet-buy of 200 million rounds
— 176,000 rifle rounds on a separate contract
— 25,000 blank rounds