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After a deadly eight-day conflict, Israel and Hamas militants agreed to a ceasefire effective Wednesday evening, the Egyptian foreign minister announced at a press conference:
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sad sigh children.... innocent people die! 
Israel does all it can to maintain peace but along come the Iranians supplying the Hamas via Syria at the behest of Russia and this is what happens. 
It won't be long Hamas will start shooting rockets into Israel again. I think Hamas agrees to a cease fire so they can regroup.
I'm sick of the whole thing. It's their problem not ours. Quit sending money and supplies to Israel. All of it can be better used at home.

+Michael Johnson "It's their problem not ours" is usually referred to as isolationism. Is that what you're advocating? Would you have let Hitler take control of Europe, or Hirohito take control of East Asia? Dude, you're pathetic.
Christians and Jews are called to support Israel. We stand united!
+Paula Ortiz So Christians and Jews are the only people who get a vote? Muslims, Coptics, Buddhists, Atheists, Jainists, Hindus, etc. don't count? Fuck you.
Why? Why am I pathetic? We are wasting valuable resources and dollars that could be put to better use here. I mean, if you don't think that soaring job loss and rising debt is an issue.
You must take care of your own back yard first. 
Also. I am particularly tired of Israel and the whole Gaza strip ordeal. I say than the U.N. should let Egypt annex Gaza. That way the people would have better leadership and a more centralized government.

Dear Mr. Denmark, it's not a matter of voting. Instead it is a matter of faith. Also, please feel free to discontinue the use of foul language. It implies that one lacks manners and intelligence.
+Paula Ortiz News flash: not everyone depends on "faith". It's OK if you do, but some of us give more weight to facts, since they are more reliable. Also, if you assume that the use of foul language is always the result of the lack of intelligence, that is your mistake, and it's up to you, not me, to correct.
+Noah Willson The question of who "fired first' is the whole fucking (no, I won't be a pussy and write "freaking" when everybody knows what I really meant) problem. That question probably goes back to the establishment of Israel in Palestinian land in 1947.
God gave the land to the Israeli's the Palestinians are squatters  it like this you leave your land 40yrs and you don't sell the land you come back and find people living there and they say they own the land
If you are a true Christian, you know that anyone that curses Israel, God promises to curse and those that bless Israel God will bless.  God also promised that their enemies will come against them on way and flee before them several ways. Israel is to God like a wife and he is jealous over her like a husband over his wife and will defender against all  who would oppose her,  in history every nation that took Israel captive and treated her inhabitants badly are no longer in existence, but Israel is yet here, the Medes, the Persians, the Roman Empire, all were destroyed.  If the US turns her back on Israel, we too will fall, and there will be NO remedy for our slide into extinction.
Wow........ I love how this has degraded into religious rhetoric.
When you discuss the Holy Land and the two factions fighting there, religion can not be absent from the discussion. From the original Jewish settlement to the current battle for Gaza, religion was and is at the heart of it!
Well. The Israelites. Took the land by force. (More atrocities in the name of God.) Then lost it to the forces of Islam. (More war and atrocities in the name of God) Then in the 40's we helped establish the new state of Israel. And the sh!t has been hitting the fan ever since.
There needs to be a lasting peace built on principals other than religion. Because until then the fighting over who worships the SAME God!!!!! Correctly will never end.

And one last thought. Muslims and Jews are all the sons of Abraham. This is literally a thousand year old family feud. 
They are indeed related and they have been fighting for many years. I hope for peace for all those involved, but believe the war will rage on because some Islamic groups will never tolerate Jews living on one square inch of the Holy Land.
+Delbert Childers You are so wrong.  The Jews exterminated the Canaanites to get the land in the first place.  Perhaps, you think that genocide is okay.  The British Empire gave the land to the Zionists to the dismay of those living there.  It's been hell ever since.  Speaking as  Jew, I don't think that the religious arguments hold much weight on this issue.  I do however agree with +Michael Johnson .  Egypt annexing Gaza isn't a bad idea.  It'd have to be seriously examined first, of course. 
+Michael Johnson This is historical fact and nothing to do with religion. Beside God hates religion and loves relationships.
The Bible makes that clear, Jesus Chided the religious leader of his day and called them hypocrites and snakes becasue the held to the letter of the law and not the spirit of it.  the spirit of the law is filled with love, warmth and compassion, the letter of he law is cold cut and dried and devoid of human compassion. GOD always gives mankind choices, chose Him who is light and love, we choose the spirit of the law or choose hatred and lack of compassion which is. and we choose the death.  God will never eave himself without a witness in the Earth. Jesus was God's best  and perfect witness.
+Noah Willson is very accurate, that land was promised to Israel in the days of Abraham, "the Earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof and they that dwell therein"  So the Earth ultimately belongs to God and if he gave it to Israel, vis Abraham for an inheritance To Abraham and his seed, the children of Israel.  An the scriptures is in part a written deed for the land. they are the only people on the face of the earth that got land from the ultimate land owner. So Palestine have no claim. they lost claim when God dispossessed them after sinning on the land for over 400 years.
+Mac Butts   Your disbelief does not change the historical facts. I know you don't believe that, but that's understandable. God constantly seeks to reveal himself to us through various means and circumstances so he can reveal his will for our lives. we are free to accept his will or reject his will, each carries with it a consequence. HE says in Isaiah, Come now let us reason together. GOD wants a relationship with each and everyone of us. I came to reason how my life was going and realized that God had a better plan for my life. I did not want to be a teacher, but I felt pulled in that direction and I became an adult Sunday School teacher. that had never been my desire, not in a million years would I have ever thought I'd be a teacher. but I found in obedience To God;'s Revealed will I find is Peace and Joy.  Apostle Paul says we can know the will of God becasue the Word of God reveals the mind of God through Jesus Christ, who is the living Word.  If you trusted God and accept his will for your life you to can learn to have peace and joy in your heart beyond what you have experienced.  As King David says, 
"Taste and See that the Lord is good, blessed (happy) is the man that trusts in him. But enough with the Sunday School lesson. And Mac You may not know it now, but if you'd truly try God, and not religion, you'd fins out how right his Word is. what I am saying is don't trust me, try him for yourself. I can help you but it's up to you and your own heart as to where it will lead.  I do Know that he says that he loves you very much, as a father loves the son of his heart, and what good Father does not want to communicate to his son?
+Leo Fox you are exactly correct Religion cannot save the world, but a genuine relationship with God would. 
Yes +Leo Fox therein Leo Fox is the rub. He that comes to God must first believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him.  Even God dose not try to prove his existence.  But the heavens (Space) declare the glory of God and the firmament (the skies) reveals his handy work.  Day unto day utters speech night unto night shows knowledge and there is no speech or language where their voice is not heard.  God reveals himself to us in nature.

He does it through our conscience when our conscious is affronted when we do what we know in our heart is wrong. like when a person steals, how they look to see if someone is watching , his conscience is "pricking" him.  Unfortunately if we constantly override our conscience, it will eventually falls quite in that area; what is called a "seared conscience" which is dangerous for a mankind. We called  it "a moral compass" today.  

Finally God reveals himself through his Word, I know there has  been so much talk about the validity of the Scriptures and about who wrote or authorized it, but let me assure you, it just a lot of excuses made up by people who just do not want to obey God and to settle their conscience. Those people have not understood they will have to account to God for the blood of those precious souls led astray from God  based on those false assumptions.  

What is the price of the soul as far as God is concerned?  there is no price we can put on it. to God a soul is priceless.; so much so he came as Jesus Christ to redeem or buy us back from the slave marketplace of souls entrapped by sin. (see John 3:16). So since God does not try to prove his existence, I am not greater than God that I should try to do what he does not. I can only show you the way, the rest of the journey lies with you. tow roads, two choices. God always gives us choices, each carries with it, it's own set of consequences, Some very ,very excellent and some very un-excellent (see Deuteronomy chapter 28) so the decision is up to you. 
+Mac Butts  Than you for your response. but i have to tell you the truth.  God does no speak to those who do not believe.  and yes he does speak through people, he commanded "go out into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature"  I would have to know what tp say  fi I am to carry out that great commission.So he would not have mentioned my name to anyone that does not believe in him, We have a difference of opinion, but I did not try to make you look small or to ridicule you. While you may not believe as I do,  that's okay- you are entitled. but one's disbelief will not change the reality of his existence. If I told you I had a million dollars in a 1"X 1" box, and you did not believe, but I had a diamond on the box worth, at minimum, 1 million dollars, did your disbelief render it non existent?  We do not see the wind but we see it's effect; this is how Christ compared the moving of his Spirit.  God by his Spirit comes and goes and we don't know where he comes from or where he goes, but the resulting physical manifestation is made real.  What Christ was saying it is nearly impossible for man to understand God's ways, without faith. 

Mac what I am telling is not something I take lightly,.  Sharing the Good News is important and a deadly serious undertaking as men's souls hang in the balance.  The soul is a precious thing in the Sight of God worth t h price of his Son's Royal blood ( He is King of kings just like God his father)   You can actually lean about God, and not the anecdotes people have told you, or old wives tales (no offence ladies) you can know him for yourself, and Mac you'll be fully surprised he's not like you may think he is, he's so immeasurably better, and you can know for sure for yourself.

When each of us faces God in the end, we will have to answer to him,  each of us for ourselves. There will be no excuses, no finger pointing to blame someone else and no feigning ignorance but in order to answer, you have to know what the question is.  God sees our heart before we get to him. and make no mistake, he knows the whole truth about us before we speak.  As I have experienced the love of God in my life, the changes were nothing short of a miracle.  
Am I a righteous person? without Christ in my life, even my best day would fall so far short. it's like having a target 100 yards in front of me and I pull back the bow with all my strength, the arrow flies and falls 1/2 a foot in front of me. Without Christ I can never hit the mark that God has set. But With Christ strength of character and his righteousness that I get closer and closer every day, it's by his strength, I learn to pull back that bow and make the range to the target and as I continue to learn about him, one day I will hit that target .  
Mac I don't know what you have been told in the past or your past experiences, nor can I accurately determine what you have come to believe; but I was, more than likely, just like you one point in my life.  Trying to find satisfaction in things and people and events, only to look one day and still feel that empty space in my heart. i came to realize nothing on Earth will fill it until I gave God my life and a real honest chance, and he showed himself faithful to his Word.  I've been thinking about a book of how Christ changed my life and how I came to understand the Scripture
"If any man  be in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are passed away, behold all things have become new."

 I was made brand new in my spirit and my soul. I stopped abusing drugs, without cold turkey, I quit womanizing, lying, and deceitful behavior and no cravings, no desires for it and I have not looked back to that life again.  Christ has changed millions lives and I am one of those millions.  If you decide you want o really get to know God for yourself, you might want to start with the book of John if you have any questions you can write me at I'd be more than happy to do my very best to help you. have a great week
I don't give a fuck what one bullshit religion says vs what another bullshit religion says. Israel is oppressing Palestinian people. That's an empirical fact. That's what we need to deal with in the real world. Or, you can wait for God to sort it out. Good luck with that. Let me know how it works out after a few thousand more casualties.
No they are not. Study your history. There really is no Palestine. That is why all this fighting is so crazy. Wow. People don't read anymore.
If your referring to the Philistines because that is what Palestinians realy are, it is truely ironic. I do read my Bible however, that is not where my information is coming from. Palestinians are just misplace Israel's. I realize that not everyone believes as I do, and that is ok. What I find interesting about people who are not Christians is that there are so many things in the Bible that have come to pass, how can they just ignore it?
Sorry, I don't agree with you. It has been very nice talking to you. Have a great day and God bless you. : )
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