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Do you think Sen. Marco Rubio's water-swig during his response to the State of the Union Tuesday night was a career-ender?
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It's nothing.  Nobody cares except moonbat liberals who are trying to distract from the SOTU nonsense and lies.

Of course, we have a democrat senator banging underage hookers, but Rubio drinking water is what the media reports.
it was a stunt on purpose, kind of like the best commercial add. the party needs a new name, so they need to get noticed. :)
Right but because it became "A thing" it's something he'll have to deal with over and over again. Every election for the next little bit, it will be used against him. Not a career ender, but something he'll have to overcome when trying to form public perception. 
Maybe, but we are talking about the low-information voting public (aka democrats) who won't vote for him anyways.
You're showing all your cards man. You're not suppose to do that. 
If people won't vote for him because he took a drink of water during a speech, then they are part of the low-information (aka stupid) voting block.
I heard about it and how much of an issue it was supposed to be.  I thought to myself that it had to be a really odd site considering the attention it had grabbed.  Then I finally saw it and while it was slightly awkward my reaction was that it seems that all of the hype about it was actually more perplexing. I just don't see the big deal.  So, he took a moment to sip a drink of water.  Oooooo...
If MSNBC or CNN doesn't ask the Hard Questions, Who Will?
Hahahahaha--officials can lie, steal, commit adultery, engage in pedophilia, manipulate, murder, and a mere drink of water is a "career ender"?  Hahahahahaaa
Oh yes CNN ask those hard questions!  Can't stop laughing
If he grabbed a Budweiser, I'd vote for him. Now, his chances aren't as good.
It was the wrong choice in the first place. 
Joe Gayle
If people actually use this in anyway to influence their vote, we as a country are in trouble. 
+Joe Gayle you must be new to the internet, and politics. All sides will do anything they can to make sure the vote is influenced in their favour. 
If I were him, I'd make a huge joke about it.  I'd sign on with Ozarka or Dasani and do ads.  I'd start a company selling "Rubio Agua....the Right stuff".  Next time I was on camera, I'd "get caught" with a bowl of ice cream.  The possibilities are endless.  Have fun with it, show people you are real.
Unfortunately they do. Remember Howard Dean lost his chances after the big shout of excitement. 
This is a drink of water to clear his throat--not the roar of a crazy man. 
it's just ridiculous how much attention a drink of water has caused? Seriously, with all the 'real' issues we have as a country right now, why are we so consumed with him drinking water? Does anyone actually care about the issues at hand? Our crazy deficit? The fact congress has yet to pass a budget .. in what 4 years?!? The media needs to get their priorities straight!
Big bird, binders of women, now water drinking.  Nothing new from shallow, non-thinking liberals.
Let's remember those who made this a big deal. The morons in the media. They need to fill airtime and are generally not bright enough to come up with some real news. 
Christie has proven himself to be just another Rhino.
He should have blamed Bush like the left does for everything.
I understand that Maine's new governor, Paul LePage is making Christie look like a quiet man.  I am checking him out.
Only little minded people would comment about this.
How about that Benghazi thing Democrats? Why was the President derelict in his duties while people were dying? Too busy playing golf to worry about a few government employees.
Have people really become this petty that after all that was said, for or against, all we can talk about is a guy taking a drink of water. The media really needs to "grow up"
How dare the man get thirsty! Burn him at the stake!
If we act (as it is) like it's nothing, NOTHING will happen with this. We've got to STOP letting Democrats tell us that we have to eject our best-n-brightest.  We need instead to eject THEIRS.
Fascinating that this is even a question.
Completely not a career ender!!.. His career will end when people figure out his rebuttal was based on what he thought the Pres was going to say not what he actually said. Also when GOP realize that majority of hispanics hardly relate to Cubans and they don't need him anymore. . Its funny when I heard his speech I was really trying to figure how his vision wasn't the same vision the Pres just spoke of, but it all came to light when I read an article about a Democrat Senator who in the article was clearly stated as being a Democrat but the commentary had all these people blasting the news organization because they had to google if he was a dem or repub. Most people read and hear what they want. It's time to teach people how to research. 
Fascinating. I heard TAX and SPEND from the president, and I heard CUT SPENDING from  Rubio. Seems pretty plain to me.
+Jay Carlson While I understand where you only heard that portion of it. I would recommend listening and noting key moments from each speech and comparing both.  Btw I'm against Federal Government Spending for many programs
Oh, I also heard BHO say "Grow Government", "Grow Government", "Grow Government"!
I saw a lot of coverage about the liberal media's coverage of Senator Rubio taking a drink.  Maybe I didn't tune into the right show, but I would have liked to see coverage of Senator Rubio's speech.  I missed the actual speech.
It was horrible. You didn't miss anything.
+David Essex Brainless FOX Troll. Contributes nothing with his drive by one liners. Worthless Oxygen bandit.