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Check out the excitement of one of the lucky #powerball  winners as he realized he just won millions in this video.
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Later he'll remember this as "the moment it all went wrong" as total strangers start calling, needing help, pretending to be lost relatives, members of his family and friends dying as people try to get close to him, and after the money separates him from friends and family, he'll wish it never happened.

The lottery is every bit as deadly as crushing poverty. But at least people in poverty work for honest reasons: hunger.
"But at least people in poverty work for honest reasons: hunger." Everyone does. The farther away we get from fighting for our daily sustenance the more we win that battle against starvation.  
If you pay the stupid tax and get hit by lightning, life is good. For a while.
This is such a genuine human reaction! I would say it's priceless, but it's really worth some 300 million bucks.
Just think, now he can buy everyone on his Christmas list Hostess Twinkies for gifts!
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