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A recent radio and billboard ad campaign is intended to stop those with clean criminal records from buying firearms for felons who legally can't buy guns on their own. 
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Have they blames President Obama yet?
Somehow it's gotta be Bush's fault, right?
An AD campaign? Seriously? I am sure it will be just as effective as any of those gun control laws...(sarcasm)
What a joke. The required background check needs to be done away with altogether. 
Ron N
Here we go again. Let's stop law abiding gun owners from selling their guns illegally to criminals. Because that is what they are known for. Can't trust those law abiding citizens.
Do not take away guns, the federal government has taken to much power as it is, give rights back to the people, for the people, the way our country was designed, taking guns away wont fix the problem because if some one really wants to kill some one they will do it with a gun law in place, lets stay conservative America and bring this nation back and lets NOT make a 9 dollar minimum wage because that will make many loose jobs and make the value of the dollar worthless and everything will become more expensive.
My bottom point is I came to this country from Russia for hope and a new life and I don't see it with the government getting more control and less states right, businesses will fail, it is part of life but that is how our country got to be where it is by risk taken and failing and by that we grew as a nation to be what we are today, lets not ruin what we have become and make a real change, and restore the USA!
If they don't prosecute the laws now how do they expect to enforce any new laws? This is absolutely ridiculous. The bans wouldn't stop any crimes and they know it, they just need a fear campaign to run to keep support up and the focus off the real issues. 
+William Myers 

That would require a politician to actually know what the hell they're doing in the first place. 

Think about it, how often does a politician come from an ACTUAL working position to begin with. A Real Blue Collar Joe.

The majority of the time, they started rich and their whole family has been in politics, or they started rich and they've always been the head of a major corporation...

or in Obama's case he was a lawyer on Government grants and entitlements, and still never worked a real mans job in his life.
Don't get me wrong, I'm all in favor of capitalism. I just think a preRequisite for the position of President should be they have to start a company from nothing, build it from the ground up. And it has to survive without Government assistance for at least 5 years. Then they can run for a political position, which they have to hold successfully for no less then two terms; following which they may then run for President. 

or some variation of that.
+Ivan Lord The reasoning behind most of these arguments people have about guns are somewhat ridiculous, Americans love guns Period. No one is arguing to take them all away, all they are trying to do is create some type of sensible background check system , it may not make a huge difference, However if one life can be saved this way why not ? Secondly, $9 min wage is a good thing. If we didn't have a minimum wage then you would see employment like China . While I support capitalism , it has its evils as well. It would be wrong not to identify them and have solutions in place.  I have a small business and I prefer to pay people more than min wage, First it improves the quality of life . They can buy more and support the economy . They tend to value the job more and work harder. You get what you pay for!. I get how your past experiences in Russia would leave you with a negative opinion about government control. The illusion is that they control things.  However, its us the citizens that are in control,  we vote them in, if we choose not to act and change our leaders then it is our fault. The difference between America and the rest of the world is that we think of new ideas , new ways , we discuss and we change , that is what our true american conservatism is.   
Speaking of billboard campaigns...
Quoting: In an effort to help awaken believers and non-believers alike to “the wickedness and evil that abound in our country,” WND founder Joseph Farah has launched a dramatic new national billboard campaign featuring the Ten Commandments.
+Nirav Patel One life could also be saved by requiring everyone to pass a swim test before getting in a pool. One life could be saved by requiring everyone to attend a class on power tools, safe driving, ladders, cooking, etc. etc. 

One life saved is not worth such a blatant infringement on the 2nd Amendment. Those that would sacrifice their liberty for security deserve neither and will lose both. 

Background checks lead to registration, registration leads to confiscation, confiscation leads to enslavement. That's why not.

#guncontrol   #NotOneMoreInch  
+Neil Archambault While your argument is valid on other requirements that can be placed and the infringement on liberty for security, I am a supporter of the 2nd Amendment , but lets be logical, Ar-15's or any other guns are not going to stop the government from enslaving anyone.  They are in no shape or form more powerful then the drones.  However, we have one of the best weapons against any part of the government "our vote." 

We should do everything in our power to make sure guns don't get into hands of people who are not law abiding citizens
Nirav Patel you seem to have a liberal mind set; but what good does it to do to have the government take away guns, Now I know the liberal answer, ''anything we can do to save one live'' awnser and here is what I have to say to that, goverment taking away an 2nd Ameendment will not fix the problem, violence will still be here and it is a sad part of the sinful world we live in but to think goverment can fix gun vilonece is absurd; just so other people reading this know something else about what are goverment is doing to get into our bussiness, they are now requring that every car has a back camera to it to save a child;(I dont think it will do anything really to help) but now every one has to pay an extra 1,500 hundred doallers when buying a car.
what else will the government take, soon it wont be '' for the people'' but what ever government feels like doing to the peoples rights''
Gun laws wont fix the problems folks.
+Larry Hunter Then you don't agree with 99% of the current firearms laws. A criminal by definition is someone who doesn't follow the law. If a criminal wants a gun, they will get one. If a criminal wants to use a gun to commit a crime, they will. No law is going to stop them.

The laws that are in place only affect the law abiding. 
I'm glad but it's only going to have more people buying off the street.
+Jay Carlson Where? Private sales are legal in most states.   In my home state it is legal to sell a firearm to anyone who you in good faith believe is legally allowed to posses one. 
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