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A tour bus carrying dozens of men, women and children from Tijuana, Mexico, crashed in the mountains of Southern California.
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That's it! We need to ban buses, they are killing people.
Next thing you know they will ban roads and make us all ride bikes with training wheels
Urgh, Americans... this situations in incomparable, this was an accident... if there was an extensive history of people using busses to deliberatly kill people in the streets then i'm sure your goverenment would consider tighter retrictions on drivers...
Actually, that's the point. If a person or persons where doing deliberate harm to others, then penalize those wrong doers and not the law abiding bus drivers. Don't blame the busses.

Same goes for crimes committed using hand guns. You shouldn't punish the law abiding citizens and blame the guns. Just as you shouldn't blame the buses and cry for a ban on buses.

Hence the tongue and cheek response. 
+pete gobson You are missing the point entirely.  The argument isn't about gun regulations, it's about banning guns.  348 people died in America last year from assault rifles, 745 people died that same year from being punched.  Use your noggin.
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