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Ohio poll worker Melowese Richardson is the target of a voter fraud probe after telling a television station she voted multiple times for President Obama, as authorities say she may have voted 6 times in the 2012 election. 
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There's no such thing as voter fraud....democrats said so.  Oh, and you're a racist if you want voter ID laws. 
Many more have done exactly what she has done, yet they won't be caught...
"Wouldn't make much of a difference".

Yep, what difference does it make.  Sounds familiar, eh?  Ignore the crimes and make excuses.  Oh, and be sure to put "faux news" somewhere in your post.
I'm sorry... don't know where the Democrats keep digging these ass holes up... Seriously wish they leave them buried... 
I'm sure there were just as many committing the same voter fraud for Mittens. Just because you point out one individual, it doesn't mean that it only occurred in favor of the Democrats.

All we can say for sure based on this post is that this woman cheated.

Now, if Obama only won by 1-6 votes, then you'd have reason to be outraged.
Voter fraud, race based all comes back to the democrats.
Dave Funk
I'm outraged as well, just like I was when a poll worker in VA was identified destroying Democrat absentee ballots, Anyone that does it should be charged. Now stop pretending that Republicans are all squeeky clean when you know its not the case. There are isolated incidents on both sides, despite what Fox would have you believe.
+Marcel Bennett -- it's not the point whether it made a difference or not -- voter fraud is voter fraud no matter how you spin it or which TV station reports it. 
+Tonia Addison-Hall Come now, I'm not even a Democrat, but that's just a wild unfounded accusation. I can do that too! 

Republicans hate freedom!
It's a fact that many, if not most, liberals have low morals. Partly due to lack of religion and partly due to any sort of conscience.
+Tonia Addison-Hall evidence? Sources? What are morals? What is good? You realize morals are relative right? You realize making a statement such as that means nothing in a context outside of yourself? You realize religious dogma does not legitimize any viewpoint in a secular government, right?

You are willing to make a statement that millions upon millions of people in this country have low morals? That sort of sweeping declaration doesn't bother you?
+Tonia Addison-Hall  Again morality issues generally transcend party lines , the major difference is when a Republican is embroiled in said scandal  he is usually sitting in the chair of a sub committee for the prevention of the very scandal hes participating in and vilifying others for participating in.  
Can't believe she didn't blame Bush.  Maybe some how the left-TARD media or the left wing RETARDS will figure out a way to blame Bush for this.
Morals are NOT relative. I'm not religious, just stating the facts. Filling up my block list today...
Democrats love to talk about morality, right after they finish off a baby that survived abortion.
This type of fraud would not occur if our IDs were checked and only one vote was accepted per ID.  who is to say how many times this happened. 
April, that's just racist according to the liberals.
Sounds like a good enough reason to boycott voting to me! This is just proof that nothing this country says it stands for is true. Why should I bother voting at all?
Liberals and progressives live in a relativistic world with no concrete right or wrong, just whatever is convenient at the moment.
And handing out Obama phones to Ohio voters doesn't help either.
You do realize they have no way of knowing which ones voted twice SINCE YOUR NAME ISN'T ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR BALLET!
Spencer, of course it is. Anyone who does not agree with Obama or thinks that things like this is wrong are racist. I am just fed up with the mentality that anytime someone speaks up they are a racist. +Jim Avila You do realize that if you read the article the votes did count and she used other peoples names as well? She was a POLL Worker and knows what worked.  No Id checks remember?  so no one keeps track
 She is one of 19 suspected so for anyone whom ever says that this could not have affected the final count is no better than and ostrich hiding its head in the sand. 
Where was all this outrage when it was happening in Bush's favor?
Indeed the Republicans didn't stoop to such lows. Not when there were machines that would simply change your vote from Obama to Romney.
+Anthony Mayes  really?  I was waiting for someone to bring up Bush. Funny thing when I voted for Bush I had to prove who I was using my Voters ID and Drivers license. This time they didn't ask for a thing! How many people stood up and proudly admitted that they voted several times
Democratic mantra - Vote early and vote often.
+Dan Dubinsky The same "stories" Are on the Internet that machines changed votes from Romney to Obama..Look it up
As far as votes in Florida Like I said make people use Id what is the big deal? Anyway  ..This is about the present not the past.  How about go forward and fix this. +Anthony Mayes  I have no Blinders on so do not try to spin this as a personal attack. 
Are those of you who say "it happens on both sides" and "you weren't paying attention in 2000" suggesting that we do nothing to enforce the integrity of voting because it happens on both sides?
+Anthony Mayes Requiring ID wouldn't do that.  No more than it keeps them from applying for credit, flying, writing a check, driving, buying booze, or any of the other numerous activities in our society that require positive identification.
People were voting for Bush multiple times in 2000?  Don't seem to remember that.
Voter ID laws don't disenfranchise anyone.  Democrats don't want it because they have a lock on voter fraud.
No, but it'll make the fraud so much more visible, and require enough to put people AWAY once they commit fraud...anyone thinking Photo ID isn't needed is sadly unaware.
+Anthony Mayes Social Media didn't exist. Instead of trying to find a solution to a problem. Majority of Americans treat it like a football game. Too many emotions... The only way to tackle any issue we face is to think like our founding fathers did. True conservatives = progressive 
+Anthony Mayes Having to show ID and prove who you are does not "disenfranchise the poor, elderly, and minorities" . the next thing that will be brought up is that these same people have no way to go out and vote..even though there were free rides to the polls if you asked
The federal government should just GIVE everyone a computer. That way we can all vote from home. Oh wait, then we all need internet access... maybe free wifi in rural areas so those people don't need to drive so far to get access. Let's see... what else can we do to make sure no one is inconvenienced when they do their civic duty and vote ONE day a year.
Operative words being "may have"  It's highly unlikely she did but reserve judgement til we know for sure.
+James May If you read the article she admits to not only voting several times for herself but also voting using several other peoples names
Yeah, Fox News made the lady vote over 6 times.
"The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers."

Thomas Jefferson
Same shit happened for his election in Chicago years ago how do you think he got his seat. Don't people learn anything! 
What concerns me the most, is should this man really be in office? I'm not conspiracist, but for the first time I feel like voting has been manipulated. I don't live in a third world country and I should never have this fear! 
+Frances Kendrick could the fear be because for the first time we are better informed, news, Internet, social media, etc.. ? 
+NIRAV PATEL that very well may be. But does it make right? They system in place should not allow this to happen. The election process should never be in question.
+Frances Kendrick You are absolutely correct, we should never have to question elections. The problem is that the local and state governments need to be held accountable on voting procedures. If we had one centralized way of doing it we can implement better procedures and less fraud 
Wait....this a fox news post, lol I almost thought this was credible!
Yeah, the lady didn't admit on TV she voted over 6 times.  Fox news trolls are silly.
Jon Dye
they wouldn't be investigating her for NOTHING.
They let anyone vote even illegals so I'm done 
Why would people be busted to another state to vote when they don't even live there hmmmm
I wont waste my time with partys anymore because eventually that party is never to clean up the next day...just blame
here we go now the repubs will get all worked up that romney should have won but do you think that there were close to 3 million illegall votes? if so you have been drinking to much kool-aid! 
Jon Dye
I love how anti-fox people just come on this page to bash FNC and their supporters.

It's seriously time for you to get a no M.O., guys.
Jon Dye
Nobody at FNC ever said everything they say is true.

No news source EVER has said such a thing.
+Russell LaMantia Off topic because I think there is a lot of overreaction in these comments, but I still don't agree with the argument that requiring ID hurts the poor & elderly. You are checked off of a list of registered voters in Wayne County MI so there is some degree of tracking. Also, don't those poor & elderly have to register to vote? Lots of registration campaigns out there, but where are the public service campaigns helping citizens get photo ID? This issue is not an issue at all- it's nothing more than a political football. 
+Jon Dye I love how people swear allegiance to a party or news network instead of fellow Americans :-) 
Just because one individual admitted to fraud, doesn't absolve everybody else. Nor does this indicate either side of commiting fraud... Just one individual. 
Jon Dye
No, +Daniel Hinojosa, the point is that you can't seem to get over something VERY, VERY simple.

ALL media outlets operate with double standards. 

Welcome to the world.
There are probably a few thousand if not hundred thousand instances of this.

Obama stole an election. Nothing you can do about it now.

Bide your time, and when the war breaks, put Obama and all his supporters to the block. Problem Solved.
+Zander Gavin  Few thousand if not hundred thousand instances of this? Can you name 20 solid arrests and/or convictions?
+Daniel Hinojosa 

Where there any arrest made in the case of Black Panther members intimidating voters?

No, there weren't.

Will this bitch be charged for voter fraud? probably not.

It has been the practice over the last four years, that it doesn't matter what crime was committed, in Obama benefited from it, their case drifted into oblivion and was conveniently forgotten.

another idiot. My profile picture has been a screen shot of simon pegg from the movie hot fuzz ever since i created the account.
There would likely have been illegal voting on both sides. Fanatics stop at nothing. 
+Tom van Bodegraven 

I don't deny that, but as we saw was the case with Acorn. Voter fraud is typically more prevalent on the Liberal side.
No way that man won the election. I refuse to believe we are that stupid.
I'm not gonna say what she did was right, but i understand why she did it. Basically, she voted at at the polls and by absentee ballot. In 2008, 1 out of every 5 absentee ballots never got counted. So I understand her line of reasoning.

The other cases of "voter fraud" were of her filling out absentee ballots for family members, after they'd given consent. Again while it may not be right... it really doesn't sound that sinister to me.

She may be in the wrong for what she's done...but I've heard of far worse.
All I know is that Obama sucks! They have the nerve to say that the "PEOPLE" have spoken and re-elected him. Sounds more like the "CHEATERS" have spoken.

Yeah, whatever happen to those idiotic Black Panthers? Damn shame!
+Daniel Hinojosa 

was there a point in that?

what does one article made by one fact check site regarding Acorn, an organization we KNOW was involved in voter fraud in 2008, have to do with voter fraud in 2012?
Seriously if voter fraud actually played a role in the general election, when all these voting places are controlled by state and local then why aren't all governors dems. 
+Zander Gavin Yes there was a point, Hot Fuzz. The point is you're getting your panties in a twist over nothing.  ACORN submitted the false names, and highlighted, per the law.  Your so called criminals were just lazy bums wanted to get paid without actually signing people up. It wasn't a conspiracy like you guys so desperately want it to 
+Trenton Gold it's an insult to the founding fathers of this beautiful nation.. Without their progressive thought we would still be an English colony. Most of the conservatives during that time defected to England because of the fear of change. Embrace true American conservatism to be progressive in thought and practice. 
+Daniel Hinojosa 

no, conspiracy is when you believe in something you cant prove. but it stops being conspiracy when it ties into reality.

+Chiperi Dani 

you rode the short bus in school didn't you.


You failed history I take it. England has always been a liberal country. If anything it was CONSERVATIVES rebelling.
Where I live when I go to vote there's a register for that precnct
you folks have been hoaxed again, why so stupid? oh that's what conservatives do.
+Zander Gavin , England has always been liberal? You must be reading the history books in Texas. 
+Daniel Hinojosa 

people planning to use voter fraud to keep a socialist dictator in office so they get free shit from the government.

yep sounds like a conspiracy to me.
Her voting multiple times and people her out on it is racist!The KKK are trying to frame...I mean kill her..or something!It's the teabagger's fault
Mr. President you are successful...Badrul Alam  
+Jim Ingram Bush did it!He put her under a spell and made her vote multiple times!Take away the idiotic conservative's guns because they're loose-cannons!Ban Christianity!Four more years of Obama!Stop whining,you sore loser Teabaggers!

Did I miss any liberal rants?
+Zander Gavin Me and my friends have been conspiring to take your guns, all your money and your phone for years. Now go build your bunker cause we're coming.
+John Black 


I have guns and will use them. Feel free to try, but take note, I shoot to kill.
+NIRAV PATEL America was founded as a big middle finger to government. Our founding fathers wanted less government in their lives not more, hence all the checks and balances to keep it small. Progressives want more government. I don't understand where you are coming from.
Here we go again...more unfounded crap from Fox...
All she has to do is cry "racist,"and she goes scott-free.The boy who cried wolf has nothing on her
+David Gary Really?  That's the best you've got?  wow...

Hrmmm....can Fox back up this claim with hard fact?  No...

But hey, that's ok, let's just overlook and dismiss the fact that Romney's own son bought and paid for several voting machines too...nothing wrong with that...nothing to see.  The difference there is that that can be proven.  This claim by Fox cannot.
+Kahil Nettleton You see Kahil,unlike you I don't follow Fox News whether I would support them or not.Therefore I could careless whether the facts are true or not.I use my own senses to configure the truth.
+David Gary This was in Hot Topics...welcome to the show.'re saying that you could care less if the story is true or not?  That you'll just come to your own conclusion regardless of the facts, even if those facts prove your belief incorrect?  #logicfail  
+Kahil Nettleton MSNBC,CNN and yes FOX all lie to entertain and cause civil unrest towards the people whether they're Republican,Democrat,liberal or conservative.Do you understand?
It's just that you guys are so easy to make fun of. You're like doomsday people. Real wachos. What do you expect from people who get their "news" from Fox. You are fast approaching minority status. Get used to it, Zander and you too, David. Now go build your bunkers. Ignorant rednecks.
+Kahil Nettleton No,I'm out in the world doing things just as I were before G+,Facebook or any other distraction.I'm just on here for amusement.Similar to playing baseball or watching animals at the zoo
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this one person who is obviously incorrect as to the voting laws and nothing more? Are there thousands of people just like her out there? Are they all Democrats? It said she absentee voted and voted regularly as well. Don't they check to verify in case that happens? I don't recall the article saying that both the absentee ballot and the regular ballot BOTH counted. She voted for her daughter which may be illegal. It sounds like her daughter approved and possibly encouraged her to do so. Had she signed the card and turned it in herself, it seems she would have voted the same way so what's the problem? The bigger point is that this is one single person. Even if it IS wrong, it's still one single person out of hundreds of millions! If she voted a couple of million times, I could see the outrage. If a couple million people double-voted, I could see the outrage. Unless there's a significant number of people doing this, it's not worth freaking out about and it wouldn't have changed anything in the election. When thousands are confirmed to have successfully gotten their votes to count multiple times, give me a call. Until then, go find something else to freak out and make a political issue out of. 
+John Black I hate to break it to you,but I'm black.It would be more truthful if you referred to me as an "Uncle Tom" as liberals do towards independent,strong-minded African Americans.
+Kahil Nettleton I agree. I just wanted to spell it out in a way people like +David Gary would maybe understand. This is one person. One single person. This is the tiniest of problems. If there's thousands more, then maybe it's a serious problem. FOX NEWS probably passed on 100 confirmed cases of Republicans fraudulently manipulating the the voting system to focus on this one measly case. They make it sound like it's a "NATIONWIDE EPIDEMIC" when it's a Democrat. You know David watches FOX NEWS and then comes in here parading himself as someone who distrusts ALL media! It's obvious from his posts that he's getting his opinions from FAUX NEWS. The funny thing is he'll deny it but he knows it's true...don't you Gary? 
+Kahil Nettleton She proudly admitted to this on live TV  ..can you not read?  Or will you say that she was a puppet and Bush was  speaking out of her mouth?  There are also 19 others being investigated for the same thing.  This woman voted 6 times and worked for the Ohio Poles. +David Gary Since you called yourself a derogatory name does that not make you a racist?
+chris currence You're a racist because I'm a black man and you're attacking me.Seriously I am.I wonder what your president would think and do to you for doing that to me?

+David Gary Rednecks aren't of any particular race. I was talking about conservatives. I'm a liberal and I've never called an independent strong-minded African American "Uncle Tom". So why would you even bring that up? Splain it to Lucy. 
+april eshelman Because she admitted it on TV does it make it so?  I saw a someone the other day claiming he could fly...doesn't make it so.  Its about responsible in checking the facts before writing a lame ass story to drum up anti-Obama sentiments.  Many people are investigated for potential voting fraud, and in the end, the total percentage is less than 0.0001% that are actual fraud.
+Jake Adams where were all the articles blasting Romney's son for purchasing voting machines to be used in the election?  :)
+Kahil Nettleton It doesn't matter if you're a liberal or not.I'm a black man so you can't attack me

But your strong determined support of Obama says you really are a liberal.Don't play smart on the internet because you and I both know where you stand
+John Black You're still attacking a black man...and I'm not a redneck,therefore you remain ignorant.Regardless of your retraction of your comment.
+Kahil Nettleton Seriously ..why would someone admit something like that and it not be true? Oh let me guess she enjoys being investigated and wants to go to prison? NO..She admitted it more than likely because she knows she will get away with it and she is proud.   I bet you are someone who argues about the color of the sky. The report is about an admission that a woman made. Not a made up story by Fox News. 
You are obviously going to argue just for the sake of argument.
+april eshelman So whats the solution to the problem? Are you willing to have MORE GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS  in hope that a so called "socialist more government dictator " does not get elected due to fraud?
+David Gary So...because you're African-American means no one can ever say anything negative towards you?  And if they do, regardless if it is a racial comment or not, it is in turn a racist comment because you are African-American and they aren't?  #logicfail

I'm Independent.  I know that there are good and bad things about both parties.  Right now for the GOP, the bad outweighs the good.  I also have yet to defend Obama in this thread.  I have attacked Fox's lame article that isn't written from a place of fact.
It's Fox News so obviously we're in the land of fiction.
+David Gary I don't care if you're black or blue for that matter. Nothing I said had a racial tinge to it. You're just trolling at this point. You seem to have ran out of anything constructive to add to the conversation if you feel the need to just make shit up now. 
+april eshelman Yeah, because no one has ever gone on camera and said something that wasn't true.  *rolls eyes*

Do you call this journalism?  Seriously?  Lame...
+NIRAV PATEL If you are going to use the terms "socialist" and "dictator", then at least use a dictionary so you know both the meaning and how to use them correctly.
+april eshelman Since this was reported by FOX NEWS I'll wait until it's confirmed by a legitimate news source before I pass judgement. Just because it's claimed, that doesn't make it true. Especially when the claim is being made by FOX NEWS. 
3.4 Million more fraudulent votes and we have a tie. You lost, get over it. 
+David Gary Actually you're just pointing out the "supposed" double-standards that you claim Democrats have. You're still just supposing while never showing any evidence of your suppositions. The proof of that is I NEVER said anything that could be reasonably construed as racial, and yet you claimed I said something that was racially offensive to you. Show me where I said something that was racially-motivated or take back your comment. You won't find any racial comments from me so you might as well apologize and be done with it. But I suspect you won't because you just wanted to redirect the conversation when you clearly became defeated and refused to admit it. It's okay to be wrong Gary. The important part is to learn from your mistakes. When you're wrong, simply admit it and try to prevent yourself from making the same mistakes again. The first step I'd recommend is turning the channel when you see FOX NEWS. That alone will work wonders for your critical thinking skills and your grasp of reality will improve almost immediately. 
+David Gary Obama won the election by both electoral and popular votes.  Did you really need to ask that?
How many of us have seen an audit of the voting system? Is it public? can I look up my own vote via SSN and see if it was registered properly? Its just a big hole and we all trust that whomever is in power at the time is "doing the right thing". When it all came down to election day the fact is Romney's software program Orca failed resulting in 40k volunteers doing virtually nothing to help "get out the vote". Nobody exactly knows why the software failed. In contrast Obama's ground game had nearly 80% coverage of all the polls using people and software that did not fail. He had volunteers driving people, busing people, bribing... oh sorry... offering aid to people and more. The difference in the election was only 20-50k votes in key counties within swing states. The ground game and software was the make or break for either candidate.  So she voted 20 times, we have no laws, no enforcement and no backbone to change it. Elections have come down to creating a cult of personality backed up with big data and software.
+David Gary I never even used the word "redneck" in this thread! Not even once. Are you in control of your faculties at this time or should I contact a medical professional to stop by your home as soon as possible? 
TJ Lee
Politicians lie, cheat, and steal. The ones in power are better at it than the ones not in power. And being in power is ALL any of them care about. 
+David Gary Jack called you that, not Chris.  Go back and read your own comments on that directed towards Jack Black.  Wow...typical conservative mindset.
+David Gary Anyone with a few minutes can go back and read my previous comments to verify that I didn't come anywhere near the word "redneck". Not even a word that resembles that. So anyone willing to do the work will understand how ignorant you are, how many lies you're willing to tell and not apologize for despite being offered the opportunity to do so, and how you're so full of shit I'm convinced that your eyes MUST be brown! By the way, who said I was a liberal? Who said I was a Democrat? Maybe I'm a Republican who simply thinks you're an idiot. Maybe I'm a libertarian who thinks you're an idiot. The point is, I never said one way or another. But you can go ahead and claim I did because you've proven you don't have the capacity to have an honest conversation anymore. Good luck with your trolling. I hope it pays well. 
Every swing state is a state that conveniently has zero voter ID laws. They should be then first states to get the laws!
+chris currence  Doesn't even take a few minutes.  Just hit CTRL+F in your browser, type in "redneck" and you'll see it.  :)

That's what they do...if you don't agree with them 100%, they call you a liberal as though its meant to be an insult, regardless if you are a liberal or not.
Since the elections are run at the state level, I think it is entirely reasonable that the states require a photo ID. I cannot for the life of me understand why democrats oppose this.
+Adam Griffith That'd be good, provided they didn't disproportionally target specific groups of people in an attempt to prevent them from voting, especially when said groups tend to vote a certain way historically.

But these swing states are becoming less important due to the GOP Gerrymandering, so if that continues your problem is solved.
+Jay Carlson Democrats don't.  Its how its done.  If a GOP run state starts this shortly before an election, doesn't have the means of ensuring that everyone has access to a state ID, then there lies the problem.
+Nirav Patel One solution like I said is to protect the voters by showing ID and Voter registration cards. How difficult is that? I have no issue showing my ID as I am who I state I am and have nothing to hide. I showed my ID and Voters registration for prior elections.
As far as anyone saying that they could understand why she voted twice (she stated she did at least 6 times) because she was worried about her absentee ballot being counted. She worked at the why would she need an absentee ballot? 
As far as "machines" Changing is the voters obligation to check the ballot to make sure it is correct before pushing that button.
Funny in my state of New Hampshire they have a voter ID law . I do not recall the stories of all these disenfranchised voters. it seems the seniors the poor in anybody else to liberal hack say that would be inconvenienced by an ID seem to have voted just fine in New Hampshire it does not matter which side cheated. The factor cheating exist should bother both sides and there needs to be something done about it. Voter ID is the only way
+Kahil Nettleton That's cool. I didn't know that. I'm on my tablet right now so I don't know if I have the ability to do it. I knew I didn't use the word redneck because I haven't used that word in a post for a very long time. There's no need. People are people and the ideas are what I have a problem with. I don't dislike the people, I dislike the ideas they try to spread when they're either premature assumptions or simply incorrect. It makes no difference to me who says it. What they said is what matters. If my mother said something I disagreed with, I'd explain my position in the same way. If we agree to disagree, so be it it. But at least my position is clear and she'd have something to think about. An incorrect idea is like a small brushfire, if you don't stomp it out immediately, it could burn the entire forest down. 
+Kahil Nettleton would it make any difference who reported what the woman admitted to on live TV? I think not. She admitted to it had the means and motive in her mind and it is being investigated. Roll your eyes all you want. The truth is she admitted to fraud out of her own mouth and is proud that she got away with it.
+april eshelman You aren't listening.  Now who's arguing for the sake of arguing?  Its about the fact that they reported an unsubstantiated claim.  No journalistic integrity.  Not news...its a talk show.  They are literally the "Jerry Springer" of news organizations.
+Anthony Campello You aren't listening either.  It isn't the fact that there are voter ID laws, its how they are implemented.  When you rush the decision to implement it right before an election without appropriately devoting resources to ensure that every previously legally eligible voter was able to get an appropriate ID...then you are making it so that the poor, elderly and typically minority people don't have a chance to vote.

Just look at Pennsylvania when the GOP leader there stated outright that the abrupt voter ID law would ensure GOP victory in that state.

Nice try, but a fact fail on your part.
+Jay Carlson, maybe because you can't imagine being able to afford one? If not the cost of the ID itself (no Republican legislation ever offers these for free, did they), but the cost of the time away from work to stand in line and wait for one.

Voting is a right, not a privilege you have to prove you have. It's up to the government to prove you can't.
+Sparky Hudson ahhhh....classic....another uneducated, ignorant, trolling statement who doesn't seem to have a grasp of what is illegal let alone what an impeachment is.
Im kind of proud of my red neck heritage. . Just thought I would through that in.
+Ron Morgan Which definition?  The one aimed at poor white people?  Or the one regarding racist tendencies?  Or both?

BTW...  Its "thought" and "throw".
I dont get this.. why does this have to turn into anything other than, somevlady broke the law, and I hope she pays the price forr that. 
+Ron Morgan Because there is no proof that she did.  All they have is a lady saying that she did.  Again...Fox News, the Jerry Springer show of journalism.
Kahil Nettleton not 1 thing in my post was factually incorrect why don't we put in voter ID laws now. how many years do you want there to be for the people you're talking about to get an ID to be able to vote. Your dismissal of my points show your arrogance and ignorance also
I didn't dismiss your points, nor did I disqualify them.  I stated it was how some GOP AGs tried to implement such laws shortly before the election.  If a state wants to start that process now and do so in a way that it ensures that everyone has equal and ample opportunity and means to get a state ID, then by all means.  Again, it isn't the law that people have issue with, its how they are put into place.
There is a problem it needs to be addressed the solution is voter ID how much more obvious a solution can there be 
+Kahil Nettleton if she is admitted to not much journalism to be done is there

See folks,mr. Netrleton and I couldn't be further apart on are politics. However I still have great respect for him. I can and do disagree with him, but always try to show him respect. 
+Anthony Campello You mean the 0.0001% of a problem?  Voter fraud isn't a major or rampant problem and the stats and facts back that up.  Those same stats and facts also prove that voter ID laws do not do anything to prevent such VERY RARE fraud.
+Anthony Campello Hrmmm...  I haven't heard of a state, post election, that is bringing such law to the floor of the state legislature.
+Kahil Nettleton getting a state ID card is when the easiest things to do all you have to do is go to the DMV prove you're born here and they give you an ID card. And really I don't mean offense by when I say this. But this is something everybody else has to do you want to drive a car you want to get a job if you want to get married you have to go get the paperwork done
+Kahil Nettleton and admission is also newsworthy. If some lower level bush pointy where to come forward and say the war in Iraq was not about WMD's that would make the frontline CNN and PBS in about 3 Nano seconds
Really race based voting all comes back to democrats? The republican party is 99% white. Democrats have a variety of different minority groups.
+Ron Morgan And you pay for a driver license right?  So if by your logic you require citizens to get a state ID and pay for it, then that in turn violates their right to vote by making it a pay to vote system.  If they want to enact such a law, then they need to make IDs available for free.

You can't compare one random person claiming she voted several times to Bush saying there were WMDs.  Not on par nor relatable.
Wow...  Anyone know if she was fined or anything?
+DeAngelo Mckinley lol...well not 99%, but your point is still valid.  Hence the virtual civil war within the GOP and their problem with their message.  Kinda hard to say they are actually trying to adapt to the demographics of the country when they have a retreat on how to talk to minorities on an old slave plantation.
Somehow, given all the money poured into the elections this past year, and all the redistricting being done in certain parts of our country, I doubt this "fraud" is problem numero uno.

Someone explain to me how a state like Texas vote 57% in favor of a Republican but is compromised of 38% Hispanic and 12% African American... oh, no, there's no fraudulent redistricting going on, is there?
+Kahil Nettleton as far as State ID is concerned if a person is poor and in need of an ID to vote I'm all for them getting it for free there see we just agreed on something I think Washington could use a little bit more this
+Ron Morgan Exactly...  Voting ID laws aren't inherently a bad thing...its how they are done.  It isn't right nor fair to try to enact them right before an election and it isn't constitutional to make it so that someone has to pay to vote.  If you account for those two main factors, then that is something that more people can readily get behind.....despite the fact that voting fraud is essentially a non-issue.
+Michael Brokate So we should fine and imprison everyone who admits to something?  Kinda defeats the whole innocent until proven guilty then then huh.
+Kahil Nettleton let's make sure it's a non issue. For the poor we can give free ID cards as long as they can prove they are US citizens. there the problem is solved
+Kahil Nettleton as far as your other comment just above I doubt anybody is going to prison. Although if they did break the law I hope they do
Fraud is fraud no matter how you look at. She admitted to it so she is guilty and if she is not at least punished for this then what the hell do we have laws for.
+Ron Morgan The facts prove its a non issue.  In this country, out of all the people that vote, there is a rate of less than 0.0001% of voting fraud.  Hardly the rampant, out of control issue.

+C Rhodes Please learn how the law works.  You have to prove a crime happened before you can punish someone for it, even if they out of the blue admit it.
Then that makes up for the ones the republicans kept from voting all together! Suck it up bitches
+Kahil Nettleton maybe some studies do show that however some elections are decided by very very few votes. We don't only vote for presidents in this country
+Kahil Nettleton The US law system I'm familiar with seems sometimes quite comfortable with forcing a false statement out of someone. Sometimes the accused is the one in the right, but they choose a relatively light punishment or deal rather than face a lawsuit of which they have little of winning, especially if the opposing party has a particular lot of money, with which they can easily influence the court system, even if only because they can hire better lawyers (and in some cases I wonder if money exchanged hands more secretly where it was not supposed to happen). Many fail to see that the US has moved away from capitalism and is now using what can only be called plutocracy. There is a difference between proper capitalism and US "capitalism".

But yeah, proving someone is guilty even after them admitting it is how the law is supposed to work.
Fox news is nothing but propaganda bullshit... always has been.. Don't be the idiots that buy into the shit and lies this corporation sells to it's audience
+Ron Morgan Those rates are generalized to all elections.  At that rate, any fraudulent votes in any election would not swing any election in either way due to recount laws.  No election has come down to 6 or less people.

+Marco Meijer In this case, all Fox has is a single lady saying this out of the blue.  No proof or evidence of any kind to back it up.  So now they are just pumping up a story that has absolutely no journalistic integrity.
+Kahil Nettleton That's journalists, I suppose. Always looking for a story and making one up when they can't find enough.
+Marco Meijer those aren't journalists...on Fox, very few of them have any sort of journalism credentials or backgrounds.  Most of them are simply people they hired to talk.  Political commentators.
What's this? Faux Noise is not arguing birth certificates to try and invalidate an election now?? The world is coming to it's end.
so she is 5 times more guilty of running this country into the ground than anyone who obeyed the law and only voted once for him.
+Kahil Nettleton and CNN PBS NBC always act with journalistic integrity? they have their own agendas , and are owned by the corporations as well(except for PBS of course, they are owned by the government). please tell me you don't think that CNN has a unbiased vetting process for journalists? 
+Ron Morgan  Never said that did I?  They aren't the ones who pushed this non-story are they?  This isn't about CNN, PBS (which isn't a news outlet, don't know why you mentioned them), nor NBC.....this is about Fox.
+Kahil Nettleton earlier you said " Exactly...  Voting ID laws aren't inherently a bad thing.." now, we figured out that if we give state ID's to the poor as long as they can prove they are citizens.. whats wrong with that? now your saying that voter fraud doesn't really matter because its only some small %. you really think that fraud is something our government is able to sniff out? why not just make sure those who vote .. vote once and are citizens... 
+Kahil Nettleton you have to admit that liberals bash fox no matter what the story. I don't understand whats the problem here. she says she commuted voter fraud..what does it matter what network it came from? you are kind of saying that it does matter because its fox.. and they have not integrity.. or that they are not journalist .. that has 0% to do with the woman admitting what she did.  

for the record.. i have no TV or cable.. because I couldn't afford it anymore. so i don't watch fox. I do listen to PBS from time to time just to stay reminded of what "real" journalists do for a living (sarcastic) :)
+Ron Morgan I said that if it makes people feel better and secure about the voting process to have voter ID laws, then we should do so provided they are done right....despite the verifiable fact that the voting fraud issue is in face a non-issue statistically.

Its not just liberals who bash Fox.  Republicans, independents, etc...people of all affiliations have come out against the type of "reporting" Fox does.  The same would have been said about any other news organization who would have pushed this story for the simple fact that there are no facts to hold this story up other than someone is saying that they did so.

Real journalists are a dying breed, but the closest you'll find anymore are from the worldwide AP network.
+Ron Morgan Don't dismiss the power of the digital age.  This isn't Ancient Egypt where the new Pharaoh tries to erase everything about their predecessor.  The history of those in power and those who are not are well documented.
I strongly disagree. the digital age has its good points but it also makes it that much easier to put ideological propaganda out as well.
Can you not just as easily fact check the propaganda? Are there not very active groups doing that as well? Wikileaks?
+Kahil Nettleton i know how to find the truth.. but most don't or don't bother because it interrupts their favorite reality TV show.
and in the age of media, propaganda is sometimes really shuttle, its in the presentation. like how our president gives speeches with "blue collar" workers standing behind him.  its in the dialect that is used. and the order in which information is presented.. all done to get at soft headed people with IQ's at or under 100
There's more to be said about those who buy into the propaganda than the propaganda itself.
+Kahil Nettleton try Google it is your friend for research. There are 2 pages of reports and blogs on her admitting fraud.enough said? Or do you need pictures of her actually casting the votes? 
again we disagree.. because its inherently dishonest to take advantage of those people. its pure manipulation. I will even go one step further.. the left is way better at shuttle manipulation than the right.  
+Don Judd Man, the originality, you replace Fox with Faux and Noise with News! When you read an article from them and you don't know how to react you go back to the tried and true play on words.
+Ron Morgan Manipulation is the keyword,and "intelligent" people such as Kahil fail to realize this or are in an everlasting "drunken stupor."Obama doesn't care about him or anyone else in America.Only a pure-hearted person can handle being a leader without being pressured into corruption.
+David Gary I like Kahil, i think he truly believes in his point of view. he is actually one of the few "leftys" that is polite. that is not to say that most repub's are not rude. I just like that he is a true believer in what he says. 

as for Obama. ask me on a different day and I will have a different opinion of him. one day i think hes just sort of bumbling through it.. and others I see him as a master manipulator and communicator.  i believe him to be 100% without compromise in his cause. which is not what our country needs right now. i have never seen a president talk so belligerently about those that oppose his point of view. 
main while here in England we were on the verge of getting our pasties taxed. 
Wow I bet you think Obama payed her to don't ya. How many republicans commited voter fraud in this race? You seem to forget she got caught, we actually do have ways of catching them you know. The only ones stupider than you are the people that try. Cause the difference they make as a whole is less than a thousandth of a percent. Even in the closest race they don't matter. And I'm sure we have people on the opposite side to offset their fraud. Oh wait no, a republican would never commit voter fraud.
+Rob Wyland Ill be where ever I want to be.OHHH that's right some think we live in China
since we are talking about people breaking laws.. can we talk about how some people broke laws and now we want to give them special treatment and make them citizens?  Yeah.. I'm talking about "illegal" (notice the term there) immigrants who our wonderful government want to pardon and give them citizenship.  Do I get to break any laws and get away with it?
+april eshelman oh, so blog posts on it is proof? No thanks, I'll wait until the FBI investigates. So far no law enforcement has reported on this. Come

+Richard G yeah....the poll tax is illegal....way to stay relevant.

+David Gary manipulation? Where'd that come from? Pure hearted? What fantasy world do you live in? A cross hair on? WTF? Wow....way to insinuate violence with that one.

If you take all party biases out of it, Obama is one of the more centrist President we have had in a long time. Is he perfect? No...but he has done some truly great things. Such as getting us closer to healthcare reform, pushing immigration reform, ending DADT, not defending DOMA, ending two bad wars, etc. Oh, before someone goes on an uneducated rant about Obamacare, remember that before he proposed it, the GOP was pushing it.
Yea like the FBI is going to make a difference remember we still have Holder and executive order in progress lol
+Kenneth Smith special treatment? people who are otherwise obeying the law a second chance to go to the back of the line is special treatment? That's all the "special treatment" they are getting. You ignore the fact that Obama has deported more illegals than any other previous president. You ignore the fact that illegal immigration is now at a negative rate and is no longer an issue. Fact check before ranting.
+David Gary you subscribe to the gospel of fox. If the road warrior says it, it must be so. *rolls eyes*
Dave T
The main thing that turns me off on some threads... the constant, mind-numbing, shallow, droning on about Fox and Bush. Holy sh*t, get over it. Anyone who disagrees with you all gets bashed. You chant about tolerance of others but simply cannot stand it when people (lots and lots of them) disagree with your views on anything. Get over it. Go watch MSNBC, repeat the thoughts of other intolerant people on the left with no original thinking of your own, and fill every thread and post with your hatred and whining.  Like the constant hum of a lawnmower... annoying but eventually you simply tune it out.  Such an angry, intolerant party.
+Dave T do you realize that you just did what you just ranted about?

Intolerant party?  Because the GOP is so tolerant of minorities, women and gays?  wow...
You just did what he just did.. 
+David Gary First, I'm not a don't sit there and cry about assumptions when you yourself are making assumptions.  Next, I don't care if you watch Fox, but you sure do jump at the chance to defend it over fact.  Finally, this thread was in Hot Topics and made public...fair game.  If you don't watch Fox, then why are you here?  Hrmmm....
+Kahil Nettleton I'm on this thread to gain a little entertainment from liberals such as yourself.

Fair game?I though Fox News and Republicans were too stupid to argue with?
+David Gary So me pointing out that someone is bitching about people bitching...that in turn is me ranting?  Is this really the best you can do?  Troll a thread with constant off topic comments with the occasional personal attack?  Or can you have a civil, adult debate?
+David Gary again you ignorantly and liberally use the term "liberal" despite the fact that the person you are slinging that word at as an insult isn't a liberal.

So....common sense and basic psychology now equal trolling with personal attacks?  LMFAO
+David Gary With that statement, you just gave a shining example of what a civil, adult debate is not.  Thanks for that.

BTW, all you had to do to make it civil was avoid using the personal attacks, but you made the conscience choice to be immature.  Attack what the opposition says, not them personally.  Debating 101.
+Kahil Nettleton You're contradicting yourself constantly,plus you lack the common sense/"street smarts" for a civilized debate.You also fail to realize the different ways I won against you,Chris currencies and his partner since we began.
+David Gary There you go again...personal...classic.  Contradicting?  I've only attacked your statements and avoided calling you names, etc.  You can't say the same.  Claiming a victory where there is none to be had.  LMFAO.
+Kahil Nettleton If you're not a liberal,then why do get upset when I call you one?And why do you defend Obama if you don't have that mindset?This isn't our first encounter you know

+Kahil Nettleton not a liberal...? sorry friend that's hard to see. Pro Obama, wind, solar, and anti gun, drilling for oil, fox news and , and sort of believe that the GOP doesn't like gays, and women or color... My grandma use to say.. I if it walks like a duck.... :-)

If we are to get back to the thread... I don't know what else there is to say.. If there is evidence which it now looks like there is, she should be arrested and charged to the full extent of the law. Because it's unlikely that lawmakers will pass any kind of voter registration ID requirement.

+David Gary
oh gee...why would anyone get upset if someone called them a name.  Because I give him credit where credit is due.  I don't tow a party line.

This is getting old.  Get back on in the unsubstantiated story Fox pumped up to make headlines.
+Ron Morgan Never said I was pro-obama, but he gets credit where due.  Yeah, because wind and solar are a strictly liberal stance and such a terrible thing to be for.  Never said I was anti-gun, as I'm not, I own a gun.  I'm pro responsible laws governing them.  Not against drilling for oil, just for reducing the dependence.  And liberals and republicans alike are against Fox.   The GOP has as part of their party platform an anti-gay stance...kinda difficult for you to defend otherwise....especially when the GOP is spending over $3 million to defend DOMA.  Hrmmmmm...if the GOP didn't have an image problem with women and minorities, then why'd they have a conference on how to talk to women and minorities?  Interesting.

Time to block the trolls...
+Kahil Nettleton What more is there to talk about?A lady allegedly committed voter fraud..blahblahblah..more media entertainment.

I'm more interested in Obama's supporters
+Kahil Nettleton I take it by your silence that you won't respond to my question..well so be it.But I will see you again and believe me it'll be very soon.Goodbye for now
This is what we're up against people...
+Dave Gaudio Morals are relative? You really don't know the difference between right and wrong?
You're telling me that you just go about life doing whatever you want to whoever you want? Hard to believe.
What you're up against? An unsubstantiated story? Believe the facts, not the hyped up story.
+Kahil Nettleton She admitted that she voted several times. How is this unsubstantiated?

The problem is that this undermines the integrity of the whole process.

I also believe your remarks about voter ID to be a bit off the mark. Voter ID is not a new issue and overwhelmingly Conservatives support it and liberals/progressives oppose it. 
+J Richard Yes, at a rate of less than 0.0001%....hardly an out of control thing as Fox likes to suggest.  Again, voter ID laws are not inherently bad, provided they are done right.  Don't try to enact them right before an election. The state will have to offer a FREE ID acceptable at polls in order to not make the law a poll tax, which is illegal.  They need to figure those things out because those are the two main issues people have with the laws.
So you're saying that enacting them right before an election doesn't hinder and prevent the voting process? Seriously? State IDs in every state are not free. When should we enact them? Anytime right after a major election would be good, not just before. It's unfortunate that the far right tries to make voter fraud out to be a rampant and out of control problem when the facts show otherwise...again, at less than 0.0001%. Want voter ID laws? Then do it right rather than doing so in such a way it prevents people from voting. Nice try.
Claim? Its public record.

Really? So if right before an election they put such a law in place...then to vote you need a state ID. What about all of those previously eligible voters who don't have one and can't get one in time? Are you saying that it doesn't prevent them from voting? Doesn't work like that bud. Why do you think many of those laws were struck down? Denies voting to only those without the right to do so? So the elderly and poor have no right to vote because they either can't or couldn't get the ID? Since the IDs by law would have to be free to prevent it from becoming a poll tax, do you think the state ID centers could handle the influx of people coming in? According to those centers, no.

Come on...your not even trying. Stop sucking the Fox News'll get a FTD.
+Don Wilson If they left them buried then the dead wouldn't be able to vote them into office! LOL!