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President Obama took his campaign to warn about looming spending cuts on the road Tuesday, using a Virginia shipyard as a backdrop to his message that Congress' failure to act will cost jobs.
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It's about time some of these contractors got off the public dole.
Gotta love the liberals who come complaining about the 1% or something.  They are so clueless it isn't even funny.
They need to cut about 1 trillion, not a meager 85bil.
Uh...where the hell did the French guy come from?
Taxes have already been raised, and absolutely nothing has been cut.  GOP passed two bills to stop sequester and Obama threatened veto.
If this "doomsday" scenario was so bad, maybe Obama shouldn't have been f'n golfing with Tiger Woods!
Waiting for liberals to use the race card in.....3....2....
Wow.  Why don't we just print a hundred gazillion dollars and make everyone rich?
That post above is the perfect example of how liberals think things work.
LOL.  They guy who says we have no deficit and we can print all the money we want tells someone to read basic economics.

I guess I will tell every one I owe money to, to hold on while I print some.
+John Saseen  Heartless republicans you say. In the last eight years I have donated more than I have brought home to charity, I have adopted needy children and paid my taxes to boot. What did you do?
We have less credit after President "downgrade".  
This billionaire that trolled off the middle class for profit +John Saseen ?
Secratary fo State, John Kerry, opted to build a 7 million Dollar yacht in New Zealand instead of here in New England where numerous boat yards could have accommodated him. 
He then tried to avoid paying Massachusetts sale's taxes while incorporating the boat in Pennsylvania and docking it in Rhode a Corporation the Boat is a 100% annual tax deduction...

John Kerry, the man of the people..  You liberal idiots never cease to amaze me with your stupidity.       smdh
Printing money leads to inflation...ask any German alive in 1933.
I believe the govt has forgotten the reason this country was formed: "taxation without representation" ring a bell? Those in DC are not representing anyone but their own little reelection campaigns.
Ok, so it was 1923..but the mark was worthless due to inflation.
Oh now the "print all the money you want" guy is now a global investor.  LOL
Lets get back to the real bottom line here...
We have a spending problem.
But we still need to quit wasting money, giving it to those who don't really want to work and funding idiot programs that produce zero returns.
Brand new modern computer system and a vacation in Hawaii?  Wow, you ARE living large on your investments!
Okay..back to the subject...will this tiny spending cut crash the economy?
+John Saseen well I guess you don't visit cities like Chicago and Detroit, where there are families that have been on welfare for 2-3 generations...
Sounds like that old fool has his lips firmly on Obama's bung.  Another idiot in the gimme crowd.
Oh that's golden +John Saseen  You are the biggest idiot I have come across today.  You spout your investment success that comes to a total of $1000.00, tell people that you only care about yourself, have no facts to back up your opinions and then try to insult my wife.  You are now qualified as a complete douchebag.
Great, now hit the bricks you old arrogant fool.
Later +John Saseen BTW, you wife looks like she isn't even in the same league as mine.  FTW
Crap! I am not even getting a footnote in history?...
It's funny watching the contrast. An old veteran who feels he's probably done enough with his service in his life to selfishly live out his days with those he cares about, which I believe he does. Then the optimistic younger men with snark who wants to be able to represent the future, but probably doesn't have the service record yet.
It's not something that other people would easily understand unless their in that situation though.
All I have to say is that it NEVER fails to amaze me how STUPID liberals truly are.  Oh My G...!  So sad. 

Here's a simple idea for those that THINK that we don't have a debt to worry about because all we have to do is...PRINT MONEY!

If printing money were an answer, then explain why I can't use my HP OfficeJet Pro 8600+ at home?  After all, it's merely paper being printed, so it shouldn't matter, right?  Or if printing money isn't about printing my own checks?  The banks won't care...all they have to do is simply wait for the Fed Reserve to print them more money.  See how stupid that sounds?!?  If you don't, then you MUST be a liberal.

Simply put, the U.S. was downgraded.  Just this past week, the U.K. was downgraded.  And Germany looks like it will be downgraded in the next month or so.  And those are...err...were...your 3 strongest financial currencies!  If they fail, then there is NO HOPE!

Economics 101 revolves around a very simple concept:

Supply & Demand.

If the Fed prints a HUGE supply of money, then the value is lessened for each bill that exists since it each bill gets to represent a smaller and smaller amount of GOLD that the U.S. actually has.  BTW, did anyone notice that Germany wants to have their gold back from Fort Knox?  I wonder why?!? ;)
Dammit.I happen to be a vet,12 yrs USN...and I am not a liberal...
+Travis Augustine Well, I think that at a certain point, they start looking ahead and think about how much time they might have left on this world. Priorities change, and you gotta decide for yourself what's most important moving forward. If you feel that your service to your country was enough, who's to say that you're not free to live how you want.
+Anthony Vuong, I don't think anyone is against you (or anyone else) living the way you want long as you don't prevent anyone else from being able to do so.

Honestly, those who are currently collecting Social Security are getting paychecks for FAR MORE than they ever put in.  In fact, if an average middle class citizen lives to be 75, they'll have collected 250% of what they paid into the system!  That's a problem!
I don't think he refuted that he was being somewhat heartless really, heh. Things are how they are, is all I'm gonna say in a broader view.

I also throw the Rep vs. Dem discussions into politics and discussing politics with people that aren't politicians is counter-productive to me, even though I do enjoy more information from time to time.

For the most part, things aren't gonna change with a few arguments here or there. Politics require footwork, and changes are gonna require people to march down capital hill and work something out with their representatives.
WTF?!?  +Jim Avila, when you make sense, I'll gladly discuss that with you.

2nd WTF?!?  +Anthony Vuong, shouldn't the people you discuss politics with be the very people you live with...your family, friends, neighbors, etc?  WHY ON EARTH would you ONLY bother to ascribe such faith in politicians?  They will merely tell you whatever you want to hear so that they can have your vote.  They'll promise you the world if they could in order to get you to vote for them.  And since that's how it sounds like you operate, it's little wonder that little gets done in Congress...aside from us spending greater and greater amounts of money that we don't have (see our national debts).
+Jim Avila, I was trying to point out how absurd the theory was that the Fed merely had to "print money" to pay off our debts.  The point is...if I have debt, I can't merely "print money" to pay it off.  Also, the Fed can't either...after all, people in other countries aren't stupid.  They base the value of that dollar on the amount of Gold the U.S. has in its possession divided by the actual number of bills in circulation.  So, print more money without taking old money out, and you have inflation...which actually will cause your debt to increase because the interest rates being charged will also go up!
Actually, that's why inflation is a bigger problem NOW than it was back in say the 1960s or even the late 1970s.  If we print more paper money, other countries will JACK UP interest rates...and that will cause a cascade effect.  It will be 1929 all over again!
Hooray for name calling and the lack of rational discussion 
+Dejan Jancevski Political discussion leads to choosing sides, and choosing sides in a discussion doesn't lead to a clear resolution.

When it comes to politicians, they're the closest real source of information when it comes to things that actually go on in politics. How you interpret the information he gives is up to you.
+Anthony Vuong  actually the closest thing a politician comes generally a self serving outright lie. (and that is both sides, because the lowest form of life on the planet IS a politician).
I see an opportunity for some common ground. +Jim Avila agrees that we cant create/print money forever. Can we agree on a threshold? Can we define a limit of some kind, a ratio beyond which we all agree we cant go? Right now, we are in a tailspin. How much is enough?
Politicians only tell you what they WANT you to know, which means they'll only tell you things that serve their own purposes.  Nothing more.

And there is no reason to "choose sides" since a Republican is essentially a Democrat-lite.  The problem is, +Anthony Vuong, that people don't want to actually discuss the practicality of solutions.  Instead, they merely want to "fix" things.  THAT is the problem.  But by NOT talking about it with your fellow constituents, with your fellow Americans, you fail to do that which is most important: make use of your liberties!
+Dejan Jancevski I decided for myself what my liberties were a long time ago, and I will express my liberties as I see fit. I will also give politicians the freedom to express theirs as well, and anyone else really.
Very spooky, very spooky. No government is better than that we have today. 
+Anthony Vuong, you're a typing contradiction then.  You CLAIM that you will express your liberties as you see fit.  That's argument from me there.

However, you then say that you will give politicians and anyone else the freedom to express theirs.  That is complete B.S. and I'm calling you out on it because you said earlier that you DO NOT DISCUSS politics with anyone other than politicians.  Can't have it both ways. 
+Dejan Jancevski My actual words were that it was counter-productive, actually. I did not say that I don't discuss politics openly, just that it's pointless to me.
If the Prez would spend a day or two in the office he might learn how to do the job.  On the job training.....but you actually have to come to work.  He is just continuing his social organizing and campaigning.  Someone should let him know it is not necessary to continue after you have already won. How do you know when Obama is lying?  His lips are moving.
Pointless means you don't bother.  Thus you are talking out of both holes. can't have it both ways.
I really wish kids were actually forced to learn history.  Tyrants have used fear mongering, since history was recorded, to control populations.  Sheep, sheep dog.  
+Adam Wyson, that's where parents come in.  If you read the U.S. version of the history of Serbia, you are led to believe that the Ottoman Empire helped make the Serbs living in the region from the 16th to the 20th century more "civilized".  The U.S. fails to teach how the Ottoman Empire forced the first born sons of Serbs into being taken from their homes and were forced to live in Turkey while they were trained in Islam and forced to learn to become part of the Ottoman military...and were then sent back to Serbia to kill their fellow Serbs...brainwashed to forget their own heritage and culture. I said...PARENTS are needed to ensure that their children learn true history.  How to do so?  By teaching their children to do something very simple: teach the kids to think critically.  That alone will teach them to take what they read from government sources with a grain of salt (to say the least).
History being written by the victors, or even those who are best at  creating the illusion of being the victors, is nothing new. Obama won; the Republicans lost. Obama's version of events will dominate until such time as he leaves office and a rival (read Republican) takes over. Until then, he gets to drive the narrative. Sad, but true.
The first cuts should be congressmen's salaries... like 100%

Then they might sort out an intelligent budget...
Politiicians should suffer like the rest of the workforce. Like instead of scaring the populace with thier lies over the sequestor they should fined and their staffs cut. Cut travel and instead of demaning tax increases.
Stand your ground republicans these cuts need to happen cut some of the goverenment employees that are.not needed dont let this idiot president keep scareing people quit giving people a free ride 
Tell the white house we are broke so tax payers shouldnt pay for golf trips with tiger woods or ski trips for first faimlys all this unnecery travel is waste paying pakistain ,afgainastain egypt and africa is bull shit and i personly know people who are drawing unemployment and has been for over a year and are not even looking for work and they say as long as they can get are going to stay on it look for a job for god sake and scince we holler seperation of church and state quit paying goverenment employees for christmas eve and christmas holidays and any other religous holidays cut out disability for the ones who have never worked and those who are just lazy
Things that WON'T be affected by the sequester:

• Obama's vacation spending.
• MIchelle's vacation spending.
• Michelle's clothing spending.
• Obama's flights around the country for his unending campaigning.
I still don't understand why Obama is campaigning...I mean at what point does this man attempt to be the president?
+Adam Wyson, um...he's been in campaign mode for 5 years now...if he hasn't attempted to be President for the last 4 years...I would say he never will attempt to be President...he's a Campaigner in Chief...and that's all he'll ever be since he's merely a "community organizer"...or what used to be called a gangster / thug / rabble rouser / etc.
He wants to be a dictator and he wants every one dependent on goverenment he dose not love america he hates it he wants to destroy it and he is working hard getting it done he says lincoln was his hero but lincoln was actually pro slavery honest abe was not honest. We need to teach our children the truth 
What blows my  mind is the arrogance of the left.  The super committee was formed to cut 1.2 trillion.  A cut is a cut, it's not a tax, it's a cut.  The 6 democrats on the committee wanted to make some cuts and then raise taxes to make up for the rest to reach 1.2.  This was not their job, they were told to find 1.2 trillion in cuts.  It blows my mind that they can now flip around and try to blame republicans when they had 1.2 trillion in cuts ready, they did what they were told to do.
Their goal is to take more, control more, yet put all the blame on their opposition, and with a left leaning news media in this country, they frequently get away with it.
If the small companies already can't afford to keep people full time due to the taxes from Obamacare, how do you think they can afford to pay more?  They can't.  That why cutting hours and keeping employees below 50.  I know how to cut 2.2 billion. Take away free cell phones.  What a waste and ridiculous freebie.  If they do give out phones they should only call 911.  There are jobs out there, with all the free stuff and no incentive to go to work, there are a lot of people just content to live off the hardworking taxpayers.  Get a second job if one isn't enough like we did back 20 years ago.  Breeding laziness with the Obozo way.
You mean "to me" not :TOO ME" don't you? The two words aren't interchangeable, therefore changes the meaning of the sentence you are trying to get across.  "jus sayin"  even that is a horribly overused saying.
I am glad to hear you are happy.  Happy Easter and Yeah we get to bring back out our white accessories for the season.