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Where there is a will, there is a way. With sweeping gun control legislation on the horizon that would ban large capacity ammo clips, gun enthusiasts can simply print them.
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It is possible to download all kinds of gun parts from the web already
There's already been a ton of backlash against 3D printing of magazines and other parts for firearms. There's a guy who was printing AR-15s this way who's been all but shut down (still fighting for his ability to print these, though). If there's one constant in government, it's that there's no new technology they won't try to regulate and control.
I just wish the idiot journalists would quit calling a magazine, a clip.
Who needs a 3d printer?  People have been MAKING guns for centuries. JUST ANOTHER REASON you can't just "outlaw guns" and have them go away.
Why not make the whole gun out of the printer. I'm sure their is some material out there that could take the heat.
The guy I referenced is doing just that, but having a tough time of it. Mags are easier since they're not as regulated. I'll try to find the article on him and post it here.
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if a 3D printer is capable of molding in Porcelain then No it's not.

Porcelain guns though insanely expensive to make and have been subsequently outlawed, can and do fire without problems.
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