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Teddy Turner, son of billionaire media mogul Ted Turner, and conservative candidate for Congress, said his father's marriage to Jane Fonda prompted his major turn to the left side.
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And that's newsworthy because ... ?
Ah, the lefty "that's not news!" trolls are back.

It's news because Teddy's a Republican candidate for the Senate, and he's explaining how he became a conservative in a liberal household. The explanation being: he didn't. 

You did read the article, +Jeff Woiton  right? 
Another lefty troll from Canukistan blocked.
For better reasons than Reagan's son, Dick Cheney's daughter and Sarah Palin's daughter were news. Ted Turner finances some of the most radical liberals in the US, and so the reason for his son opposing him in politics is more newsworthy than someone's sex life.
So what!! Jane must be good in bed??
So this is a good thing no? Thank you Jane Fonda!!
Oh, yeah: all her fault!  She's come to Christ...and apologized for the Vietnam War ride of an anti-aircraft gun.

But these two reasons are why they're "throwing her under the bus". It's a nasty divorce, I'm told....
..and the problem is? Switzerland is a proper liberal nation with a liberal economy and they have more freedom and much more prosperity than America has ever had in its lifetime. You folks at Fox love to act like liberalism is the death of humanity.
A properly liberal nation with less population than New York City, small enough to get 55% of their energy from hydro and the rest from nuclear, leaving some for export. They sat out both World Wars, which is one reason their public debt is only 50% of GDP. 

Oh, by the way...keep an eye on the CHF; it's headed for "interesting times"...
There is no evidence that population size dictates how good it is run. The Central African Republic has an even smaller population and it is the furthest from prosperous. Population size doesn't matter, what kind of government one has does and a conservative government(which is what America has had for most of its lifetime) is a shitty one. THESE ARE THE FACTS but of course  fact are un-american so I won't make much progress with them talking to most Americans.
All because his father has a social conscience? Sounds like a spoilt brat kicking and screaming over his inheritance to me. 
+Akemi Mokoto  Population size does matter, because some economic systems don't scale. 

+Leo Fox All because his father is a born-again limousine liberal. His inheritance, if any,  won't be an issue until his daddy dies.
So basically he is suggesting his dad is a weak-minded individual with no personal responsibility for his own ideals... Hmm
Spoiled brat shouldn.t even comment on this.
Oh my God...that terrorist Jane, she should be in jail
So a social conscience and caring about others is a mental disorder? With that attitude, is it any wonder our species is fucked up? 
+Leo Fox Fucked up enough that a desire to "do good" with other peoples money taken at gunpoint can self-righteously masquerade as "social concience and caring about others" and get away with it.

But I certainly wouldn't excuse it as a mental disorder.  

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+David Jenson that is the best explanation of wealth distribution I have seen. So true.
Typical conservative troll twisting facts in an effort to discredit someone. The article is not how he became conservative while living in a liberal household. The first quote should clear that up for you. Simple math should help with the rest of the story. You did read the article, right +Margaret Leber? 
+Jon Holden You didn't even read my comment. 

It's news because Teddy's a Republican candidate for the Senate, and he's explaining how he became a conservative in a liberal household. The explanation being: he didn't. 

and then in the wrap for the article

People say how did you separate from your dad? I didn’t separate from my dad. My dad separated from me.”

Loudmouth lefty idiot government employee blocked. 
+David Jenson I couldn't agree more with that video from Penn and Teller. You should check out the one about the colleges too.
I remember a photo of Jane Fonda sitting in the gunner's seat of an NVA anti aircraft gun wishing she could kill an American Air Crew.
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